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Would you like to visit the farm?

OakMoon is very much a working farm, and disarray is our modus operandi! All the same, we love to have visitors and show off our goats.  We are able to conduct farm visits 

by appointment only 

during the months of May to November. Farm visits are scheduled for Saturday afternoons, 1pm-4:00pm. We know this is a narrow time frame, but it's the best we can do with our farm work schedule.

We charge $5 per person ages 10 and up. School groups are welcome, (and will be scheduled at other times) with at least 2 weeks notice.

Farm visits include a tour of our place, explanations of our milking/cheese making operations and sustainable dairy practices.  Visitors will get to try our cheeses, pet and photograph the goats, see our ducks and other livestock. 

Call to schedule 


PLEASE, no pet dogs allowed!  

2016 Workshops and Events at the Farm

 ***Quick Over-view of 2016 Events***

  • Kidding Intensive--Saturday, February 13, sign-up deadline Feb 1
  • Beginners' Cheese Making Workshop--Saturday, April 2
  • Basic Goat Husbandry Workshop--Sunday, April 3

Kidding Intensive Workshop 

This workshop will cover the following topics: 

*Care and feeding of the pregnant doe to give her a head-start on lactation
*Immunizations, worming and other pre-kidding herd maintenance
*Housing/penning for the doe and kids
*Assembling a kidding kit 
*Pregnancy/lactation specific health issues
*Udder health, milking sanitation, how to milk a goat
*Recognizing when a doe is in labor, when labor is normal and when there is a problem
*Fetal positions at birth, sorting it out and when to call the vet
*Care of newborn kids and new mamas
*Kid rearing plans and how to choose the best method for your situation

We have many does due to kid in February, and although we can't guarantee it, we will likely have does in labor that day. Homemade soup lunch is provided.

Workshop is $100 per participant, and is limited to 8 participants, but we will repeat it if there is enough interest. 

Deposit of $50, due by February 1,  will be required to reserve a spot, however, we recommend sending your deposit as soon as possible to assure your participation as our workshops fill fast. ***See below for deposit policy. Contact us by phone 828-688-4683, Facebook message or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Basic Goat Husbandry

OakMoon Basic Goat Husbandry Workshop  will include lots of discussion plus hands-on instruction in giving shots, worming, hoof trimming, whether to have horns on the goat and other goat care.  This workshop is designed for folks just starting out in goats or considering becoming a goat owner, 

but anyone interested in goats will benefit.  Details for registration below.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Determining your goat keeping goals: pet, meat, fiber, dairy, land clearing
  • Preparing the home place for goats: fencing, housing, compatibility with other farm animals
  • Backyard goat keeping
  • Livestock guardians on the farm and in the neighborhood
  • What to look for when shopping for the right goats for your needs
  • Body conditioning and determining health
  • Feeding techniques and feedstuffs, organic or non-organic hay and feeds
  • Vaccinations, parasite control, common health issues with goats
  • How to give shots
  • How to trim hooves
  • To breed or not to breed
  • Basic kid rearing strategies
  • Disbudding vs. dehorning vs leaving the horns on the goats
  • Castrating buck kids
  • Culling and more!

Beginners' Cheese Making

OakMoon Beginners' Cheese Making Workshop is best described as an intensive with several hours of supervised hands-on cheese making, plus discussion and plenty of question/answer time. This workshop, designed for beginning home cheese makers, will be of interest to any cheese-head!  If you would like to become a participant,  please email to:  [email protected].

Cheese Making workshop topics will include:

  • Clean milk, milk flavor, and composition
  • Milking strategies--where to get milk for cheese making
  • Goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk, store-bought milk cheese making
  • Equipping your cheese kitchen on a budget
  • Care and sanitation of utensils and equipment
  • How to make simple chevre and at least two or three other cheeses
  • Molds are a cheese maker’s friends!
  • Definitions and use of rennets and cultures 
  • Moulding, draining, pressing
  • Aging gracefully, the cheese that is
  • Kefir and other fermented dairy
  • And MORE!

Only 6 spaces will be offered in the cheese making workshop and 10 spaces in the goat husbandry workshop.  so if you are interested, please inquire immediately. Each workshop is $100, with $50 required deposit by March 20 to hold your spot. ***

The price of the workshop will include coffee/tea and snacks, and materials.  Lunch is on your own.

Presenters will be Dwain Swing and Cynthia Sharpe, who have over 37 years of combined experience in the fields, as well as occasional guest presenters.

The workshops will be held at the farm and creamery located in Bakersville, NC.  Information regarding accommodations in the area may be found at Bakersville, NC.

Email or call for details, [email protected] , 828-688-4683.

***Workshop deposit policy: Deposits for our workshops are transferable to future workshops or to other attendees, but non-refundable except in extreme situations such as illness, accident, etc. So please check your calendar carefully before sending in your deposit!

Farming Arts Workshops Planned

Our new Farming Arts series of workshops is in the planning stage. These workshops will encompass backyard homesteading and small farm topics. Speakers and instructors will be varied and  "fresh from from the field"! Proposed workshops include:
  • Scrambled: Successful Backyard Chicken Egg Production
  • Polly Want a Quacker? How to Raise Ducks and Geese and Love 'Em
  • The Journey From Feathers to Frying Pan: Raising Meat Chickens on a Family Scale
  • So You Wanna Own a Goat Farm-- From Hobby to Commercial With Meat or Dairy Goats.

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