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OMBC Events 2013

The OMBC year started with an email about a New Year Resolution... some OM called Gordon “Elmer”Ellis promising to organise a reunion of the 1969 1st8... quick reply from OMBC Captain offering support, file under “probably won’t happen”.... those of us who now have had the pleasure of meeting Elmer know that this was a gross underestimation of the whirlwind that was eminating out of the Gower...

British Rowing Masters Championships

Shortly afterwards came the shocking news that Michael Russell from Medway Towns RC, part of the OMBC composite B quad that had won gold two years running at the British Rowing Masters Championships had been involved in an industrial accident suffering major crush injuries from shoulders to hips. Somehow he survived and after many operations I’m pleased to report that he is back on his feet and talking about rowing again next spring... take note, the doctors stated that he survived as he was so fit. However, this threw plans for attempting to retain the title for a third year into disarray. Michael insisted that we go for it without him rather than sit the year out. We quickly recruited Lewin Hynes (a good Welshman) from Maidstone Invicta RC on the understanding that he was keeping Michael’s seat warm for him! Now, British Masters is a strange beast... lots of categories and lots of strategic entries.... in short, opposition in B quads has evaporated in the face of the mighty OMBC composite! Our entry was met by only one other B quad which resulted in a combined event of ABC quads being run... the three C quads getting a 5 second headstart on the two B quads who in turn had a 2 second headstart on the single A quad.... there’s our excuse... we beat the other B quad easily but could not catch the C quads... The crew, OM’s Al Butler and James Knight (with Lewin in B 2x) and Shaun Martin from Medway Towns RC consoled themselves by winning medals in other events for their home clubs but no medals for OMBC this year.


Meanwhile, email and Facebook messenger were taking the strain of Elmer’s calls to arms and cross-Atlantic banter... political correctness clearly wasn’t taught in the late 60s! Out of Elmer’s New Year Resolution a whole weekend of wining and dining and even some rowing with xx OMs from the 60s/70s attending was being created.

Monmouth Regatta Weekend

Huge thanks has to go to our friends at Monmouth Rowing Club who proved to be as accommodating as previous years but going even further including adjusting the race schedule to provide a perfect afternoon for the OM’s in attendance for the Saturday regatta.

Those ‘69ers who were rowing met up on MRC club steps to be issued with OM kit and collect their boats and blades. The plan was for a pre-lunch row past, one crew being the 1969 1st 8 including their cox and the other crew being other rowers from that era supported by OMBC officers and even John Griffiths, Master in Charge of Rowing designate. The agreed plan was a gently paddle to the enclosures and then a race to the line. No-one was quite expecting the excellent display of rowing that ensued. Needless to say the 69’ers 1st 8 crossed the line first but then they did have an Olympian on board.

The OMs then adjourned for a lunch in the clubhouse which commenced with a presentation to John Hartland for his contribution to Welsh Rowing from representatives from OMBC, MSRC, HMSGRC, MRC, and Welsh Rowing.  The lunch concluded just in time for the 69’ers to watch the final of the Phil Mathew Challenge featuring a younger OMBC 8 against Exeter RC’s Henley 8 in training. Some solid coxing and rowing saw the OMBC 8 gain an early lead that proved enough to hold off Exeter’s excellent last 500m to ensure that the Phil Mathew Challenge remained in the hands of the Monmouth based clubs. The OMBC crew was James Knight, Al Butler, Henry Thompson, Bowen Stewart-Woods, Harri Oliva, Mark Lewis, James Robinson, James Moggridge and Hannah Llywelyn-Davies, who collected their winners pots from OM Lord Moynihan.

The 69’ers carried on their reunion to the Punch House. The Sunday sprint regatta saw a quad of Andrew Williams, Al Butler and James Knight helped out by Mike Jones of Ross RC beat Upton RC easily to win Masters C(?) quads.


Henley Masters Regatta

The OMBC composite B quad reformed for the third attempt to win the elusive Henley Masters medal. The quad eased into the final making it three years and three finals!. A solid start saw the crew open up a length lead on a composite from Peterbrough RC and Lea RC. However, the risk of composites is the lack of cohesion under pressure established by long water sessions... The Peterborough/Lea crew demonstrated an excellent sprint for the line and the win went to them. Fourth time lucky?


Inaugral OMBC vs MSRC private match

September saw the first OMBC vs MSRC private match.



Cox: Dave Coulton (still at school!)

Str: Sam Kerr (just left this summer)

7: Stephen Griffiths (honorary OM)

6: Tom Griffiths (honorary OM)

5: Rhydian Harris

4: Tasker Thomas

3: Tom Waller

2: Mark Lewis

Bow: Tim Battersby


School VIII:

Cox: Rhiannon Wynne!

Str: Morgan Gray (Captain of Boats)

7: Harrison Stewart-Woods

6: Louis Peace

5: Archie Waller (Vice Captain)

4: Freddie Dewey

3: Rob Leighton

2: Gabriel Cronin

Bow: Josh Gibson

“7 official old boys and two guest OMs made up a very impressive VIII and took on a school VIII from the pumping station down to the club. Despite being many years younger than the infamous 69ers, they seemed somewhat reluctant to tackle the full 1500m course - but then they were facing some much younger opposition. However, power was on their side and after a quick (possibly dubious!) start, they got ahead and despite a brave comeback by the School VIII, they managed to hold on for a 1/3 length win. I think the smell of burgers and hot-dogs was a very strong motivator for the students about to head off for University!

Anyway, it was fantastic to see the Old Boys down at the Boathouse and I look forward to seeing many more of you around in the future.” John Griffiths Master i/c Rowing

Monmouth Autumn Head

The next day saw the Monmouth Autumn Head with Al Butler picking up Sen 1x in OMBC colours


2014 Season

2014 is the School’s 400th anniversary, please contact me if you fancy rowing for OMBC or organising any OM rowing reunions in this special year. It would be great to see some more rowers at the Cardiff, Henley and London OM dinners.

James Knight – Captain OMBC

ombccaptain@hotmail.co.uk 07887 836100


Henley Masters Regatta 2012

The OMBC/Medway Town composite quad scullers were back on the water at a wet and gloomy Henley on Thames for the Masters regatta in mid July.  After a convincing win in the semi final over Grosvenor, the opposition in the final hailed from Cambridge Boat Club USA.  The home crew lead for most of the 1000m course, but the Cambridge crew clearly hadn’t travelled all that way to lose without a fight and just edged ahead in the closing stages.  As some consolation, a little post race research revealed that the Cambridge crew was composed of ex USA national squad members, including a double Olympian. The Cambridge crew went on to win the US National Masters Regatta shortly afterwards.

Monmouth Regatta weekend 2012

After the success of the Old Monmothian effort at the 2011 Monmouth regatta, expectations were high this year and a large contingent of OM rowers and supporters turned up to enjoy some racing in the sunshine on home waters over the Spring bank holiday weekend.  Due to the Olympics causing several changes in the rowing calendar this season, including a different date for the National Schools regatta, a number of school crews entered the Phil Mathew Challenge Cup won by OMBC last year.  Despite having a boat full of strong performers (including not just one but two Mark Lewis’s!), our scratch crew could not quite get the better of Pangbourne Schools 1st VIII in the semi final, losing by a quarter of a length over the 1500m course.  Happily though, a very slick looking Monmouth School 1st VIII made easy work of beating Pangbourne in the final, winning the Cup for the first time in style.  Wins in three Quad sculling events provided some reward for the support over the weekend.

The OM 8 crew was Al Butler, David Blackham (now Master I/C rowing at King’s Chester), James Wragg-Smith, Mark Lewis (Jr!), Mark Lewis (Sr), Huw Richards, James Robinson, Rhys Major and Hannah Llywelyn-Davies

British Rowing Masters Championships 2012

In a thrilling race that saw the second fastest time of the day in the whole day's racing(only beaten by a Mas B 8+), the OMBC/MTRC composite B4x quad edged out a northern composite by 0.5 secs to retain their Championship title with a time of 3.06 over 1,000m. The quad is aiming to reform for Henley Masters Regatta in July.

In the meantime, OMBC is gearing up for Monmouth Regatta

British Rowing Masters Championships and Monmouth Regatta Weekend

James and Al will be attempting to defend OMBC's Masters B Quad title from last year with the help of Michael Russell and Shaun Martin from Medway Towns RC at British Rowing Masters Champs in Nottingham on Sunday 20th May. James hopes also to be representing Maidstone in A and C quads, and Al hopes to be representing Monmouth and City of Bristol in A and C doubles (one way to keep in dry kit!). Other OMs known to be attending are Nick Hartland (Monmouth RC) and Mark Lewis (for Marlow RC or Maidenhead RC or Abingdon RC.... Mercenary RC?)

Monmouth is hotting up to be a great weekend on May 27th and 28th.... the regatta has switched its days around so Saturday is now 1500m and Sunday 750m but the Invitational 8 remaining on Saturday at 750m. For Saturday we are planning an Invitational 8 from the younger generations (aggegate score so far OMBC 1 MRC 1), a Masters B quad and an IM2 quad. Sunday should see the Masters B quad and IM2 quad race again with slightly different crew line-ups and a Masters B double.

All supporters welcome. Entries have not closed yet so I can still add crews if anyone fancies a row.

2012 Olympic Year and 25th Year of OMBC

So far OMBC is planning to have representation at the following events:

Henley 4s and 8s Head - 11th February - CANCELLED :(

British Masters Championships - 20th May

Monmouth Weekend Regattas - 26th and 27th May

The club now has its own insurance which will make borrowing boats a lot easier.

Club Kit

25 years ago when OMBC was set up as part of the launch of WARA (now Welsh Rowing), the club operated as a way for the sixth formers to carry on rowing together after Nat Champs, Henley and Home International and the club had great succces at what was then the Gloucester/Bristol/Ross regatta weekend in the August Bank Holiday. In the early 90s the activities waned. The club was revived in 2004 and the activities of the Old Monmothians Boat Club have increased over the years culminating last year in us winning the Invitational 8s at Monmouth Sprint Regatta, making up half of the victorious Masters B quad at British Masters and recording wins/racing at several other events. We even had a crew attempt to qualify for HRR in 2006. The crews have been made up of several vets and a growing number of younger OMs keen to reunite with old crewmates. It would be great if we were joined by more "recently ex" 6th formers and resurrected our attendance at Gloucester and Ross Summer Regattas.

Presently there are no subscription fees for the club. When we race, we pay our own race fees plus occasional boat hire costs or a donation to the host club.

The currently club kit is also 25 years old so it is being replaced and in case you are thinking of joining us shortly or after Uni or you just fancy some more training kit, I thought you would like to know that we have a kit window open at Godfrey until 31 March 2012. The tops will be at £38 as I have funds to buy a set of tops for our club activities.

Please go to http://www.godfrey.co.uk/clubproductbrowse.php?selcat=643 if you are interested.

If you want to keep in touch with our activities, please join our Facebook page or visit www.oldmonmothiansboatclub.co.uk

And lastly, if you ever fancy a row whilst near Maidstone, Kent then just give me a call.




James Knight Captain Old Monmothians Boat Club

If you are interested in these or any other events then please contact myself, James Knight, or Alex Butler


Henley Masters Regatta 2011

Having won the Championships, the temptation to “go for the double” was too hard to resist and the composite crew agreed to enter Henley Masters Regatta. Unfortunately Alex was unable to race on the day and a last minute substitution was made with Richard Nicholls (Maidstone Invicta RC, who won at St Neots last year in OMBC colours) joining the crew in his place. The race was a straight final against an enhanced Ardingly crew (2 of their crew had competed in the Royal Regatta the week before). The OMBC/MTRC crew led for 750m but the more drilled Ardingly crew pushed through to win by a length.

British Rowing Masters Championships 2011

If you can't beat them, join them..... knowing from local events in the South East how fast Michael and Shaun from Medway Towns RC were, we decided to suggest a composite Masters B quad to them.... following a practice outing on the River Trent (maximum rating 32) we headed up to the start with growing confidence but knowing that we were up against the 2010 winners from Walton RC and  Ardingly RC who are traditionally strong in sculling events under Mostyn Field's tuteledge. We had a fantastic start that sent us clear of the other crews, a position that we did not give up....

So, OMBC has it's first ever Masters Championships gold medals!


Bow: Alex Butler - OMBC

2: James Knight - OMBC

3: Michael Russell - MTRC

Stroke: Shaun Martin - MTRC

Photos to follow

Not content with one gold, the Medway lads went on to win Masters B2x for good measure.

Alex also raced for Monmouth RC, only 40 mins after the quad race, in Masters B8. A tough race with local rivals, Ross RC, saw Monmouth finish second.

James also represented OMBC in Masters A 1x to test the water....  the draw saw this being the first event of the day at 8.30am.... James was with the pack at 500m gone but lack of boat time saw the other scullers move away and although last in the heat finished 4 lengths down on the winner racing a Burgashell against Fillipis etc was not disappointed and maybe back for more next year...

Monmouth Regatta Weekend 2011

Alex took on the organising of crews for the Monmouth Regatta weekend, our main event of the year. On Saturday, we entered the invitational eights, a composite quad and a double. On Sunday, we entered a quad. All our crews won including a replay of last year’s final in the invitational eight with OMBC coming out on top this time. Where last year’s crews had been veteran based, it was great to see the younger OMs joining us this year. Tom and Stephen Griffiths who joined us as guest members for Sunday, are the sons of Sue Griffiths (nee Jones) who coxed OMBC crews to several victories in the last 1980s. Sue continues to be highly supportive of OMBC, providing the club with its own kit page via her business.

Crews were as follows:

Phil Mathew Memorial Challenge Invitational Eight

Bow:                 James Knight (OM’89)

2:                     Alex Butler

3:                     Huw Richards

4:                     Rodrigo Pearse

5:                     Robert Todd

6:                     Nick Hartland (OM’86)

7:                     Murat Demircan (guest* – Curlew RC)

Stroke:             Matt Richardson

Cox:                 Hannah Llywelyn-Davies


OMBC/Monmouth RC Composite Quad (Saturday):

Bow:                 Matt Richardson

2:                     Murat Demircan (guest* – Curlew RC)

3:                     Stephen Griffiths (as Monmouth RC)

4:                     Tom Griffiths (as Monmouth RC)

OMBC Quad (Sunday)

Bow:                 Alex Butler

2:                     James Knight

3:                     Stephen Griffiths (guest* - Monmouth RC)

4:                     Tom Griffiths (guest* - Monmouth RC)

Double Scull

Bow:                 Alex Butler

Stroke:             James Knight

* the OMBC rules allow for guest members so long as 50% of the crew are true OMs. This allows us to form crews to give OMs the chance to compete where otherwise we could not as insufficient OMs around to fill the seats. This arrangement has not been challenged by our opposition as “scratch” crews are always deemed to be at a disadvantage. Our guest members have so far been very enthusiastic and invariably ask when can they next race for OMBC!


Cambridge City Sprints 2011

After a successful year in 2010, I was looking forward to going back and after Oxford Bumps collapsed, Al was keen to get a pre-Monmouth practice race in.... so a Mas B 2x was entered with a plea for a second event...

We got a race in the 2x but no more.... 10 hour round trip in total for the crew for a 1.46 minute race!!.... we thought we were up against... our competition was a local double (Champion of the Thames RC) who would have the lead off the start both from the staggered start, an easier course than the tight inside bend and a 2 second headstart too.... as it happens Al's call for big legs just after the start sequence saw us pass them in the first ten strokes!! Once my red mist of the start had abated, we settled to a nice paddle over the rest of the course.

A great start to the season... bring on Monmouth!

Oxford Town Bumping Races 2011

We are hoping to take a coxed four to the Oxford Town Bumps on 30th April....  please contact James on ombccaptain at hotmail dot co dot uk if you are interested....

UPDATE... we had a crew but then didn't have a crew.... nevermind, maybe next year....

The Revival Continues...

Three OMs (Al "Champione" Butler, Matt "Welshy" Richardson, James "the Old in OM" Knight) and 2 guest members (Richard "Pluto" Nichols, Hugh "Huge" Gabriel both of Maidstone Invicta RC) raced at St Neots Sprints making up an IM2 quad (Al, James, Matt and Pluto), IM2 double (Hugh and Matt), and Vet B/C 1x (James)...

Results of races in order...

08.52 IM2 4x - heat 1 vs Globe RC...  quad had scrappy first race against what was likely to be toughest race of the day but came through victorious

12.24 IM2 2x - heat 1 vs Boston RC... the hastily rejigged double following Al's extra point from the previous weekend (Nat Champ something?) saw Matt and Hugh dead heat. The re-row saw a decisive win for the OMs

13.08 IM2 2x - semi-final vs Star RC... Star had clearly not only met each other before but had also trained together a couple of times... a valiant effort by OMBC

14.28 IM2 4x - semi-final vs Doncaster... Doncaster turned up fresh and in a shiny new boat in what appeared to be Jamaican colours named"... "Sanka, you dead?"... unexpected fast off the start and stayed with us for first 100m but then seemed to lose a blade allowing us a length lead which they tried to get back but Champione's calls held them off... meanwhile in the other semi-final Trent RC dispatched Boston RC


15.08 IM2 4x - final - Trent RC asked to race straight after the semi-finals, maybe thinking we were running a bit tired.... straight to the start... a team chat and coaching from the Champ saw a relaxed start and a killer push shortly afterwards, Trent RC go down a length or two and OMBC have their first "crew" win in many, many years!

16.30 Vet B/C 1x - semi-final vs Yare RC... the sculler from Yare was racing his first regattas and despite a 3 second head start was unfortunately racing above his novice status.. OMBC through to the final

17.50 Vet B/C 1x - final vs Northampton RC... the Northampton sculler (a Canterbury Pilgrim on other days (ex-King's School Canterbury)) again had a 3 second head start which the OMBC sculler closed slightly but was simply too far to catch in 500m against very competent opposition

A good day's racing and a real buzz on the bank of "Who are Old Monmothians?".... respect to the hosts for pronouncing our name correctly most of the time... and respect to Matt for cycling 80 miles to the regatta (and home)...

Anyone wanting to race for OMBC should contact Al or James...

Invitational 8s at Monmouth Sprint Regatta 2010

Following an extensive selection programme using Facebook, 7 OMs, a guest rower and cox gathered at the School's boathouse to take part in what we hope was the inaugral Invitational 8 event at Monmouth Sprint Regatta named the Phil Matthew Challenge.

The crew was:

Bow: James Knight - OM'89 - Maidstone Invicta RC
2: Alexander Butler - OM'95 - Monmouth RC
3: Matthew Dryburgh - OM'10 - Monmouth School RC
4: James Wragg-Smith - OM'08 - Queens University Belfast BC
5: Ben Feighery - Guest - Leicester RC
6: Mark Lewis - OM'86 - Abingdon RC
7: Russell Bailey - OM'86 - Llandaff RC
Stroke: Matthew Richardson - OM'05 - Curlew RC
Cox: Lois Birrell - Guest - Poplar, Blackwall & District RC, Ardingly, Maidstone, etc.!

Once boated in the School's "Memory Lane" with some Monmouth RC blades, some good coxing quickly brought the crew together... a few practice starts showed the power in the boat... all set for our first race...

6 crews started... Maidstone (nearly their Henley qualifying crew) beat Stourport but were then knocked out by Monmouth..... Bristol Ariel beat Hereford but then met Old Monmothians.... the OM eight put in a strong start that quickly saw an advantage opened up allowing the crew to relax in the second half to win comfortably. All set up nicely for a Monmouth vs Old Monmothian final.

Cox Lois sourced an Empacher from Reading Uni and Croker blades from Maidstone and the crew paddled proudly to the start... the organisers decidely we were to be the last race of ther day so we ended up with plenty of paddling time including an "easy-all" with the boat balancing for nearly 2 minutes!

Long and short.... we lost to Monmouth's National Vet Champions boat...but we gave them their closest match of the weekend... not bad for a scratch crew....

Hopefully the event will run again next year and maybe we try to pull a Henley Masters Regatta crew together for 2011

All interested parties please get in touch

James (I'll be knocking about Henley Royal on Friday if anyone is about)


Latest OMBC wins

City of Cambridge Sprints Regatta 2010

IM2 1x semi-final against Gratton of Haileybury College RC

IM1 1x straight final against Ben Redman from City of Cambridge RC

IM2 1x final against Ford of Broadland RC

next stop Monmouth Regatta weekend....


 OMBC kit now available from Aunty Sue


Anyone wanting to race in OMBC colours at the Monmouth Regattas in May please get in contact as soon as possible.... so far a Vet 1x and a Vet 2x.....



First OM victory in 18 years! On Saturday 23rd May at Monmouth Regatta, I beat Terrry MacDonald of Evesham RC in the semi-final and then Jamie Locke of Exeter RC to secure victory in IM3 1x despite being at least 20yrs older than my competitors! To complete the OM theme, my pot was presented to me by Tom Lucy. cheers James


There is an informal reunion of rowing OMs planned for the weekend of this year's Monmouth Regatta (23rd and 24th May).

Those that fancy rowing in OM colours in scratch crews on the Saturday (only 750m) should contact me (ombccaptain@hotmail.co.uk) at least 2 weeks before so that I can organise equipment, entries etc.

Alternatively, bring your own rowing club and row in their colours - just let us know if you are coming so that we can let commentary teams etc. know and I and Nick Hartland can include you in newspaper reports etc.

Duncan Lovett (OM) will be playing with his band in Monmouth RC's bar on Saturday night.









OMBC colours have seen action for the first time at Henley Veterans Regatta. Unfortunately I was ill during the week before so the composite VetC double with Maidstone Invicta lead to the halfway line then started losing water to Ardingly with a final verdict of 4 lengths. The race showed me that the week off had been more detrimental than I thought so I scratched my single. The training for next year will start as soon as I shake off the bug.

The colours may see further action later in the summer... anyone interested please send me an email...


A very quiet year in the rowing front due to my commitments attempting to get Maidstone Invicta to qualify for Henley!

Not had many enquiries from OM rowers but I have renewed the WARA membership.

Might bring MIRC to Monmouth Regatta 08 so might try to pull together an OM crew or two?




Happy Christmas to Everyone

Updates since Henley 2006 will be happening shortly!

Please start thinking about Monmouth Regatta 2007




Latest News


Our gallant boys raced their hearts out today at the Henley qualifiers improving on their 2000m time at Dorney by 8 seconds... given that they were racing upstream and that the Henley course is an extra 112m long that's a fantastic improvement. However it was not enough to qualify. Matt Richardson reported that two of the five selected for the qualifying races, namely Thames and Belfast, were simply in a class of their own and took the two places on offer.

Photos of this historic OMBC outing can be seen and ordered at:




Marlow - crew were 1st to 500m, 2nd to 1000m but then had a bad last 1000m and did not qualify for the next round, good learning experience and crew now know to focus their training on the second part of the race. 

Henley - details of qualifying race below 

THE WYFOLD CHALLENGE CUP - START: 4.20 p.m. Friday 23rd June 2006

198  Belfast Rowing Club 'B'

204  City of Oxford Rowing Club 'B'

215  London Rowing Club 'D'

223  Old Monmothians' Boat Club

228  Thames Rowing Club 'B'





Confirmation of OMBC entry to Henley - is 223 a lucky number? Qualifiers on Friday 23rd June will tell......

(Holders: Army Rowing Club)

197  Belfast Rowing Club 'A'
198  Belfast Rowing Club 'B'
199  Birmingham Rowing Club
200  Burway Rowing Club
201  Cardiff City Rowing Club
202  City of Cambridge Rowing Club
203  City of Oxford Rowing Club 'A'
204  City of Oxford Rowing Club 'B'
205  City of Sheffield Rowing Club
206  Combined Services Rowing Club
207  Furnivall Sculling Club
208  Henley Rowing Club
209  Lea Rowing Club
210  Leander Club
211  Llandaff Rowing Club
212  London Rowing Club 'A'
213  London Rowing Club 'B'
214  London Rowing Club 'C'
215  London Rowing Club 'D'
216  Marlow Rowing Club
217  Milton Keynes Rowing Club
218  Mitsubishi Boat Club, Japan
219  Molesey Boat Club
220  Monmouth Rowing Club
221  Norwich Rowing Club
222  Nottingham & Union Rowing Club
223  Old Monmothians' Boat Club
224  Quintin Boat Club
225  Royal Chester Rowing Club
226  Staines Boat Club
227  Thames Rowing Club 'A'
228  Thames Rowing Club 'B'
229  Tyne Rowing Club
230  Vesta Rowing Club
231  York City Rowing Club

Total entries: 35 (2005: 48)
To be reduced to 32 entries by Qualifying Races


OMBC to race at Marlow Regatta, held on Dorney Lake, Eton on 17th June, in S2 coxless fours in a straight final at 10.20am. The crew, rowing as an Old Monmothians/Monmouth composite, is racing Leicester University, London, Lea, Milton Keynes, Staines and Reading University. If you are nearby please go along to support them. I can confirm that their entry for Henley Royal has gone in and I'll keep you informed of their progress here.

 The School's 1st 8, looking to add to their bronze medal at National Schools, are racing in their first heat at 11.20 in S3 8+ and the J14 8x are racing in a straight final at 16.50.


Club Secretary appointed.... Alun Brown, ex-pupil and current master, has been appointed the Club's first Secretary.


Hmmmm... the Regatta that never was.... our commiserations go to all at Monmouth Rowing Club who's hard work and record entry (417 crews) went to waste with the cancellation of racing (both days and Hereford Regatta on Monday was cancelled too) at around 11.30am on Saturday.

River levels had been running high during the week leading to the cancellation of J15 and under races but a sudden increase even higher and the large amount of debris (one piece I saw would have made Nelson proud - mast and all!) lead to the Regatta Committee to make their hard decision.

The OMs who were there would like to thank Nick Hartland, Captain Monmouth RC, for organising the boat we were to race in and to Sue Griffiths (nee Jones) and husband John for their help with our entries. We hope to be back next year.

AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND - Discussions in the rain suggested that we have sufficient OM interest to consider entering the Ross Regattas in August as this year Gloucester Regatta is being held at Ross on the Saturday (due to construction work at Gloucester), Sunday is the Vets and Juniors Regatta at Ross and Monday is Ross Regatta itself! Plenty of racing to be had for any interested OMs. Given the location I need as much notification as possible to arrange boat and blade loans so please contact me as soon as possible. Cheers James.

HENLEY - the OM coxless four is still on for Henley... I 'll keep this website posted with the latest news as and when I receive it...

NATIONAL SCHOOLS - congratulations to the 1st 8 for winning bronze in the Child Beale Cup... haven't heard other results yet other than that everyone raced with heart in the trying conditions.


Great news from OMBC......

Saturday 27th May sees 2 OM crews race over 750m at Monmouth Sprint Regatta.

First off is myself in a composite S2 pair (with Ed from Maidstone Invicta, formerly St Peters School, York) at 12noon against my old college Imperial with the other half of the draw including a fast Hereford crew and a very fast Reading University crew (including World Indoor Rowing Champion, Graham Benton). Fingers-crossed we will be in the final at 17.00.

We also have a S4 quad in a straight final with Llandaff. Our scratch crew is made up of OMs Andrew Williams, Mark Lewis and Matt Richardson with Alex Woodward on loan from Monmouth RC. A close race is expected but I think our boys will have the upper hand.

If that wasn't enough OMBC action, we have a S1 coxless four racing on the next day, Sunday, over the full 1500m course at Monmouth Regatta.

The crew of Matt Richardson  Alun Brown, David Blackham and Mitch Corrigan have been training together with the goal of trying to qualify for the Wyfold Challenge Cup at Henley. The lads are all on the coaching roster at the School with Matt and Alun both being former pupils. They face Imperial College at 11.46am and then a final (we hope) against the Welsh team racing as Rebecca at 16.39.  If any OMs out there have a spare "lightish" coxless four in their clubhouse not in use for the month run up to HRR and could lend/rent it to the lads then please contact me on ombccaptain@hotmail.co.uk

Both days will see Matt, Mark and myself also competing for our respective clubs (Monmouth, Abingdon and Maidstone Invicta) and I expect there will be other OMs about too.

Please come along and support. Any OMs likely to be supporting at Monmouth Regatta please let me know or find me over the weekend near a large blue tent at the end of the regatta field with the Maidstone Invicta contingent (lovely lilac and black are our club colours!) and three havoc-causing ankle-biters nearby...


18-04-06 Looks like OM colours will be racing at Monmouth Sprint Regatta and Monmouth Regatta in May - more OMs very welcome to join us in our efforts..... meanwhile Rob Hollis made the finals of the GB Senior Trials in coxless pairs and is therefore very likely to make the GB World Championship squad this year along with Tom James, the Welshman from the Cambridge Blue Boat for the last 2 years.

16-04-06 The OM club have kindly offered to provide a token in recognition of Derek's long-service to us all (38 years and lots of tea drunk). Derek will be invited to the OM Henley dinner and the presentation will take place there. Book your tickets via www.oldmonmothians.co.uk . The Dinner will also be the reunion of a 1956 School crew, fifty years on.