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Dear Potential Member,


The purpose of this letter is to introduce the Old Monmothians Boat Club to you.


Over the last two years, I have been working to re-launch the club, which as a past-pupil or current/former master of Monmouth School you are eligible to join.


I have enclosed the club’s constitution/rules for your interest and an application form should you fancy joining.


In racing terms, the club hopes to race at the Monmouth Regatta(s) during the late May Bank Holiday (to be organised by myself) and during the GBR (Gloucester/Bristol/Ross) regattas during the August Bank Holiday (to be organised by Andrew Williams). The GBR regattas have traditionally been the last opportunity for a “school” crew to race together and in my last year (1989) we won S2 8+ at Bristol followed by S1 8+ and S2 4+ at Ross. If we can find enough active Veteran rowers, then World Masters and National Vet Champs attendances are also a possibility.


In non-racing terms, the club hopes to provide a network of contacts throughout the rowing world to help each other in our rowing careers, be that as a GB International or as a local club rower. From my own personal experience, a little bit of local knowledge regarding rowing in London in advance of arranging my accommodation would have made a world of difference to my very short time at Imperial!


So far the OM contacts, in no particular order and not exhaustive, (some active, some not) include:


Rob Hollis – current GB squad

Lord Moynihan – former Shadow Sports Minister (the current Shadow Sports Minister is my local MP)

Robin Williams – GB coach, former Cambridge coach

Matt Richardson – Captain St Andrews University BC

Andrew Williams – Captain Mumbles ARC

James Knight – Captain OMBC, former Captain Maidstone Invicta RC

Phil Munslow – Captain Maidenhead RC

Simon Hambly-Smith – Reading University RC

Matt Jordan – Imperial Medics BC

Ed Butcher – converted to punt/skiff racing on the Thames

Gavin Johnson – Spartan Rowing Clothing

Nick Hartland – Welsh rowing journalist, Captain Monmouth RC

Andrew Ruddle - Secretary to the Head of the River and several Thames-based regattas

Simon O’Neill – Nottingham Union RC


If you add on the personal contacts of those OMs above, then we have a very wide network! So, if you have any queries about continuing rowing following your departure from the school that can’t be answered by Mr Howe then please get in contact.


The main reason I re-started the club was the realisation that a large number of highly trained and highly skilled individuals are lost by the rowing world at the key stage of leaving school/university life. As an ex-member of the School’s rowing squad, you should find yourself welcome at any rowing club as you are already a considerable asset of race experience and technical knowledge.


Although I agree that we should be searching for the next Olympians/World Champions, I also believe that there is not enough promotion of the other levels of rowing. This country has a very healthy level of local regattas, national regattas, BUSA events, veteran events etc. which offer the opportunity of a sport for life.


Kind Regards




James Knight                                                    Andrew Williams

Captain                                                            Vice Captain

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