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Posted on this site 30th March 2007

Oh, America, America

By Jim Meletiou

You were beautiful among the nations! Was there ever a nation like you? You sent your missionaries and envoys to every nook and corner of the earth. You out-shone all of the nations of the world when you led the way to freedom, decency, and godliness.

What nation ever fought a war (at the cost of a half million of her sons) to free a nation (or sub-culture) of slaves? Have not all nations fought wars for selfish, greedy purposes, to take their neighbor's land, to avenge some ill that their king imagined? Yet America has fought wars, not only to free her own slaves, but to free nations held captives by Spain, and many Communist nations. Has there ever been such a glorious nation, who sacrificed her own sons in order to set free another people?

Yet what has happened to you today, America? Why have your institutions of learning become battle zones? And your beautiful streets, how is it that many of them have been taken over by gun-toting gangs of juveniles? Your parks and mountains were beautiful—"purple mountains' majesty"—now being ruined by acid rain, by liters of beer cans, by run-off of waste water from a thousand factories!

The children, the precious children; what has happened to them? Who turned them into bleary-eyed monsters? Was it the boob-tube that has turned many of them into zombies? Who taught them to carry weapons into their classrooms and playgrounds. For what purpose do they go into the classroom? To hate, to kill, to spread rebellion and profanity?

Oh, America, America! How I wish that my head were full of water, and my eyes were rivers of tears—so that I could weep all night for your children, your boys and your girls who begin having babies before they're old enough to know their left hand from their right hand!

And your churches, America, and most of all your churches and your synagogues that were once depositories of truth. Haven't many of them become money-making enterprises, social clubs, hide-outs for those who conspire acts of destruction?

Where is your heart, America? Is it turned to getting more and more for yourself, and forgetting your less-fortunate brother? Didn't America become great while helping her neighbor, spreading her missionaries to the ends of the earth, while showing good-will to all men? Have you forgotten, America, where your prosperity and abundance came from? Did it come from your own hand, or did it come as a blessing from the magnanimity of a God who rewards our kind deeds?

Consider your own minorities, oh mountain of America. Your black people danced in the streets when your beloved President Lincoln issued the proclamation freeing the slaves. Consider this carefully, Oh America: Those who once danced in the streets, why are they today rioting in the streets? Is it because you have harbored hatred and prejudice in your hearts against them?

Turn, turn, from your evil ways, Oh America, with all your heart, so that the blessings of the Almighty God may once again be with you.

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