Welcome To Ebenezer Orphanage Center

He who gives to the poor will not lack ........Prov.28:27


Name :Brigit (Sung Tin Mawi)
Parents: U Ngun Sang And Daw Htan Kyi
Education: Collage Student
Date of Birth :12.2.1989
place of Birth:Luakaw(Kaya State)

Miss.Tum Hlei Sung

Name: Tum Hlei Sung
Parents Name: Pu Ceih Cung And Daw Sui Zi
Education:High School.
Date of Birth:20 June 1992
Place of Birth :Chin Hill
Race : Chin

Miss.Bawi Kil

My Name is Miss.Bawi Kil. Both of my parent are Chin.My father was path away in when I was in my mother womb.When I am two year old my mother was path away.My uncle sent to this children home.I am  Schooling in High School.My vision is To be come Nurse.


My Name is Miss.Rebecca. I was born on 5 December 1998.Both of my parent are path away. I am Burmese.I came from the Buddhist background.I am a student in Grade 4. My Embition is Nurse.My relative sent this Children Home.

Prayer Request : My first name is Miss.Hting Hting. When I know Jesus ,My name and my life is change.Please pray for Wisdom, My spiritual life and my Education need.  

Miss.Dawt Hniang

My name is Miss.Dawt Hniang.Both of my parent are path away in when I am two year old. Both of my parent are Burmese.I came from Buddhist background. I was born on 26 December 1999.I am a student in Grade 4. My embition is Handicraft.

Prayer Request :Please pray for Wisdom because I can not memories in many word.Please pray for My Educatio need and Good dress.  

Miss.Lian Ching Pui

Name : Lian Ching Pui
Sex: Female
Parents: Both Dies.
Birth of Place: Chin Hill
Date of Birth :30 January 1995
Education: High School
Race : Chin

San Min Thun

Name :San Min Thun
Parent: U Ngun Sang And Daw Myint htan
Education: High School
Date of Birth:16 July 1995
Birth of place : Bago
Vision :Pastor

Mr.Kyawng Htant

Name : Kyawng Htanh
Sex: male
Parents: U Kyaw Hla and Daw Khin Khin
Education :Primary
Race: Burmese
Date of Birth:18.42001
Birth of Place:Bago

Mr.Nun Hlei Cung

Name : Nun Hlei Cung
Parents Name:Pu Tial Hup and Pi Mang Cuai
Occupation : Student
Sex: Male
Vision : To Become Teacher
Race: Chin
Date of Birth:2.2.2003
Place of Birth:Chin Hill

Mr.Thang Lian Mang

Name : Thang Lian Mang
Sex :male
Date Of birth:3.6.1999
Parents Name: U khai lian And Daw Win Pah Pah
Race: Chin,Burmese
Birth of Place: Bago

Mr.Khain Khan Lian

My name is Khai khan lian I was born on 14.5.2001 ,My father was path away, My mother was remaraage
Now I am Studying in Grade 3. My father is Chine and My mother is Burmese.
My Embition is Football.

Mr.Zung Hlei Thang

Name :Zung Hlei Thang
Parents: Pu Tial Hup And Pi Mang Cuai
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Race : Chin
Vision: To be come A Doctor

Mr.Maung Nge

Name : Maung Nye
Parents Name.U Bah Maung And Daw Shwe
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Race: Burmese
Date of Birth:15.7.1985

Simeon Thang

My Name is Simeon Thang,I was born on October 13.2005
I want to become a Doctor.I am studying in Grade 1.Please Pray for My
Education  need.

Saw Ela Bat

Name :Saw Ela Bat
parents Name :U Ba Muang And Daw Bela
Date of Birth :6.8.1986
birth Of Place: Pathing
Race: Karen
Education:Middle School

Salai David

Name Salai David
Parent: U maung Kyaw And Daw Mang sin par
Date Of Birth: 15.11.2010
Birth of Place: Bago

Shwe Men Sung

Name : Shwe Men Sung
Sex :Female
Date of Birth :15.12.2005
Place of Birth:Bago
Parents: Mr.Aye Tun Lat and Mrs.Khin Mone

Miss. ZoThan Pui

Name : Zo Than Pui

Sex :     Female

Date of Birth : 9 Jun

Education : Middle school

Siblings :          4

Orphanage Arrival Date : 30 May 2012

Approximate Arrival Age : 12

Favorite class in School :

Favorite Bible story : The Life of Christ

Favorite activities : Teacher

Miss. Aye Mint

Name :    Aye Myint

Sex     :    Female

Date of birth :

Siblings  : 1

Orphanage Arrival Date : 11May 2012

Approximate Arrival Age : 4 years

Favorite Bible Story :  The Life of Christ

Education :  Pre-School

Favorite Activities :

Mr. Htoo Myint Kyaw


Name :  Htoo Myint Kyaw

Sex : Male

Date of Birth :

Education :  Pre- School

Orphanage Arrival Date : 15 May 2012

Approximate Arrival Age : 3

Sibling s : 1