Sheaffe Designer/BEARS4U

My Handmade One of a Kind Works of Art

Custom Works of Art

The Canadian Sheaffe Designer

  Beverley is the Artist of :

One of a Kind Works of Art 

Dr Tom Pekar, pictured above

He  owns many of her custom outfits

check out the link below to see her outfits worn for this 1812 article

  All Custom Embriodery is designed by her!  


She take pride in her work!

Sewing & Designing is her passion!    


Town Criers and Ball Outfits are  done with amazing detailing.

Along with all her works of Art. Her Bonnets and caps are  hand sewn! 

A Proud Canadian !


Best known for her Handmade, One of a Kind

  Teddy Bears, Dolls & Replica Clothing

She can custom create  for all your Events and Era's

Using past patterns and making the needed ajustments

Beverley created all of the outfits above.

 Steven Sheaffe  & Paul Sheaffe from Australia

The Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe coats,

 were recreated from pictures privided by Mr Paul Sheaffe