Residents of St Pauls Cray

                                                    OLD ST PAULS CRAY VILLAGE RESIDENTS SOCIETY

                                                                                                                                         Meeting held on 05/10/17


           1       ST PAULS CRAY PARK.  There fence between the park and Nash's field STILL requires attention in order to stop horses/donkeys entering the park and being terrorised by children. The Star Lane entrance has been Angle ground off and the burnt out car is still                    in situ.          

   2        FIX MY STREET. Residents with Internet access are recommended to use www.fixmystreet.com to report any problems, which they consider need attention. This is an independent website who “harass” Bromley Council into executing remedial action. 

   3       LEESONS HILL/SEVENOAKS WAY. All roads have now reopened - however remedial work between the junction and the railway bridge still outstanding.

   4       WASTE 4 FUEL  With adequate monies having been paid by the Environmental Agency to Bromley Council work to completely clear the site has restarted.

   5.      HOMEBASE. The problem of parked cars on the Orpington side of the approach road (from The Bull) to the recently installed traffic lights is causing queuing confusion for those intending to turn left. Possible provision of additional yellow lines          being investigated. The island preventing no more than two cars waiting to turn right from Sevenoaks Way into Main Road will be removed - and the pedestrian crossing altered in the near future. 

   6.     CHALK PIT AVENUE. Possible parking restrictions being looked at re the blind bend near top - it is, after all, a much frequented bus route.

   7.     PATH ALONGSIDE ALLOTMENTS. A serious sexual assault has recently taken place on the path adjacent to the allotments between Brentwood Way and Millwood Road. Residents are advised to take extra care when traversing it - particularly at night.

   8.     AUGUSTINE ROAD BUS SHELTER. TfL have been written to in order to ascertain when the recently demolished bus shelter will be replaced. 

   Contact number at St Mary Cray police station is 02087212821- this will automatically go through to the community officers mobile. The office is open 7pm to 8pm Wednesdays & Thursdays and 2 pm to 3pm on Saturdays.. 

Next meeting - Thursday 2nd November @ 8 pm in The Function Room, The Bull, Sandy Lane