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Posted on this site 30th March 2007

Two Jewish Prophets

This document contains messages by two Jewish prophets, the first a woman, and the second a man:  Nita Johnson and David Michael

Nita Johnson wrote the following:

I remembered a time when the Lord caused me to feel the pain that is in the heart of every Jewish person who was old enough to know better. It was an indescribable pain of the most severe nature. This pain was an intense bitterness toward a God who would allow the near annihilation of the Jewish people time and again. I further remembered another time when Messiah came to me in a forty-five minute vision and revealed to me that the Jewish people feel abandoned by Him. They don’t understand why He would forsake them, and their pain over this is unbearably enormous. Again, I was given to actually feel the suffering that is within the average Jewish heart. He accompanied that revelation by further telling me that He hasn’t forsaken them, and that it is His will to restore His broken people.

The above is an extract from a 16-page document entitled: Israel Enroute to Revival. Please ask for this FREE pamphlet.

David Michael wrote the following:

What does the Scripture mean when it says that some of the native branches (some of the people of Israel) were broken off, and some other branches, wild by nature (some of the Gentiles) were grafted in? This subject is so agonizing to write about that I have actually put off for a while my duty to inscribe it for the benefit of God's people. But, I know that the following things have to be stated, whether or not I can bear to say them (and they must be written whether or not others can bear to read them.)

The branches who were cut off were the lives of the one and a half million Jews who perished in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and the several million Jews throughout the Roman world who were murdered within a century of that horrific desolation. The event in the year 70 A.D. is known as the Siege of Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple.

Now it is very important that God's people should understand the following things. Jesus in Luke 21 (and elsewhere) spoke very specifically about the siege of Jerusalem, its fall, and its desolation. He sums up that the time period surrounding the destruction of the Temple with these words: "These are the days of vengeance, that everything that is written shall be fulfilled".

So, the agonizing sufferings of the slaughtered inhabitants of Jerusalem (of which Jesus prophesied, and which are amply recorded by eyewitnesses and historians) were not going to be averted—because the Son of God Himself declared those days of vengeance. The details of the fall of Jerusalem are excruciating. It is almost unbearable to read about it or think about it. At one point, hundreds of dead bodies lay strewn about in the Temple courts, unburied, rotting, and untended. This had been the Holy Temple, the holiest place on earth, and the site chosen by the Lord Himself, and called by His own name! (And may I say that this was not only the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies concerning the time of God's departure from the Temple, but is also a horrifying picture of judgment coming on Christendom at the end of the Age.)

But, the two details from the Destruction of Jerusalem which we must face—and I shall mercifully limit it to these two things – are the ripping open of living Jews for gold coins, and the crucifixion of hundreds of small children. It is recorded that desperate Jews swallowed gold coins, hoping to escape over the walls of Jerusalem at night, avoid capture by the Roman soldiers, retrieve the coins through elimination later, and be able to begin a new life elsewhere. The Roman soldiers heard rumor that there was gold inside these escaping persons, and so they cut their stomachs and bowels open while they were still alive in order to pocket whatever coins they found! Josephus, an eyewitness, declares that in one night, two thousand people trying to flee the city were thus dissected! And, God held His peace, because these were the days of vengeance, and the promised great salvation, of which He had spoken, was now going to come to the Gentiles.

The Romans captured and crucified an average of 500 persons a day, and displayed their bodies on crosses which faced the walls of Jerusalem. This was done so that the inhabitants could see the horrible spectacle and might thus be encouraged to surrender to the Romans. However, these mass crucifixions only incited more hatred against the Romans, and aroused a greater desire to never surrender. So, seeing that this wasn't working, the Romans began the practice of crucifying young children in hopes that this heartbreaking and revolting sight would get the people to surrender.

Saints of God, I will tell you by the word of the Lord that these hundreds of tender, young Jewish children who were crucified outside Jerusalem were among the "branches" who were cut off so that you might be grafted in! Jesus spoke about the young children in Jerusalem who would die in the siege, being slaughtered. When He spoke about it, He wept. These little children died calling upon God—who would not and did not intervene to save them! They were descendants, all of them, from God-fearing Jews who had come back from Babylon under Zerubbabel along with Mary's and Joseph's ancestors and descendants of what Acts 2 calls "devout Jews" from surrounding nations who came up to Jerusalem for the holy feast days. God who is love, and who had promised Abraham that He would be the God of His children forever, restrained Himself and didn't act as He normally would have at the cries of dying Jewish children—children who were in fact the young branches who were being cut off, branches who would never grow to adulthood, never live life as God desired them to live it, branches which would never produce fruit or offspring of their own, branches who were completely cut off to make way for the Gentile believers. How God restrained Himself we cannot expect to know, but we do know that Jesus said that He and the Father are one. And we note that Jesus Himself had a very difficult time bearing the knowledge that this horror was to befall Jerusalem's children, for we read that when the Son of God looked out over Jerusalem, and saw in the Spirit what was about to occur, He wept inconsolably. He experienced a grievous anguish of mind and soul.

When Jerusalem was being destroyed, God bottled up the stifled cries of these dying children, and preserved their cries, to be heard at a future time. That is to say, God did not wholeheartedly listen to them with the intent to avenge and judge the Romans at that time, for if He had done so, the branches would not have been cut off at all. His pity is simply too consuming. But, He deferred in the timing of being moved to fury over such abominations.

Why? It's so that you [non-Jews] could be saved!

The above is an extract from a 16-page document entitled: The End Of The Age Of The Gentiles. Please ask for this FREE pamphlet.

The same brother, David Michael, wrote this in 2003:

On Friday, June 20th, 2003, the Lord Jesus said to me, "I've reached My decision." He revealed to me [while I was] in the Spirit, that He was speaking of authorizing the LAUNCHING FORWARD and rapid acceleration of the things which will re-position the world structure, ...nations, and the whole human society in line with the approaching return of the King of Kings. He caused me to understand that some aspects of such an authorization had weighed heavily on Him, and He had delayed some factors (over reasons He didn't describe), but now He had wholeheartedly DETERMINED to plunge forward, and He is at peace with His decision, because it really is time to rapidly move forward. preparation

What I immediately discerned is that the whole world is going to see visible indications of His decision! We can never, never go back. So saints, look both for events and many processes which will combine to alter the world's current operational functions. [No] single event cannot compete with a process. [This] world-changing process, namely, the events in our day....will culminate in His return. O Glorious prospect O blessed hope! We see the Lord's return on the horizon.


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