The Gifted Moon Academy

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Before you read this story, let me explain a few things to you, as the reader:

First of all, this was written because I wanted a story for my newer RPC, Rinsi Starlight. It only seemed fair, since my other RPC, Outai and her guardian Moonstar, already had a story written about them, and this even included an epilogue story. So, I wrote this story based on the role play I had her in.

Second, this story was copy and pasted from the role play it was based off of. There are some things that I edited out from the role play because it would make even less sense than it already does now. As it stands, there will be areas that don't make much sense because of the missing scenes. However, if I had posted them, there would be even more confusion, so please bear with me. This is, after all, based off of a roleplay.

Now, before you can think I am plagiarizing anyone, I will tell you now that I had the permission, and indeed the full cooperation of EVERY person in this story that was from the thread. I did not post anything from anyone in the thread I did not have permission from. Furthermore, I am not claiming this completely as my own. I merely claim the work of putting it together, and editing as needed. Aside from that, the credit goes to everyone in the thread. If any of them are reading this, they know who they are.

Also, there is a LOT of drama and swearing in this story. If you do not like either, I advise you to go elsewhere. If you do not mind so much, and wish to read it, great. I welcome you warmly to do so. But be warned that, drama aside, there ARE suicide and self-harm triggers, as well as a couple of smoking references.

Now, without further adieu, please enjoy the story!

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