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Long Service Roll of Honour

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Member Quotes

Been a member since 1989

Sue Price

25 years continuous membership, 22 years on committee, 15 years as treasurer. Involved in every production either onstage, backstage or front of house, including Young Uns. Hardly missed a fundraising or social event in all that time. Is it about time I got a life???


Hey Jones, I reckon I need a medal for putting up with you for all this time! Hahaha! My first show was Hot Mikado and the only ones I've missed since then is Pirates (of mens pants), State Fair and Millie.


I became a member in 1967, my first show being 'The Song of Norway' in 1968.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of some great productions, retiring from the stage in 1998.
I have been Treasurer,Vice-Chairman, and Chairman relinquishing that position in 2009(40 years on committee)
Most Memorable Occasions were :
a/  Being made a life member years ago.
b/  The development of ' The Hut' to the wonderful facility we have today namely, ' The Studio'.
c/  The centenary celebrations in 2008 culminating with the centenary production HMS Pinafore in 2009.

I have a NODA long service medal, which is all I need.

I first became involved helping backstage for Kiss Me Kate in 1990 and I believe that I have been involved in every senior production since then. Carousel in 2011 was my 20th year as Stage Manager since taking on the role for Showboat in 1992.
The centenary production of HMS Pinafore in 2009 was one of the most memorable sets and enjoyable building teams I have been involved with.


I have been a member since 1991 but not a paid up member for the years we did Desert Song, Carmen and Guys and Dolls.
I was also absent for Wild Wild Women (main show), State Fair and Pirates but was a paid up member then
so does that make it 17 years service?

Tracey x

I joined the Operatic the December before 'Fiddler on the Roof'. (not sure of the date ~ around 1982?) Missed two main shows ~ Oklahoma & Carousel (2011) Hope this helps
see you soon.
Jim Allen

My first show was Showboat in 1992 and I have not missed one - spring,
summer or Christmas - since.
Hope you are all well


I joined the Society in 1981......Shock Horror 30 years ago!!!! Someone get the smelling salts......

Susan Gibbons
I joined the society in 1986 and have enjoyed chorus and principal roles in many shows, until I was asked by Sue Gibbons, the Producer at that time, to direct. That was in 2000!! The name of the show I first directed: WILD WILD WOMEN, still considered the most exciting by many of our members who were in that show! It went down so well we did a summer show of WWW.

Chrissie Ashworth

In 1985 I got called in to paint with Trevor Cottrell on the Carousel set because the usual painter was ill. This was my first introduction to Llangollen Operatic Society.
Then in 1986 I was asked by Mal Henson, the director, to 'help with' costumes for 'No No Nannette' because the usual costume person was absent/away/gone AWOL for a year. And I found myself thrown into doing a whole show. A very steep learning curve with my little 2 up 2 down turned into a costume factory. I made dresses, jackets, trousers and skirts on the kitchen table. (One of the jackets was used in Carousel 2011!) There was no proper costume store at the time so most was either made from scratch or hired, begged or borrowed from other costume departments. Once made, I stored the costumes in bin bags until the show. Rehearsals were in a room in the Grapes as far as I can remember.  We tried costumes on in the public loos.
The original costume person didn't come back.
So in 1987 I did the next show..... The rest is a blur...I didn't always costume shows - I had years 'out' for study and work. But I always felt that I would have a welcome back, and when Josie became set designer I really enjoyed helping her on many Young Uns and adult shows. It was absolutely fantastic to have the New Studio and all that hanging space! No more bin bags. And we could wash the costumes - so they lasted longer..And sorted them and labelled them. Cast were on site to try costumes during rehearsals. Brilliant. And so I stopped hiring costumes and tried to buy and make items that would be used time and again and also be available to hire. It was fantastic when Di Gay came to help - we had the same agenda and got on really well. She took on shows and I'd help and vice versa. And always Margaret was there to help sort, make, wash and provide a listening ear. And of course a cuppa. Great.


I have been on stage 19 years in cefn and 15 in llan.= 34 years on stage  I do have a blue 25 year medal.


Talking with my sister Sylvia Bailey this morning she thinks she is the only member left from the 1947 show, she was in every show till1962 and was continuity till 1969, she has received no medals etc from us or NODA, Jon has taken copies for us of the old pics we had of the shows she was in from 1947. Most of my old things were lost when we moved there and my dog went up stairs in Ridgeway and trapped himself in a spare bedroom full of all my slides, pictures and programmes etc


The first show I took part in was in 1973, the Mikado (concert version), and I have been involved ever since until ill-health stopped me going on stage in recent productions. My favourite part was being cast as Bloody Mary in South Pacific which I really enjoyed.  Bye now,

Doreen Smith.
I joined the Society as the Hairdresser for the show "1066 and all that" in 1984, and only missed one show. Not bad eh! 26 years of me moaning.

Jean Evans

Can I order my 30 year silver bar please? I will pay.


My first show was 'Anything Goes' which I think was 1999. No other societies.

Paul Keddie

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