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Refuse to be a "Results Not Typical" Casualty!

When you're ready for change, OneLife Fitness Coaching will transform your life.

Have you been like me and poured over diet and exercise "success stories" in search of inspiration?  Did you ever notice that at the bottom of all of them there is a disclaimer that reads, "Results Not Typical"?  Excuse me?

Statistics show that this dire prediction is part of weight-loss industry lore, (1)  and that it perpetuates the belief that people are incapable of making permanent change.  Many people refuse to even make an attempt when faced with such eminent failure.  I have a different position; this is what I believe:

YOU can decide to change your habits.  When you choose to spend the time and energy into making better nutritional choices, when you choose to make exercise a regular part of your weekly schedule, and when you surround yourself with a support system, you can reach your goals.

What is true however, is that life often disrupts these efforts and there is no magic "End date" that you reach at a certain level of fitness or weight.  Some of us fall into the trap of losing and regaining the same weight.  We stop running or working out and are horrified to see how even two weeks can rob us of hard-earned fitness. Some have saboteurs in our midsts; family members, co-workers, and friends who are much more comfortable with you being a certain size or fitness level.  These are not anomalies, these happen to many of us, especially those of us who have never prioritized our fitness, weight or health.

Your first step is to proclaim: "I refuse to be a 'Results Not Typical' casualty"!

It's work, but it's also worth it.  I work every day at the same thing I'm asking you to do.  I don't have magic for you, you won't see "Biggest Loser" type dramatic moments.  But I do offer plenty of supportive common sense, successful tips and strategies that I guarantee will net more than increased health and fitness.  The magic comes with the unexpected increase in your self-confidence and your energy!

Your second step is to contact OneLife Fitness Coaching to help plot your comeback!

I invite you to make the effort to take control of your health and fitness.  Maybe you're coming up on your 50th birthday, and before you do you want to run a marathon?  Maybe you'd just like to be able to walk down and get the mail without collapsing?  Both are attainable.

OneLife Fitness Coaching is different than other commercial programs for several reasons.  The most important is that I’ve taken the same journey I am asking you to take.  I "get it" and this will be obvious from the start.  Browse through the pages of my site to learn more about my company, my story and philosophy, and how to contact me to assist you in creating your own miracle.