Old Monmothians Boat Club

the Wye will call you back...


The club was formed and affliated to the newly formed Welsh Amateur Rowing Association.

Nick Hartland wins SC 1x at Ross and Bideford


Andrew Williams, Richard Woods, Adrian Graham, Steve Pearson with Henry Johnson coxing win SA 4+ at Bideford and Bideford Reds

Andrew Williams and Adrian Graham join Liz Coulson and K Roberts of Rebecca RC with C Light coxing to win mixed fours at Pembroke

Two unknown OMs join J Treweek and L Kingsley of Rebecca RC to win mixed fours at Penarth in a final featuring two OM/Rebecca composites!


Richard Woods wins Novice 1x at the Welsh Spring Scullers Head and SC 1x at the Welsh Autumn Scullers Head

At Gloucester, OMBC are the losing finalists in E 8o



An OMBC sculler wins S1 1x at the Monmouth Head, no record as to who this was but likely to be either Richard Woods, Nick Hartland or James Hartland.

1988 S2 8o Gloucester and Ross

Left to right: Sue Jones (Monmouth), Bahi Sivalingham, Jonathan Everett, Mark Lewis, Ian Michie, James Michie, Andrew Block, Hamish Crow, Julian Hayes

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Williams

1988 SO 8o Bristol and Ross


Left to right: Nick Hartland, James Hartland, Adrian Graham, Andrew Williams, Sue Jones (Monmouth), Nigel Barnes (Monmouth), Steve Pearson, Paul Taylor (Capt. Monmouth), Robin Williams

At Ross, the crew was coxed by Henry Johnson and Mark Partridge and Ian Michie replaced Robin Williams and Steve Pearson.

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Williams


The following year, Old Monmothians again won the S2 eights at Bristol and followed up the next day with S1 eights and S2 fours at Ross in back-to-back finals including a rerow for the eight. An OM four also reached the final of SO 4+ losing to Worcester. OMs were rowing in force that weekend not just for OMs but also for Rhwyfo Cymru (won SO 8o), Monmouth (lost final of S2 8o) and for Worcester.

Neither Bristol Regatta or the OMBC filed records for 1989 with the British Rowing Almanack so I cannot tell who was in the fours but they were based around the School's first eight that had won silver at Nat Schools and Nat Champs that year. In the photo of the winning Bristol eight above are (L-R) myself (James Knight), Bahi Sivalingham, James Michie, Hamish Crowe, Henry Johnson, Paul Rogers, Richard Rogers, Andrew Block and Chris Sparrow. Chris Matthew and Dave Ward were rowing for Monmouth. Gavin Johnson was rowing for Worcester amongst others.

Paul Rogers wins Novice 1x at the Welsh Autumn Scullers Head


Adrian Graham wins Nov and S3 1x at Llandaff followed by S3 1x at Llandaff Sprint the next day.

A Rhwyfo Cymru crew featuring Richard and Paul Rogers and Adrain Graham wins SO 8o at Ross.


Old Monmothians win S1 8o at Bristol, then go to Ross the next day. Old Monmothians lose in the final of SO 8o to Sabrina (Shrewsbury's old boys) but triumph in S2 8o against Hereford. Crews not recorded in the British Rowing Almanack - please let me know who they were if you know.

Highly likely that the OM crews feature members from the School eight that won the Child Beale Cup at Nat Schools revenging the photo-finish of 1989 where only the silver medals were won. The crew was Mike Cambden, D. Lewis, Edward Price, M. Austin, Rhys Demery, David Peill, Richard Hughes-Jones, Richard Rogers and cox A. Whiting.