The Story


    The year is 2005...A nuclear deployment was again in full swing. A United States military installation on Alaska's Shadow Moses Island, while playing host to a series of tests involving a new secret weapon, was hijacked by a group of terrorists. Interestingly, the group was led by renegade agents of Fox-Hound, Solid Snake's old unit. Important government and corporate officials were on hand to observe the tests, and they were taken hostage. The terrorist's demands were simple, if a bit puzzling. They wanted the remains of Big Boss within 24 hours, or a nuclear warhead would be launched. Former Fox-Hound commander Roy Campbell calls on Solid Snake after finding Snake living seclusion in Alaska. He needs to infiltrate the base, rescue the hostages, and disable the terrorists's nuclear capability.
Snake finds out he has to singlehandedly take out a familiar figure that goes by the name of Metal Gear. This prototype is called Metal Gear Rex. It has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon from any part of the planet. The man responsible for this whole mess is Snake's twin brother, Liquid Snake. He and his brother was part of the Les Enfants Terrible project aka The Terrible Children. Liquid's plans were to set Rex's nuclear weapon to be launched at Chernerton, Russia or the nuclear test site in Locknore, China. The attack on the nuclear site would be hid from the public ruining the United State's reputation. They would be worried about the retaliatory strike then everyone would want to contact Liquid for Rex. The other plan was to team up with a future character- Colonel Gurlukovich to form a resistance team although Liquid had no plans to revive Russia with the power of Rex. After he gets the money and the remains of Big Boss, he would have many spare nuke warheads. Later he would call Shadow Moses- Outer Heaven.
Before the terrorist takeover, ArmsTech was in very bad financial trouble. They lost their bid to make the next generation fighter jet, plus the reduction in SDI spending. There was even some talk of a hostile takeover. So everything was riding on the rex project. Otacon also said- "We were paying a lot of bribe money to the DARPA chief and Baker was a big proponent of the nuclear deterrent theory". When Snake was sent in for his mission, he was actually the government's ace in the hole. The Pentagon's plan to use Snake was already successful. Snake was a pawn, stopping the launch and saving the hostages was just a diversion. He was sent there to kill them just to get Rex back unharmed. Snake was just sent there to come in contact with them and to spread the FoxDie virus. Snake and some others were unaffected and some others weren't included in the program, it was to spread FoxDie. FoxDie is a retrovirus that specifically targets people and basically ending up with the heart cells committing suicide.
The two hostages Snake was supposedly to save was the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker, but they both die when Snake comes in contact with them by spreading the FoxDie virus. Although Snake didn't actually talk to Donald Anderson himself, the one he talked to was actually Fox-Hound's master of disguise- Decoy Octopus. Liquid's right hand man, Revolver Ocelot accidentally killed the real Donald Anderson. The reason they set up Decoy to talk to Snake was because Liquid was bluffing, he didn't actually know the detonation code for Rex's nuclear system so without the codes and without a nuclear threat, there demands would never be met. Decoy didn't survive the encounter thanks to FoxDie. Liquid tried to use Fox-Hound's psychic- Psycho Mantis to probe the two hostage's minds fore the detonation codes but he couldn't because of surgical implants called hypnotherapy.
All these facts were things Snake found out later along with some other things- Shadow Moses Island wasn't a disposal facility but a holding area for Rex. The "Black Project" was the Pentagon's secret budget for Rex. An exoskeleton Snake encounters is actually his old friend turned enemy, Frank Jaeger who is out to fight him but in the end saves Snake and it is also revealed that he is Naomi's (your radio analyst) step brother. Naomi was actually out to kill Snake because when Snake fought Gray Fox in Zanzibar Land barehanded on a mine field, Snake killed her benefactor and sent her step brother home a cripple. Meryl, the woman Snake encounters and grows to love is actually Colonel Campbell's niece. In the end after all the terror and anguish, it is revealed that a spy inside the Pentagon was the Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman who acted alone, planned on covering up this whole quandary by sending bombers armed with armor piercing nuclear weapons.
So in the end, Rex was destroyed thanks to Snake and Gray Fox and all enemies neutralized except for Revolver Ocelot. Snake and Meryl or Otacon's status was covered and is said that they supposedly drive off a cliff into the sea and they were claimed dead but in reality they go into hiding. Everything is uncovered at the end, all the secrets, plans and the real truth. Snake finds himself and finds out he enjoyed the killing with the joy of battle but that's the way he was "created" by Big Boss. He knows he will go someday but for now he will live his life until his next up and coming mission.
The theme of Metal Gear Solid asks what the current generation will pass on to its children. Humans reproduce, raise children and drive this endless cycle of life. The story, characters and theme is based on this concept of passing on something to the next generation.

Alternate Versions

Metal Gear Solid-Playstation-Released 9/3/1998 Japan

Metal Gear Solid-Playstation-Released 10/21/1998 America

Metal Gear Solid-Playstation-Released 2/26/1999 Europe

Metal Gear Solid-PC-Released 9/22/2000 America & Europe

Metal Gear Solid-PC-Released 2000 Japan

Metal Gear Solid-Dreamcast-Released 10/31/2001 America & Europe


Metal Gear Twin Snakes-Gamecube-Released 3/9/2004 America

Metal Gear Twin Snakes-Gamecube-Released 3/11/2004 Japan

Metal Gear Twin Snakes-Gamecube-Released 3/26/2004 Europe


Original Metal Gear Solid

Before Metal Gear Solid news or even footage came out, ideas from Konami, that were on the drawing board created scenes of how they wanted it to look. The graphics were good but I didn't like the display and it didn't have the potential of the actual Metal Gear Solid in my opinion even though some scenes made it into the E3 Trailer in 1997. I also believe some of that footage but modified, made it into the Vr Missions trailer and the Metal Gear Solid E3 trailer which is on the downloads page. Here is the screen shots but sorry the footage is no longer available.
Thanks to the folks at youtube and Metal Gear Source, I have found an existing trailer of the original concept for Metal Gear Solid. Here it is-

Metal Gear Solid Bleem!

Years after Playstation, a game console called Dreamcast came onto the markets. Dreamcast had graphics equivalent to the PC basically Dreamcast was very good quality. Soon Dreamcast came out with 3 boot cd's for Playstation games in October of 2001. These were called Bleemcast and the 3 games were Tekken 3, Gran Turismo 2 and of course, Metal Gear Solid. These boot discs allowed you to play Playstation games on the dreamcast even though they only made three.

The Characters

Metal Gear Solid (Shadow Moses Island, 2005)
Solid Snake- Ex-Fox-Hound Operator. IQ 180. Speaks 6 languages fluently. Also known as "The Legendary Mercenary", a man who changes impossible into possible, since his outstanding activities in Outer Heaven crisis and the uprising of Zanzibar. Snake has the dominant genes of his father, Big Boss.
Meryl Silverburgh- Campbell's niece. She works with Snake to fight against the terrorists. Born in a house of military tradition, from her childhood days she has trained herself to be able to become a soldier. She has been dragged into the Fox-Hound revolt. She has superior training, but no combat experience.
Roy Campbell- Former commanding officer of  Fox-Hound. Although retired, he was reactivated as he is the only mission commander who knows Solid Snake.
Naomi Hunter- Chief of Fox-Hound's medical staff and in charge of gene therapy. She provides support for Snake along with Campbell.
Mei Ling- She is in charge of the communication data processing in this operation. A student of MIT. Her nationality is China (Kwangtung), though born in the U.S. she had grown up in China Town. Specializing in the image and data processing operations of spy satellites. She also developed the new communication equipment and radar used by Snake in this mission.
Hal Emmerich- ArmsTech developer. Obsessive fan of Japanese animation. Nicknamed Otacon, short for "otaku convention". He is pawn used by to design Metal Gear Rex.
Nastasha Romanenko- A freelance military analyst. She provides support to Snake as a specialist in nuclear technology. Specializing in hi-tech weapons and nuclear weapons. Lives in Los Angeles. Her support to Snake is provided via codec. She served in the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), but the end of the Cold War deprived her of her position in the government organizations.
Master Miller- A third generation AJA (American of Japanese Ancestry). He served in the SAS, Green Beret, Marine Corps and Fox-Hound as a master of survival training. In those days he was familiar among soldiers as a hard-hearted instructor and was called "Master Miller" with respect. After retiring from the armed forces, he lives in the nature of Alaska.
Donald Anderson- The chief of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). He is taken hostage at the Alaskan base by the terrorists. Why he was at the nuclear disposal facility is unknown.
Kenneth Baker- The president of ArmsTech company, which is the leading company of the military industry. Rotund middle age man. He is taken hostage at the Alaskan base by the terrorists. No one knows why the president of a civilian company was at the nuclear disposal facility is unknown.
Ninja Aka Gray Fox- An exoskeleton, a mysterious cyborg ninja. Body is well suited to stealth camouflage. Wields a steel Japanese katana, capable of deflecting bullets. This character is actually Frank Jaeger. The only man with the honor of receiving Fox-Hound's highest codename, "Fox." In Zanzibar, he fought against Fox-Hound, alongside Big Boss as he declared war against the rest of the world. Acting on orders, Snake was forced to kill him.
Liquid Snake- A man who has the same appearance as Solid Snake. He has the recessive genes of Big Boss. After the uprising of Zanzibar (after Solid Snake left the unit), he joined Fox-Hound. His fighting skills made him the combat leader of Fox-Hound. He was the mastermind of the terrorist act on Shadow Moses Island.
Revolver Ocelot- Fox-Hound member. He is an ex-Russian Spetsnaz soldier who served during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It was during this time that he became infamous amongst the Mujahadeen as a sadist for which they christened him Shalashaska (a Russian slang word for prison). A gun nuts who loves cowboy movies. He is also a torture-maniac. His name is known from being a special torturing adviser at concentration camps, during his Spetsnaz days. He is always armed with his favorite weapon, the Colt Single Action Army handgun.
Vulcan Raven- Fox-Hound member. Has an Alaskan Indian and an Inuit as his parents. Can stand severe cold and has a strong body, which enables him to handle a gatling gun just like a rifle. Brought up as a shaman and has supernatural abilities of some kind. An elite who graduated from the University of Alaska.
Sniper Wolf- Fox-Hound member. Genius in sniping. Has such incredible patience that she can keep aiming at her target for a long time without eating or drinking. A Kurd (Iraqi tribe). She takes care of wolfdogs kept in the base, because she sees something of herself in the wolfdogs-a product of crossing wolves and huskies-as she has within herself the personality who sold herself to the U.S.
Psycho Mantis- Fox-Hound member. Was a psychic secret agent for KGB. Has powerful psycho-kinesis and telekinesis powers and the ability to read people's minds. Losing his position in the Soviet Union after its crumble, he moved to the U.S. He served in the FBI for a while, then became a freelance espionage agent to be scouted to join Fox-Hound.
Decoy Octopus- Fox-Hound member. He has an almost preternatural skill with disguises, as his name might imply, and is able to nearly perfectly take on the appearance and personality of his assigned target, using techniques never explained in the games.
Jim Houseman- Secretary of Defense. Commander of  the counter terrorist operation from an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) plane. He was actually the inside spy as stated in the game and actually wasn't working under the President's orders. He wanted to destroy the island and any evidence of Rex before the terrorists uncovered this "black project" conducted by the Pentagon. Houseman was forced to leave his position in the government and later committed suicide.
Big Boss- Former chief commander of the Fox-Hound unit. Participated in many wars since the 60's as a mercenary. Has become a legendary figure, worshipped as the "Great Soldier." He uses his huge funds, people, and connections he has accumulated during his mercenary days and founds the independent armed nation Outer Heaven, but his acts are stopped by Solid Snake. He escapes to Central Asia and again founds an armed fortress called Zanzibar Land, but again Solid Snake kills him. He is also the father of the Les Enfants Terrible.

The Soldiers

Genome Soldiers

These are members of the Next Generation Special Forces and reserve members of Unit Fox-Hound that have been rigorously trained in VR simulators, but have no actual combat experience. After the defeat of Big Boss, the Patriots seize his remains so that they can continue research. Due to the fact that he was the "perfect soldier" and his genes were used to create these genome soldiers.

Arctic Warfare Genome Soldier

Light Infantry Genome Soldier

NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Warfare Genome Soldier

Heavily Armed Genome Soldier



Big Boss aka Saladin?

After doing some playing and research I found out Big Boss was called Saladin as in when Sniper Wolf told her story to Snake on the snowfield in Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation. Saladin was a namd after a man during the 12th century who was called Salah ad-Din. The name actually means the righteousness of the faith. He was a 12th century Kurdish Muslim military general who founded the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt and Syria. He was also renowned in both the Christian and Muslim worlds for his leadership and military prowess tempered by his chivalry and merciful nature during the Crusades. Now the reason these mercenaries from Fox-Hound called him this was because the real Saladin did the same purposes, he led the mercenaries during the crusades. Sniper Wolf looked up to him because she was a Kurd during Sadaam Hussein's reign of terror, so he took her in and she became a member of Fox-Hound. Here's the clip of Sniper Wolf revealing Big Boss's name used by Fox-Hound- Saladin




Metal Gear Unit

Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Rex
Armed with Machine Guns, Missiles, Rail Guns, Laser
Full Specifications- Metal Gear Rex


Socom: Semi-automatic pistol without suppressor.

Socom: Semi-automatic pistol with suppressor.

MP 5 SD: Fully automatic rifle w/ suppressor. (Only in MGS PC Demo).

Famas: Aka Five Five Sixers. Fully automatic assault rifle.

PSG1: Highly accurate and reliable sniper rifle.

Nikita: Remote controlled guided missile.

Stinger: Radar-guided missiles.

C4: Plastic explosive.

Grenade: Fragmentation grenade.

Chaff Grenade: Electronic jamming grenade.

Stun Grenade: Special sound and flash grenade.

Claymore: Anti-personnel landmine.



Ration: Food rations restores your life gauge.

Scope: Magnifying binoculars.

Night Vision Goggles: ArmsTech issue allows you to see in the dark.

Thermal Goggles: Enhances heat signatures from items, people or animals.

Gas Mask: Protects eyes, mouth and nose from breathing in saran gas.

Mine Detector: ArmsTech Pathtracker 3000. Locates bombs and mines.

Diazepam: Drug to calm nerves and prevents shaking.

Medicine: Drug stored in a tin green medical container to stop a cold.

Cigarettes: Highly addictive and hazardous to your health.

 Cardboard Box A-C: Heliport, Nuke Building, & Snowfield boxes. Use as disguise.

Body Armor: Kevlar coated M1-11 combat vest. Protects body from bullets.

PAN Key Card: Personal Area Network key card. Electronically opens level 1-7 doors.

PAL: Permissive Action Link disarms Rex's nuclear codes. Changes by temperature.

MO Disk: Metal Gear's Nuclear Dummy info given by the president of ArmsTech.

Digital Camera: Use to take pictures and some containing ghosts.

Rope: Nylon fiber, standard issue rappelling rope.

Handkerchief: Sniper Wolf's silk handkerchief. Distracts dogs with its scent.

Ketchup: Calbers Fine English Ketchup tricks guards that you are bleeding.

Suppressor: A silencer to suppress shots of the Mk-23 Socom pistol.

Time Bomb: C4 bomb with timer you need to dispose of.

Stealth: (If you give into torture). Electronically disguises body so no one can see you.

Bandanna: (If you save Meryl). Gives an infinite supply of ammo to all weapons.



Metal Gear Solid
Hideo Kojima is a big fan of movies, especially Spaghetti Westerns. Metal Gear Solid was more of a contemporary drama but it also had a western flavor to it and Revolver Ocelot was that reason. Hideo Kojima was also a big fan of Lee Van Cleef who starred in many western movies and the movie, Escape From New York. This was who Revolver Ocelot was modeled after.
When developing Metal Gear Solid, gamers were called nerds or "Otaku". Hideo Kojima didn't want to make fun of Otaku, but rather glorify them for their tendency to fight using their brains rather than with weapons. This created the character, Otacon which would help gamers to connect the characters.
The first names of Otacon and Solid Snake are Hal and Dave the same names of the computer and the principal character in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The chief of Fox-Hound's medical staff is Dr. Naomi Hunter, this was also the name of one of the scientists in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The submarine that Snake is launched from is the Discovery- the name of the ship in 2001. Dave was also the first name of Meryl's partner in Policenauts,  which was one of Kojima's previous games. The character of Meryl Silverburgh appeared in both games, although neither game are actually related by plot.
Meryl shares her name with a character from Kojima's earlier game Policenauts.
43 hidden "ghosts" of people who worked on the game can be found by taking pictures at specific locations. Some examples are: Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, Tomokazu Fukushima, Motoyuki Yoshioka, Scott Dolph, So Toyota, Yoshikazu Matsuhana and Kazunobu Uehara.
The production team came up with the principal designs of the game's areas by building miniatures out of Lego.
Most of the American voice actors used aliases because they were not sure if the project was Union-sponsored or not.
The Playstation version of this game has sold 6.6 million copies worldwide.
The Japanese version included a hidden message from Kojima during the Psycho Mantis battle that could only be unlocked with a memory card containing Snatcher and Policenauts save data.
The character of Hal Emmerich was named after Roland Emmerich, one of Hideo Kojima's favorite directors.
Hal Emmerich was originally conceived by Kojima to be a fat man who eats a lot of chocolate. It was character designer Yoji Shinkawa's idea to make him thin.
The composer(s) for the game and all the music was made by KCE Japan Sound Team.
Yoji Shinkawa originally envisioned Meryl as a preteen girl similar to Natalie Portman's character, Matilda, in Léon. However, when Shinkawa read script and realized that Meryl wielded a Desert Eagle pistol, he couldn't imagine a young girl holding such a large gun and redesigned her as an adult.
According to character designer Yoji Shinkawa, Mei Ling was modeled after the image of actress Shinobu Nakayama.
According to an interview with Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake was designed after Christopher Walken's face with Jean-Claudde Van-Damme's physique.
Twin Snakes
The credits refer to a character named Johnny Sasaki. This is actually the name of the guard that has his uniform stolen by Meryl and who later reappears with a bad case of diarrhea (thus the name "Johnny").
In the original version of Metal Gear Solid, Baker tells Snake to look for Meryl's codec frequency on the back of the CD case, obviously referring to the case that the game came in. In The Twin Snakes, Baker instead says to look on the back of the package. Many gamers that hadn't played the original game were confused by this.
The three portraits in the Commander's Room are of Ryuhei Kitamura, Hideo Kojima, and Denis Dyack.

Exclusive Appearances

Meryl Silverburgh In Policenauts
In this game Meryl Silverburgh is 24 years old working as a police officer for the BCPD. This storyline possibly takes after 5 years of the Shadow Moses incident. In this game she usually mentions her place in Fox-Hound. She still has the tattoo, red hair and personality. She works with Ed Brown and Dave Forrest for the BCPD in this Kojima future hit.


Naomi: Well, if you come back in one piece, maybe I'll let you do a strip search on me.
Solid Snake: I'll hold you to that, doctor.
Gray Fox: Snake. We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at. But... at least I always fought for what I believed in. 
Solid Snake: Why are you calling me brother? Who the hell are you?
Liquid Snake: I'm YOU. I'm your shadow.
Liquid Snake: Ask the father that you killed. I'll send you to hell to meet him.
Gray Fox: I'm like you, I have no name.


The Best Is Yet To Come


An cuimhin leat an grá

Crá croí an ghrá

Níl anois ach ceol na h-oíche

Táim sioraí i ngrá

Leannáin le smál

Leannáin le smál

Lig leis agus beidh leat

Lig leis agus beidh grá

Cuimhne leat an t-am

Nuair a bhí tú sásta

An culmhne leat an t-am

Nuair a bhí tú ag gáire

Tá an saol iontach

Má chreideann tú ann

Tug aghaidh ar an saoi is sonas sioraí inár measc

Céard a tharla do na laethanta sin

Céard a tharla do na h-oícheanta sin

An cuimhin leat an t-am

Nuair a bhi tú faoi bhrón

An cuimhin leat an t-am

Go sioraí sileadh na ndeaor

An ormsa nó orainne a bhí an locht

Ag mothú cailite s’ar fán

Cén fáth an t-achrann is sileadh ne ndeaor

Tá áilieacht sa saol

Má chuardaíonn tú é

Tá gliondar sa saol

Cuardaimís é

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la



Do you remember the time

When little things made you happy?

Do you remember the time

When simple things made you smile?

Life can be wonderful if you let it be

Life can be simple if you try

Whatever happened to those days?

Whatever happened to those nights?

Do you remember the time

When little things made you sad?

Do you remember the time

When simple things can you cry?

Is it just me, or is it just us

Feeling lost in the world?

Why do we have to hurt each other?

Why do we have to shed tears?

Life can be beautiful if you try

Life can be joyful if we try

Tell me I’m not alone

Tell me we’re not alone in this world

Fighting against the wind

Do you remember the time

When simple things made you happy?

Do you remember the time

When little things made you laugh?

You know life can be simple

You know life is simple

Because the best thing in life

Is yet to come


The best is yet to come

"The Best Is Yet to Come"
Written & Produced by
Rika Muranaka
Additional choral arrangement by David Downes
Words translated by Blathnaid Ni Chufaigh
Recorded at Beech Park Studio, Ireland
Engineered by Philip Begley
Lead vocal - Aoife Ni Fhearraigh (appears courtesy of Gae-Linn Records)
Chorus - Iarlaith Carter, Stephen Mailey, Eimear Noone, Meav Nt Mhaolchatha, John Mc Namara, Cathal Clinch, Rachel Talbot, Sinead Fay, Sylvia O'Brieniarlaith Carter, Ewan Cowley
Musicians - Deelan Masterson (low pipe, bouzouki), James Blennerhassett (double bass),
John Fitzpatrick (fiddle), Noel Bridgeman (percussion), Rika Muranaka (keyboards)

Piano Notes

The Metal Gear Solid Theme By Tappy Piano Notes
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Game Specifics

Metal Gear Solid
Developer: Konami Comuter/Entertainment Japan
Publisher: PS: Konami/PC: Microsoft
Designer: Hideo Kojima
Genre: Stealth Action
Mode: Single Player
Rating: Mature
Difficulty: Medium
Twin Snakes
Developer: Silicon Knights/Konami
Publisher: Konami
Designer: Hideo Kojima
Genre: Stealth Action
Mode: Single Player
Rating: Mature
Difficulty: Medium