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Long Delays for the Century Series

Posted by paragon19 on August 28, 2008 at 2:37 PM
Hi everyone, its been awhile!  I just wanted to let those of you waiting anxiously for my next model that I have not forgotten my website, or burnt-out.  You will, however, notice that for a period of time during July and August, I was making additions to the website nearly daily, and that since early August, there have been none.  I wish I could tell you all the delay was because I was designing an incredibly detailed and complex model to offer you all, or that I simply designed a lot with the intention of releasing them all at once.  Alas, this is not the case.  The past few weeks have been busy for me.  First I took off four days for a sailing trip - the only vacation I would have the entire summer.  Then I wrapped up my jobs in my hometown, and knuckled down to begin packing to move.  I am now no longer living in Greenville NC, but instead in Greensboro, where I am now attending classes at UNCG in pursuit of my major.  As you can imagine, this left me little time to work on new models.

Now in Greensboro, I've found that some aspects of my personal life may interfere with my design of new models as well; I've made new friends, have classes to attend, and have a roommate who would rather not be kept up by my designing.  In addition, my computer's video card recently died (completely).  My machine is about three years old now, and while Photoshop is not the most graphic intensive of programs, I imagine the lack of a dedicated GPU will significantly slow down the program, and make designing new models even more tedious and time-consuming.

Not to worry!  Changes are coming!  I've settled down into a stable schedule at UNCG, and can now set aside time specifically for designing new models.  In addition, I ordered a new video card, which, despite being slightly better than my previous video card, was only about one-fourth the cost (old technology is cheap now).  I am making a trip back to Greenville this weekend, and will pick up the new card then, so by Tuesday I should be able to work on models again.

For those interested, I am still intent on finishing my current project, the Century Series of American fighters and X-Planes.  When finished, there will be a total of 12 models in the series:

F-100 Super Saber: Also called the "Hun".  Already done and available for download.
F-101 Voodoo: Saw use with the USAF and CAF.  Also available for download.
F-102 Delta Dagger: The "Duece", once again available.
XF-103 Thunderwarrior: Never reached prototype stage.  Available for download.
F-104 Starfighter: Saw wide export to other countries.  Will be next in the series.
F-105 Thunderchief: An older simpler version of the "Thud" is available, considering upgrading it for the series.
F-106 Delta Dart: Built on the F-102 platform.  Not yet available.
YF-107 Ultra Saber: One prototype built, but didn't make production:  Not yet available.
XF-108 Rapier: Not yet available.
XF-109: Not yet available.
F-110 Spectre: Designation briefly given to the F-4 Phantom at the beginning of its service in the USAF, before fighter designations were standardized.  Yes, this means there will be a model of the F-4 Phantom.  Not yet available.
F-111 Aardvark: Swing-wing attack aircraft.  Not yet available.

I'm not sure what I'll work on after finishing the Century series.  I have enough left of them that I don't think I'll worry about that for now, but feel free to post suggestions.

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Reply Dyna-Soar
9:34 PM on September 1, 2008 
"Take your time, get it right."- Admiral William Adama <br> <br>Glad to hear from you again, I understand that you, like all of us, ave lives outside of the web. <br> <br>Good luck and Godspeed!
Reply Ashrunner
8:42 PM on November 30, 2008 
Many of the x-planes aren't available as kits yet. There are a lot of them, but a complete of them would be a nice addition for papermodeling communities.
Reply KARL
4:58 PM on March 24, 2009 
The planes aren't loading properly on my Mac!
Reply Yang
6:30 AM on June 2, 2009 
Hmmm... Maybe you can start from F-1 to F-35? haha just a suggestion=)
Reply German Tapia
4:33 PM on November 6, 2010 

I bought with Paypal, directly here at Paragon the F-104 OrnAmental pack, but... nothing happened!
How do I download the models? Will they just arrive to may email or what?