Over and Underground

Mike Dirnt

     Mike Dirnt was originally born Michael Ryan Pritchard on May 4,1972.  When Mike was born his mother was addicted to heroin so he was put up for adoption.  Mike was adopted by an African American woman and a white father.  When Mike was seven his adoptive parents got a divorce leaving him to live with his dad but then eventually he returned to his mother.  Mike’s sister through adoption left home when she was only thirteen years old.  When Mike was young…in about forth or fifth grade his mother came home with a man that Mike never met before and before he knew it that guy became his step dad.  When Mike reached high school his mother left them both behind.  So Mike and his dad became very close even though Mike had hated him before.
     At the age of ten Mike finally met his soon to be long time best friend and band mate, Billie Joe Armstrong.  They would have sleepovers and listened to music like AC/DC.  Eventually he lived with Billie, still living with his mom.  Billie and Mike started playing at Gilman Street with ex-drummer Al Sobrante, originally born John Kiffmeyer
     When Mike turned seventeen his father died.  Despite all that Mike finished high school and attended a good chunk of college.  He needed to drop out because Green Day was in high demand after putting out the album Dookie.
     In 1996, Mike got married to a girl named Anastasia, who was his girlfriend for a very long time.  A year later they had a daughter together in April of 1997, yes, the year of Nimrod.  Mike and Anastasia’s new baby girl was named Estella-Desiree.  It is known that Mike likes stars that is probably why she was named Estella because the name means star.  Mike also nicknamed her “Hero”.  Mike and Anastasia separated but they are still friends.  Mike remarried in 2004 but then got a divorced because he was spending a lot more time in the studio then I guess his wife had hoped for.  Mike is now going out with a girl named Brittany and it is rumored that they are engaged.  I’m not sure if this rumor is true but I’ll update this page if there is ever anything confirming this.  
     Currently Mike has his on clothes line, Obedient Sons, just like Billie but a little more sophisticated.  Mike even owns his own restaurant called Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe.  It has a lot of old fashioned stuff on the walls and stuff its looks pretty cool looking.
    Mike has done some side projects too. He was in the band Screeching Weasel for awhile but then the band broke up.  Mikes current side project is The Frustrators.  He belongs to The Foxboro Hot Tubs too just like Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, Jason White, Jason Freese, and some new guy Kevin. (I have never been told his last name)