Sheaffe Designer/BEARS4U

My Handmade One of a Kind Works of Art

My One of a Kind Wee Folk Dolls

I have created many one of a kind dolls and bears

 But my, Wee Folk have been an adventure I plan to continue...

As long as I have an imagination, I can see and handsew.


I have a few different series in the works...

*Bare Bum Fairies,  *The Wee Folk, * Dreamland Fairies

I held on too the first ones I created, for a while before I had decided to sell them!

Some only made it too a few shows and some only ventured out to a show, once!

Before they were snatched up and off to their new homes.

I am starting work on my WEE FOLK & Fairies again

 and hope you will enjoy them as much as I do creating them.