Over and Underground

Tre Cool

This is the bio of the comedic drummer, Tre Cool, originally named Frank Edwin Wright III.  Some may wonder if he has ADD…that we may never know.

     Once upon a time in a land far, far away (On December 9,1972 in Frankfurt, Germany to be exact) a new baby boy was born!  This little buddle of joy, though born in Germany, grew up in the Mendocino Mountains in California.  This little child lived with his two siblings (one’s name is Lori there’s no info on the other) and his father Frank Edwin Wright II.  Frank II was a Vietnam pilot, could build houses, and owned a trucking company.
   When Frank was growing up there was really not that many people around considering it was the mountains.  His nearest neighbor was Larry Livermore who took young little Frank under his wing.  Frank soon became a member of The Lookouts!.  Frank was on drums (He once commented that he was the best drummer and town and he was really young) , Larry Livermore on guitar and sang, and Kain Kong played bass.  The band had two LP’s and two EP’s but then began to fall apart in the Early 90’s.  This was the same time John Kiffmeyer left Green Day and… so Tre joined!  (While in the band, The LookOuts!, Frank was given the name Tre Cool by Larry.  Tre means very in French if you didn’t know.)  
   Tre brought a lot of talent into Green Day and he still does.  They have a lot of memories together…like the time Tre fell off his unicycle and had to get one of his testicles removed…yea now he only has one.  Well no one ever said fairy tales were perfect.  Tre can’t only play the drums but he plays the guitar and the accordion too.  In the early days of Green Day and still today he plays his song Dominated Love Slave.  On this hilarious song Tre plays guitar and sings, while Billie Joe Armstrong plays drums, and Mike Dirnt on bass. Dominated Love Slave can be found on Kerplunk and Tre has another song called All By Myself on Dookie.  Only after F.O.D. can you hear All by Myself after a long silence.  This song has laughing in the background so they were either goofing off in the studio or at a party when it was recorded.  Again in this song Tre play guitar and sings, Billie on drums, and Mike on bass.  Even before Dookie in 1993 Tre had another song but sadly it was never on an album.  It’s called Billie Joe’s Mom…and that’s what its about if you couldn’t put it together.  Tre wrote even another song around the time of Dookie.  It’s called Food Around the Corner featuring Tre on guitar and vocals, Mike on bass and yodels, and Billie on drums.  The song D.U.I. was taken off the album Shenanigans because it was too…..suggestive., also written by  Mr. Cool, and inspired by Billie Joe driving under the influence…the outcome was not the best.  Even though Billie was driving drunk but what happened to Billie was not as bad as what Tre did.  Billie once said in an interview, the same one with their gardening tips, that Tre was once driving drunk and hit a cop car…yea not the best situation.  Another song Tre as done is called Like a Rat Does Cheese…he did that on a radio station.  A very short song Tre has done is “his joint song” which you can hear on Bullet in a Bible.  Tre’s newest little song is on American Idiot in the song Homecoming called Rock n Roll Girlfriend.  Tre even named a drink Cheech.  It was around for awhile but no one ever gave it a name so Tre decided to.  Cheech is one shot tequila and two shots tonic water and a couple of squeezes of lemon.  
     Tre dropped out of high school his sophomore year, yet earned his GED and went to a community college but had to drop out because of Green Day being such a hit with Dookie.  Thanks to Mr. Cool’s dad they were able to go on tour in a bus that said Bookmobile on it with Frank II at the wheel.  In an interview in Texas Tre’s dad said he was working for them (referring to driving for them) but the camera man didn’t tape Tre’s dad you can only hear his voice at the very end right before Tre runs right up to the camera and says ‘later‘.
     Tre married Lisa Lyons in 1995 in March.  She is a very good photographer that now lives in New York City.  Lisa was born in Saint Petersburg, Florida in 1971, which makes her a little older then Tre.   She moved around a lot but they both met in San Francisco.  Together they had a child and named her Ramona after Tre’s idol, Joey Ramone.  They later divorced but Lisa and Ramona now live in New York City.  
     In March of 2000 Tre got married again to Claudia.  They had a son named Frankito, meaning little Frank, but separated.  The marriage did not last very long.  They both still live together since they feel it is the best for little Frank.  For a while Tre dated a girl from the Donnas but broke up.  Now rumor has it that he has a new girlfriend named Megan.  
      Tre also plays with the other members of Green Day in The Foxboro Hot Tubs Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Jason White, Jason Freese, and Kevin) Tre as also played with a few bands just temporarily, one being Samiam.
I’ll update this page again if that info can be confirmed or find out anything else.