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Posted on this site 11th April 2007


This is the true story.....!

Brother McClain's church from Houston has a ministry in the Texas State Prison at Huntsville. I don't know the details of how they came to do services on Death Row, but I know they don't let those guys out of their cell for anything.

But have service they did, and one of the Death Row guys was filled with the Holy Ghost! Praise the Lord! So they asked if they could take him and baptize them. The warden said No. They then asked if they brought water there, could they baptize him? The warden agreed, so they brought a stock tank and filled it with water. The prison needed to take special precautions, so they had 2 guards. The guards put an iron collar on the man, along with wrist and ankle shackles, and then ran a chain through the whole thing and padlocked it. Then they brought the prisoner out of his cell, and they put him in the tank and baptized him in the name of Jesus.

When he came out of the water, his shackles were lying in the bottom of the tank and he began praising and magnifying God! The 2 guards, seeing the miracle, asked if they could be baptized too! I tell you, I have chills all over me writing about this. We serve an awesome God! He proves to us that He unshackles us and sets us free. I'm so glad I know Him in the power of His fullness - what a blessing to serve God!

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