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Posted on this site 11th April 2007

The Destruction of the Twin Towers Prophesied 2 Months Before the Towers Fell

by Pastor David J. Meyer, written September 16th, 2001

I am writing and submitting this Special Report in response to the many and numerous phone calls and faxes that I have been receiving since last Tuesday, September 11th. Many of our thousands of readers have contacted me, having remembered reading about the vision that the Lord gave me on July 6, 2001. This vision was given to me as I was crossing New York Harbor and passing the Statue of Liberty, which was to my left. My eyes were drawn to the torch of the Statue of Liberty, which we know to be the Illuministic symbol, or torch of Illuminism. I then looked at Lower Manhattan, which is also known as the Financial District, and as I felt the power of God come over me, I was transfixed and looked in amazement at the vision that unfolded before my eyes. The city was on fire. I thought it was all of Manhattan that was burning, but because I was approaching from the South, all I could see was that southern portion containing the prominent twin towers of the World Trade Center. These two towers were engulfed in flames and smoke, as were some surrounding buildings, and in the distance I could hear the faint, but distinct, screaming of multitudes of people. Then, as quickly as the vision came, it was gone and I heard a voice say to me, "Tell it not until you return." That was Friday, July 6th.

On Monday, July 9th, I and those with me went to the World Trade Center and took the elevators to the Observation Area near the top. We then went up the escalators to the roof where we looked upon the city and, even though I felt the urgency of what I had seen, I was not able to tell my fellow workers and intercessors about it. I walked around to all four exposures - North, South, East and West - and prayed for the City and that God would spare his people, and I found myself praying these words, "Lord, I know these buildings are coming down, but I pray that Thou would spare Thy people and protect them." Many other things happened while we were in New York too numerous to mention here. I went home with a heavy burden in my heart and on Wednesday, July 11th, I preached a message which included the description of my vision. Many of those tapes were sent out shortly thereafter.

In the August issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, which was written on the 17th of July, I also described what I saw in the vision, especially mentioning the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on fire. This newsletter was mailed on July 25th, and many thousands of people received it, postmarked with that date. I did not know when this great cataclysm would occur, and little did I know that exactly 67 days later, on September 11th, those high Twin Towers would be reduced to rubble, and thousands of lives would be lost.

I was in my office when the reports were coming in, and I called my wife and asked her to hook up the antenna on our monitor so I could see the pictures of what was happening. When I arrived at home, I watched in amazement, especially the view that was shown from the harbor. As the flames and the smoke were rising, I instantly realized that this was precisely what I had seen. I was filled with awe and could not even define the feelings that I was having. Here, it was happening for real and I'd seen it before. It had been 67 days since we stood on the roof of that South Tower which had now crumbled to the ground.

I subscribe myself a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor David J. Meyer

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