Inductees in our "Hall of Fame" include :

Bob Hill (2016)

Gary McCarthy (2016)

Ganesh Jillah (2015)

Dave Hicks (2014)

Ronnie Byrne (2014)

Rob Curl (2014)

Mark Hulyer (2014)

Thabo Nkoane (2014)

Chris O'Donoghue (2014)

George Wilkins (2014)

Keith Stacey (2014)

Colin Fraser (2013)

Chris Van Dyk (2012)

Dave McElhinney (2012)

Peter Henson (2012)

Ernie Gray (2012)

Paul Frankenberg (2010)

Graham East (2009)

Al Green (2010) sadly passed away in July 2014

Bart O'Toole (2011)

Richard Fletcher (2011)

Chid Middleton (2009)

Julian Gold (2011)

Cliff Bury (2011)

Steve Baldwin (2010)

Adam Rayner (2010)

Keith Thompson (2010)

Colin Barrell (2010)

Mark Wilson (2010)

Pete Whistler (2010)

Ross Dorass (2010)

Pete Childs (2010) sadly passed away in Sept 2013

Subscription rates


£10 for everyone 


£10 members  

£6 Schoolboys (aged 16-18)


£3 per session

Players getting behind with match or annual subs will not be allowed to be selected ahead of those who pay on-time (ie left on the bench and then suspended)

Those players who do not pay after being sin-binned will automatically be suspended and removed from the teamsheet.
Also anyone owing from last season is automatically suspended.


2015-16  Marcus Fearon 34, Alex Woods 24

2014-15  Marcus Fearon 32, Shane Wilson 19

2013-14  Andrew Joanides 18, Sam Boujettif 17

2012-13  Sam Boujettif 24, Shane Wilson 19

2011-12  Doug Coull 31, Imran Khalid 20

2010-11  Scott Curran 23  Shane Wilson 14

2009-10  Ben Coomber 28  Paul Buckley 17

2008-9    Ben Coomber 38  Jason Choat 28  Shane Wilson 22

2007-8    Ben Coomber 27  CJ Lamothe 17

2006-7     Jason McKeson 27 Ben Coomber 26

2005-6     Ben Coomber 29 Matt Elash 25

2004-5     Isaac Obosi 23 Matt Elash 19 Ben Coomber 19

2003-4     Matt Elash 20 Doug Coull 16 Shane Manogue 16

2002-3     Doug Coull 31 Musti Bennamane 20

2001-2     Musti Bennamane 15 Doug Coull 12

2000-1     Doug Coull

1999-2000 Richard Hall

1998-9     Gary Blackwell

1997-8     Rakesh Shah

1996-7     Warren Perks 22 Rakesh Shah 19

1995-6    Mark Mears

1994-5    Ian Dowe 35 Gary McCarthy 29

1993-4    Richard Leszcynzski


1931 Club Formed and joined Secondary Schools Old Boys League
1935-36 1st XI Lost to Uffingtonians in LOB Intermediate Cup Final 1-6
1947-48 2nd XI Lost to Tiffinians Res in LOB Intermediate Cup Final 2-4
1950-51 1st XI Finished top of Senior Division 1
1957-58 2nd XI Finished top of Division 3 West G Conley
1971-72 2nd XI Finished top of Division 2 West Steve Hutchinson
1974-75 1st XI Finished top of Intermediate North Alan Webb
1980-81 3rd XI Finished top of Division 3 West Tom Challoner
1986-87 4th XI Lost to Parmiterians IV in LOB Minor Cup Final 0-2 Richard East
1988-89 5th XI Finished top of Division 4 West Ross Dorass
1989-90 4th XI Finished top of Division 2 West Richard East
1994-95 2nd XI Finished top of Division 1 West Dave McElhinney
1994-95 Veterans Lost to City of London Vets in LOB Jack Perry Cup Final 2-4 Chris Van Dyk
1995-96 1st XI Finished top of Senior Division 1 John Williams
1995-96 Club Won League "Fred Atkins" Sportsmanship Trophy
1996-97 2nd XI Finished top of Division 1 North Richard East


4th XI
3rd XI
Finished top of Division 3 West
Finished top of Division 4 West

Thomas O'Neill

Ben Coomber & Rob Curl  

2007-08   3rd XI     Lost to Cardinal Manning II in LOB Nemean Cup Final 1-2              Ben Coomber & Rob Curl
2007-08   3rd XI     Finished top of Division 3 West                                                         Ben Coomber & Rob Curl
2008-09   3rd XI     Beat Winchmore Hill IV in AFA Minor Cup Final  6-2                      Ben Coomber & Rob Curl
2008-09   3rd XI     Lost to Cardinal Manning I in LOB Nemean Cup Final 3-4                Ben Coomber & Rob Curl
2008-09   3rd XI     Finished top of Division 2 West                                                         Ben Coomber & Rob Curl

2012-13   2nd XI    Finished top of Division 8 North                                               Jamal Hijazi & Ahmed Shehabi

2014-15   2nd XI    Finished top of Division 7 North                                                 Shane Wilson & Dave Parker

Club Documents

Ernie Gray

Club Long Service Awards (June 2008) - Congratulations to Ernie Gray, who at the AFC Dinner last Friday was presented with an AFC Long Service Award for twenty or more years service to Old Kingsburians.

Ernie Gray joined the Old Kingsburians committee after leaving school in 1974 as team secretary recruiting school players into the club. He played, refereed and carried out any tasks that came to hand over the years for the club before settling into the match secretary's position halfway through the 1987/88 season. Despite restricted eye sight and moving up to Yorkshire eight years ago has continued to organise the fixtures. Though by his own admission not a great or regular player he's reminded us that his playing highlight was scoring two goals against Paludians in 1975 and then scoring his next & final goal some eighteen years later!!


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