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Posted on this site 27th March 2007


Recently, an intercessor from South Dakota had one of the most profound prophetic dreams Iíve ever heardÖ one that is a true word to the church:

In my dream, there was a knock at my door. I answered it and was handed an envelope by someone whose face I couldnít distinguish. The envelope looked official, and I perceived that it was a summons to appear in court. I opened it expecting to see a document, but what I pulled out was a cutout of a red letter "A" with a diaper pin in it and a note that said, "You must put this on."

I was stunned at seeing the letter and could only think of the novel, The Scarlet Letter, in which a woman named Hester gives birth to a child after an adulterous relationship with a Puritan minister. For her punishment, Hester must bear the shame of her sin by wearing a scarlet letter A. For seven years, she bears the shame of the scarlet letter, but the pastor hides his own guilt.

In the dream, I felt the shame and humiliation she had to bear. I said, rather indignantly, "I canít put this on! What would people think? Iíve never committed adultery, and Iíve certainly never had an abortion! And why is this letter red anyway?"

The faceless person seemed to shift into a Fuller Brush salesman and said, "Itís the Red Letter Edition just like Jesusí words in the Bible!" as though trying to sell me on the idea of putting it on. Then, more dignified, he explained further, "Itís covered with Jesusí blood. This ĎAí stands for ĎAuthorityí."

Suddenly, the letter unfolded like paper doll cutouts into three Aís. The person said, "See, the letters stand for ĎAuthority - Abolish - Abortion.í Behold, I give you authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy. Again, I tell you that you must put this on and take this new level of authority! The letters represent the blood of Jesus who paid the price for this authority to be released for the freedom of little souls. You must Arise in Authority to Abolish Abortion."

Then I saw fine print on the note. "Arise, take Action to Abolish the Adversary of Abortion." It seemed like Aís just kept unfolding.

What an incredible invitation into the purposes of God! The Holy Spirit, represented by the faceless person, is knocking at the door of the church, offering us a "new level of authority to abolish abortion," but only if we are willing to go to an entirely new level of intercession by Studies show that most women decide to abort against their consciences. Their "decision" is often based on the demands or threats of others ó even when it violates their own moral beliefs and desire to keep the baby.

ē 64% of women report being pressured by others into unwanted abortions, sometimes violently.

ē Over 90% said they werenít given enough information to make an informed choice.

ē Over 80% said itís unlikely they would have had an abortion if others had supported them.

ē Suicide rates are 7 times higher after abortion.

For references and more testimonies and information on the issue of unwanted abortions, go to:

"My mother arranged my abortion. She didnít like my boyfriend and wanted to protect my Ďreputation.í Our pastor had assured her that having an abortion was fine. No one helped me." Ė Jane

Like Jesus, we need to bear the pain of women and the reproach of this issue. Like Daniel (Dan 9:4-19), we must personally identify with sin if we are to repent on behalf of our nation. But we have to repent for our sins too. Like the priest in the book, the church has remained silent. We have not wanted to get involved in the issue of abortion, calling it a "political issue" when it is a moral issue, and we have not reached out to those women whose lives have been devastated, nor have we borne them in intercession. For the parent, the only thing worse than losing a child is the guilt of knowing you caused their death. 30 million American women carry this unspoken wound. They are our neighbors, they go to our churches, yet they bear their grief and shame alone.

This dream is about a summons to the church to appear in the high court of heaven on behalf of those who feel shamed and who have committed acts of shame, but it is also about the church breaking our silence. Behind the face of religion is a secret guilt. In the book, the priest finally confesses the day after the election for a new governor! This is surely the clearest wake-up call to pastors Iíve ever heard. Donít wait until after the elections to speak up! This book is studied in schools across America, and I believe this is also the scope of this dream. How brilliant God is! He uses a classic book that most people have read so that a nation is without excuse. God is going to use it to expose our callous hearts. The Big A is going public! In the dream the woman is told emphatically by Jesus to put this on. This is not a suggestion; it is a prophetic intercessory mandate from heaven.

The name of the woman in the book is "Hester," which means "Esther." If we are silent in such a time as this, I tremble for our nation. This is no ordinary dream; itís the red-letter edition! Jesus is talking to us. The A was red for the blood of Jesus. Right now, all across America, we must plead the blood of Jesus over our sin, over abortion, over adultery, and over the doorposts of our homes. "Forgive us God and passover." Then this faceless man declares the A is for new authority to abolish abortion. In confession, repentance, and intercession we must now move into authoritative declaration. We must arise to abolish the adversary of abortion!

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