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Interested in learning more about cardmodelling?  Looking for more models on other sites?  You may want to try out a few of these:


Paper Modelers: The best forum for card models on the web, a community of like minded, interesting individuals with lots of talent.


Fiddler's Green: Another good site, one of the few I list here that charges for models, simply because their models are excellent; they are simple to build, but look great when finished, just the way I prefer my models. Chris Gutzmer's site, another great seller.  I have several exclusive models available only from Ecardmodels.


Zealot Hobby Forums: I used to consider this site "cardmodelling central" on the web.  The community was great, they had a lot of free models (including mine), and focus on a lot of other hobbies as well. They went through a management change that didn't sit well with many of the members, but have since been "given back to the community".  Zealot suffered a lot of traffic loss and lost some good members in the incident, but is again a good place for modelers.


Paperworlds: Another great cardmodelling forum I belong to.  A great place for the casual designer to make a little profit off their designs as well, with their shop feature.


Ojimak's Flying Models: I tend to avoid certain aircraft when making models, including some of the more popular and well known fighters; this site is why.  Ojimak offers great, simple to build models of many aircraft, and all fly as well.





Trotskiy's Studio: Another site with lots of great free aircraft models; this one specializes in WWII era.


Jaybats Sci-Fi Cardtoys: The site that introduced me to cardmodelling, this is full of lots of great models, including BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate and Babylon 5!


Comet Studios: Another nice site from a friend of mine on the Zealot forums, you can find a mixed variety of models here, including an excellent, highly detailed J-10 model.


Sidewinder's Models: An up-and-coming site that promises to deliver lots of great models in the future, and already has several good ones available.


Dragos Cardmodels: A sort of sister site to this one, the designer offers more aircraft models with very similar construction to mine, which may have something to do with my posting a tutorial on designing models like mine.  I'd like to think of Dragos as my protégé, but the truth is that his models are much cleaner than mine and include diagrams, so I feel his work is already superior to mine.


der Kampfflieger Card Models: A great website with lots of models for sale at very reasonable prices.  Especially check out the free L-5 and the free book "Lost Eagles".





Dimension of Nothing: Another member of the Card Modelers Forums has a great website with Freewebs that includes some outstanding models of small passenger jets, airliners, concept planes and more.

Papercraft Paradise: A great blog that finds the newest and best card models out there. 

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