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Adventure 1 - Rescue at Rivenroar

1. Return of the Red Hand- The heroes meet and defend the town of Brindol

2. The Ruins of Rivenroar - The heroes find the lair of The Red Hand of Doom

3. Epic Strike - The adventurers get divine aid during their assault

4. Glimnok the Grunt - A member of the Red Hand is turned to good

5. To the Sword - The Ettercap runs off into the woods with a prisoner

6. Chains of Sinruth - The heroes face the leader of the Red Hand

7.  The Emissary - Wherein the Red Hand of doom is utterly dismantled

Adventure 2 - Siege of Bordrin's Watch

8.  The White Dragon - The heroes are called upon to repel orc invaders

9. Meet the Freeriders - The other adventuring party stops by

10. Chamber of Works - The heroes' greatest battle yet

11. The GauntletDwarven traps are well-made

12. The Nexus - The final fight against the orcs

13. Massacre in The Vents - Three heroes die in an epic battle with Tusk

14. The Death of Tusk - The FreeRiders join the effort

Adventure 3 - The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge

15. Overlook,City of Intrigue - The heroes are reborn with undead hands

16. Journey to The Shadowfell - Modra barely escapes the heroes

17. Modra's Scheme - Modra murders one of the adventurers

18. Shadows of Doom - The heroes come face to face with Sarshan

Adventure 4 - The Lost Mines of Karak

19. Blood Chaos Flare - One of the heroes meets a tragic fate

20. The Warden - The heroes learn of a new enemy

21. Fortress Ironfell - The Queen of the Drylands' home is well-guarded

22. Queen of the Drylands - The adventurers steamroll through the Fortress

23. The Ironfell Ring - Strange denizens of the fortress plague the adventurers

24. Chaos Mines - At last the heroes enter the mines of Karak

25. Queen's Retinue - A naga, an elemental rift and demons

Adventure 5 - Den of the Destroyer

26. The Lost Ones - The heroes have a bounty on their head

27. The Hall of Great Valor - Gilgathorn's ambush goes awry

28. Fortress Greystone - The gnolls have shadar kai weaponry

29. Wicked Fang - Sarshan's allies try to stop the heroes

Adventure 6 - The Temple Between

30. Return to Overlook - Something has gone wrong in the city

31. Heart of the Conspiracy - The mysterious General's plans are revealed

32. The Portal in The Sepulcher - Rundorig's ghost meets The Badasses

33. The Vault - Harpies nearly kill everyone

34. The Reliquary - The Caretaker is rescued

35. Incunabulum Primevil - The Siege of Overlook begins

36. The Siege of Overlook - Death by catapult~

37. General Zithiruun - The battle for the fate of the city

Adventure 7 - Beyond the Mottled Tower

38. Flowing Death - Megan Swiftblade is in trouble

39. Blood Chaos Cavern - Buried under a rockslide!

40. Draconic Wrath - Two green dragons get mauled

41. In Fetid Darkness - Sarshan lurks beneath the Ever-Tree

42. Sea of Fire - The Heroes enter the Elemental Chaos

43. The Lingering Spirit - The final fight with Sarshan begins

Adventure 8 - Haven of the Bitter Glass

44. The Conquerer - The Githyanki have returned

45. The Siege of Akma'ad - The heroes take on a githyanki army

46. Falling Rock - Falling Force springs a githzerai trap

47. The Githzerai Traitor - The heroes try to solve a mystery

48. Lord Telicanthus - The plight of the githzerai worsens

49. Covet House - The assassins serve Tiamat

50. The Coalition - The Coalition gets an unexpected leader

51. The Shield Against the Silver Thread - Telicanthus' secrets unravel

52. The Bitter Glass - Face to face with the enemy

53. Pennel's Last Stand - The deadliest battle of the campaign so far

Adventure 9 - Alliance at Nefelus

54. Planar Bandits - An assassin in Dornaithos is hunted down

55. Blockade Run - The heroes collect Frost Giant heads

56. Xurgelmek's Chamber - A beholder tries its' luck against the Falling Force

57. Legacy of Io - 5 Umber hulks~

58. Chillreaver's Seed - The Exarch of Tiamat attacks!

Adventure 10 - Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

59. Slay the Slavers - An investigation into the Feywild

60. The Sky Shaper - The heroes are tested by firbolgs

61. Audience With the King - Cachlain hears the adventurers out

62. Invasion Tunnel - Sangwyr's assassins try to stop the heroes

63. Arena of Blood - A second Exarch of Tiamat strikes!

Adventure 11 - Garaitha's Anvil

64. The Watch of the Dead - A githyanki threat to the north

65. Fane of Chanhiir - Pillars of light roam free

66. The Sovereign Gate - The Well of Worlds proves to be deadly

67. The Eldritch Giant - The heroes make it to the Astral Vortex and gain an ally 

68. Dock Siege - An all out assault on Garaitha's Anvil begins

69. Boarding Party - Fomorian slaves try to hold off the heroes' onslaught

70. Iliyoru's Flight - The Admiral tries to escape on his airship

Adventure 12 - Tyranny of Souls

71.Mayhem's Plight - The heroes travel to the Astral Sea

72. Stolen Mercy - The heroes steal an astral skiff

73. Fortress of Three Sorrows - An epic assault on a floating fortress

74. Into the Maw - The heroes battle Dispater

75. Evil's Backbone - Four heroes perish!

76. Revenge Against Vlaakith - Reinforcements arrive

77. Gallery of Ice - A dracolich

78. The Emporer's Redoubt - Zetch'r'r'r and an exarch of Tiamat fight the heroes

Adventure 13- Betrayal at Monadhan

79. The Eight of Us Say Welcome - The Sting of Betrayal

80. Shantytown - Vampires! 

81. Kas The Betrayer - Kas makes a deal with the adventurers

82. Cavern of Air - Into the caves of betrayal

83. Arantor - The heroes find the Sword of Kas

Adventure 14 - Grasp of the Mantled Citadel

84. Forest of Twisted Souls - Aspect of Vecna

85. The Mantled Citadel - Lich Vestige

86. Oubliettes of the Doomed - Mornujhar goes down

87. Lair of the Perfidious One - The final battle with Irfelujhar

Adventure 15 - Legacy of Io

88. The Bright City - Silver Dragons

89. For Whom the Bell Tolls - The first seal is shattered

90. Headmasters' Charge - A sphinx's riddles...

91. Seal of Erathis - A brawl in the city

92. Raging Storm - Final Battle with the King of Terror's lieutenant

Adventure 16 - Those Once Loyal

93. Dragon Strike - The heroes learn that Bahamut's throne may be usurped

94. Hell's Fury - Pit Fiend~!

95. Bahamut's Throne - Return of some familiar faces

96. The Rainfather - Moradin's Soulforge

97. Godsworn Warriors - Constructs and Angels

98. War For Heaven - The heroes face off against Moradin and Dakranad

Adventure 17 - Test of Fire

99.  The Summons of Bahamut - Casino night~

100. The Keening Delve - Dueling with the efreet

101. Through the City of Brass - Crossing a lava canal

102. Lord of the Efreets - The heroes fight the ruler of the City of Brass

103. Namissi's Revenge - Bahamut is saved

Adventure 18 - Last Breath of the Dragon Queen

104. The Regnant Fane - Tiamat's eggs

105. Spawn of Tiamat - Battle with Tiamat's Aspect

106. Repository of Secrets - Vecna's Demi-Plane

107. Die Vecna Die - The heroes battle the God of Secrets

108. Revenge Against Chillreaver - The final adventure begins

109.  Hall of Vanquished Champions - The White Brood Mother

110. Shard of Annihilation - The Red Brood Mother

111. Gate Chamber - The Black Brood Mother

112. The Observatory - The Blue Brood Mother                                    

113. Honor Guard - The Green Brood Mother                                              

114. Tiamat's Platform - The penultimate battle