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Posted on this site 4th April 2007

Letters from the Father

Given to Christine DeChaine

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is Christine DeChaine. I would like to share with you the following copies of "Letters from the Father." I pray that they bless you and accomplish all that the Father has set forth and purposed. I would like to give you a brief testimony of how these letters came about.

As the year 1999 was coming to a close, and all of the doom and gloom was being predicted [Y2K], I sought out what our Father had to say. I was doing so late one night in December. I had put my children to bed and begun my prayer time. I prayed in the natural and then in the Spirit. I had such peace. I thought I had finished, and went on to bed. Just as I began to drift off to sleep, a bright yellow light shone inside my head. I opened my eyes, supposing that my youngest had the flashlight. She was not there. I closed my eyes again and the light was still there. I opened and closed my eyes until the light began to dim and disappear. Then I felt a significant shove and I heard the command, "Come, Pray." I arose and went to the living room and began praying in the Spirit for what seemed about an hour, and then I heard the command, "Get up and Write." I immediately began to write what turned out to be the first "Letter from the Father." During the next eight months, I received more "Letters" totaling eight in all. I have shared them as instructed.


Christine DeChaine

First letter as received December 29, 2000 1-A. 1

Second letter as received January 30, 2001 2-A. 2

Third letter as received on March 18, 2001 3-A. 3

Fourth letter as received April 8, 2001 4-A. 4

Fifth letter as received May 23, 2001 5-A. 5

Sixth letter as received August 6, 2001 6-A. 5

Seventh letter as received August 27, 2001 7-A. 6

Eighth letter as received September 24, 2001 8-A. 7


First letter as received December 29, 2000 1-A

"My Children, LISTEN to My Words and get understanding of what I have intended for you. I want only to bless you; to prosper you; to fulfill my part of the New Covenant made with Jesus. You have nothing to fear; all are welcome. Jesus has included each and every one in His family; and I have done the same. Good, bad, or indifferent; no one is to be left out. All have the same opportunity to receive through the covenant. COMEó let me bless you. Let me prosper you abundantly above and beyond your thoughts and dreams; in every area and every realm of your life. SEEK me; I am here. CALL out to me; I will answer. SEARCH out My Word and expect me to fulfill my covenant promises; not by obligation alone, but of my love for you. I created you to be a part of my life.

I created you so I could be a part of your life; two parts to make a whole. I took great care when I formed you in your mother's womb. I've watched over you each and every moment since. I have laughed with you. I have cried with you. I have cried for you. I was filled with such joy when you chose to come to me of your own accord.

Now, allow me to do as I have vowed to do. RECEIVE covenant consciousness. Take on this mind set. Take me at My Word and expect miracles. COME to know this: just as you cannot breathe in without also exhaling, so can you not receive part of My Word and reject the rest. To be truly fulfilled in your spiritual walk, you must RECEIVE more. There is so much more than receiving spiritual salvation. That was meant only to be the first step. There is so much more. There is physical salvation for your body; emotional salvation for your mind; social salvation for your fellowship; and financial salvation for your freedom and to bless others for my name's sake.

RECEIVE ALL that I have to offer. It is yours for the taking. I give ALL to you. Just BELIEVE; just HAVE FAITH that the unseen will become seen. I have sworn it upon myself that I will bring My Words to pass. They will NOT return void. Only you can stop yourselves from receiving everything due you as an heir to the inheritance of the saints. The choice is yours; whether to receive My Word as true or to reject it. RECEIVE My Word and live. Reject My Word and perish.

I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you; that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse: therefore CHOOSE Life. RECEIVE Everlasting Life above and beyond your most magnificent dreams. CHOOSE the life I offer you. Do so and then GO tell others that they may partake in this life. TELL them to come while there is still time; for there will come a time when all will see and every knee will bow.

Do not be stubborn as your forefathers, requiring signs and wonders. They still chose to walk in unbelief and they perished. Simply HAVE FAITH. Put your hope and trust in me. I created hope; I created faith. Children, beware the words of your lips. Do not condemn or damn yourselves or your families with blasphemous words. I AM the Lord God Almighty, The Creator of all things, I do not steal, kill, or destroy. Do not blame me for the harvest that you receive from the fruit of your lips and your unrighteous deeds. Do not beg forgiveness without having forgiveness in your heart. Do not stop the anointing from flowing in your life. Welcome it into every area of your life: It will heal, mend, re-create and make whole.

SPEAK MY Words; WALK in MY Ways and MY Steps. Be still and know that I AM. Do not waver; stand firm. RECEIVE what is rightfully yours; bought and paid for with the Blood of the Lamb, and freely offered for you in an everlasting covenant. Just REACH OUT, take hold and possess your inheritance.

There is but One True God, and I AM that One. Do not put your trust in false idols and ideals. Put your trust wholly and solely in Me and you will see Me at work in your life. There will be no doubt of my Presence, for I will reveal myself to you. DRAW NEAR to me and I will draw near to you. OPEN your heart and I will come abide within you as one with you. I will give you reason to give me glory; not by your obligation, but of your love for me and mine for you. COME NOW, Children, I am waiting for You."



Second letter as received January 30, 2001 2-A

"Children, where is your honor? Where is the truth? Where is your integrity? I have given MY vow and told you of MY will; yet you turn to the world for your needs to be met; you turn to the world to be told who you are. You give your word and do not fulfill your vows. You refuse MY truths and believe in the wisdom of man. You will stand up for your country, your team, your own; but where is your integrity towards Me and My Word? You need to remove your blindfolds and see the world as it truly is. This world is full of temporaries. Temporary instead of My Eternal, is this what you choose? Death? Suffering? Lies? Deceit? This should not be so. I have sworn My Word upon Myself. I have come to you in the flesh to pay for your iniquities. What more can I do to show you that I care for you? I want to soothe your troubled soul. I want to make all of your ways straight and prosperous. I offer you life and fulfillment for your spirit, soul, and body. I want to open your hearts and minds so that we may commune together. I have much that I want to share. Are you willing to listen to the wisdom of the ages and beyond? It is available to you. Step up. Come up higher in your thoughts, in your words, and in your deeds. Walk as I walk. Speak as I speak. Touch as I touch. Create as I create. Come into agreement with Me. Let us be of one accord. Test and see if I will not manifest Myself in and through you.

Many do not know. Many need to hear your voices to speak My Word and My Will into the earth. Create yourself anew. Create someone else anew. Show me to all those you meet and greet each day. Walk in My Honor. Speak My Truth. Show My Integrity in any and all situations.

It is time for the Church to arise in splendor from this world of darkness. It is time to shine Glory in and through the Church to the nations. It is time for a "Second Pentecost." The time of the Latter Rain is at hand. Prepare the way of the Lord to be within you. Visions are coming. Prophecies are about to be fulfilled. Much is to come. Get ready. Make within yourself a pure heart.

Let My Holy Spirit shine My Light of Glory into your innermost being. Release all darkness and receive the Light. Receive the anointing in you, on you, throughout you. Listen to My words. Take heed lest you fall behind. Search out strife and and cast it from you presence. Search out envy, pride, or anything else that is contrary to My Love; cast it out of the uttermost recesses of your soul. Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here at hand within you. Allow it to manifest as you come together as believers in one accord. Throw off the doctrines of man. Come together in the unity of the Holy Spirit. It is time to take back the garden and crush the head of the serpent. Prepare yourselves. The time is at hand. You must strengthen your faith to go farther; to reach beyond the natural. Get into My Word. Receive it written upon your heart. Speak it; live it; for by it you will never fall. Walk in My Love; it is the key. Seek it. It is there within you. I AM there within you. I will never leave you nor forsake you."

"I Love You,"

The Father

Third letter as received on March 18, 2001 3-A

"Listen for My voice, My Children. Open the ears of your spirit. Receive My Words. Allow them to take root in your heart. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Set aside the physical. Step up to the spiritual. Listen. I am speaking to you. Are you willing to hear? Revelation comes each new day to those willing to receive it. I offer it freely to all who choose it. Just listen. All My Words of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Full Understanding have already been spoken into you. Allow My Holy Spirit to speak them to your remembrance. Within you is your navigational guide, your map, by which to direct your afore-chosen steps. If you will meditate and focus upon it, it will be revealed to you. It is time to enlarge your capacity to believe: to believe more in Me and to believe more in yourself. There is much yet to learn; much yet to do. Take your first steps and trust that I will light your path and make a way before you. Let My Glory that is within you shine as a beacon to all who will see. Let your light shine through the darkness to where they are waiting. They are searching for My Truth. Speak it. Live it. Teach it. Sow it and prepare for the great harvest to come. Prepare to expect more from yourself.

Prepare to expect more from Me. ALL authority has been given to you; use it. You know My Will; bring it to pass. Stop looking at yourself in the limits of "humanity." Begin looking at yourself for who you really are: My Child; created after My Image; endowed with My Power; infused with My Love. You must stop hearkening to the well-thought-out plans and doctrines of man. Only hear the tried and true words of My mouth. They have been written upon your heart and spoken into your spirit. Are you listening?

Children, beware of what you create. Ask yourself what and who you have been creating. Take time to listen and meditate on the creations before you speak them into being. Choose your words, your thoughts, and your ways wisely. Take time to be sure they are as My Words, My Thoughts, My Ways. Too many times you have created to your own harm or the harm of others. Consider all of your ways. Put a watch upon your thoughts, your words, you deeds. Be more aware of the power within you and the responsibility it brings upon you. Listen for the voice of My Spirit. I will give you guidance for your decisions. I will teach you My Ways. I have given My Word and it will not return unto me void.

Come, sit with Me and I will enlighten you. There is much that I desire to share. Come, listen as I reveal the deep and more. Come, I am waiting, and I am listening too. I hear each and every word. I know each and every thought. I see each and every deed. Do you hear My Words? Do you know My Thoughts? Do you see My Deeds? You are more than able to do so. We can commune more deeply than you can imagine. Just listen."

"I Love You,"

The Father


Fourth letter as received April 8, 2001 4-A

"My Children, the time has come to stand. It is time to decide once and for all in whom and in what you believe and follow after. Do you truly believe and follow after Me and My Word, and My Ways of doing and being? Do you truly see Jesus as your example? Or do you follow the examples set by man's own world system? Choose you THIS DAY Whom will you serve: God or man. You cannot serve both. There is to be a not-so-silent witness within and throughout you that shows that you are My Own. What do people see when they look into you? Is it just more mankind they see, or a mighty child of the Ever-living God? Are you projecting My Image upon the world, or the world upon My Image? Are you walking in and by love? I have told you that My Love is the key to all things. Make it your purpose and Love will serve you well. My Love is alive and powerful. Yours should be as well. It will lead you level by level, higher and higher. In My Love, there is no failure. In My love, is fulness of all things. In My Love, is Wisdom and Understanding. In My Love, is guidance for sharing My Word.

It is important to know when to serve milk; for some cannot digest strong meat as of yet. If you try to force feed the young, they will spew it out and be too wary to feed from your hands. Listen to their speech and watch their manner and you will know. My Spirit within you will guide you to know who can receive what.

Are you exercising your faith or do you keep it only in case of emergencies? Do you recall that the Just shall live by faith? What are you living by? Your faith in your own wits, wisdom, and power; or your faith in Me and Mine? Do you truly trust that I AM who I say that I AM, and that I will do all that I have said? The answer is either yes or no. There is no in-between. There is belief or doubt; not belief or possible belief. Man has created many gray areas where it should be black or white, one or the other. There is darkness or light; hope or despair; blessing or curse; life or death. In these there is one or the other with no in-between. So it is with belief or doubt. Which do you have and yield to? How can you attempt to move mountains if you cannot even stir the air with your faith? Do the blind see? Do the lame walk? Do the dead rise? These are things you are responsible for. I have made you more than able. My Spirit is within you to bring it to pass. Let go of man-ish wisdom and believe for the impossible to be possible. You can do all things through Christ the Anointed One and His Anointing which strengthens you. That same anointing that Jesus relied on and trusted in is on you, in you. It has marinated into every cell and fiber of your being. Now you must learn to rely and trust that it is so. It is time to step out in faith to accomplish your task. The journey begins with but a single step. Trust the Wisdom that you receive to guide your path. Take My Hand. I will walk beside you. I AM here. I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you."

"I Love You,"

The Father



Fifth letter as received May 23, 2001 5-A

"Towards what is your meditation, Children? What are the plans and goals that you are making? Are you focused on what is necessary to live "This Day," or are you too concerned with how you will live tomorrow? Have I not told you that tomorrow will be taken care of tomorrow, and the next day itself after that? Why then do you elevate your temporary needs over My Eternal provisions? Why do you meditate upon your wants without first seeking out that which you already possess? Stop meditating on what you will or won't have when you "grow old." Stop meditating on growing "old." Stop meditating on things such as lack, sickness, and death. Instead, meditate on My provisions; for all things that pertain to your life and godliness are readily available to you. Seek out your path; you will receive your portion that was set aside for you before this earthly age began. I have left no good thing out. All your needs are provided for and more. Receive your needs and the needs of the others to be completely met. Meditate on My Word. Through My Word, and by My Spirit, all Truth will be revealed to you; along with the falacies. Meditate on My Word and listen for My Voice. I will teach you My Ways and My Will in all things. Take control of what you think on. Cast away all thoughts contrary to the Anointed Word. Do not receive any thoughts, ideas, and feelings cultivated by the world system, that are not in line with the truth. It is your right and responsibility to choose what thoughts you will exalt and create for yourself: good or evil. Remember: nothing on its own can by any means harm you or take anything from you. Harm and lack come from meditating on imaginations that are running unchecked throughout your thoughts. They end up creations by your own lips. Be aware of where your thoughts take you, for you become what you think about yourself. If you think yourself a warrior, you will manifest a warrior. It works also into the negative; so take control of your imaginations now. Thoughts are not random puffs of clouds blowing through your mind. They are created and edited by you. They come to pass by the power of your meditations on them and your words that create them into being. Stop and see how you look at yourself and others. I have told you to create yourself and the others anew. You do so by thinking on what is written in My Word, then apply it to your life through your words and steadfast mind. It is time to turn from your conditioned mind that is full of the blockades and limits that humanity has taught you. It is time to get consistently into My Word. It is time to allow My Holy Spirit to renew and resurrect your spirit, soul, and body, to be as I have created you to be. See yourself and the others as creations made in My Image; endowed with My Creative Power; infused with My Love; and more. Seek yourself in My Word. Your life is written in it as much as Jesus' life was written in it. Meditate on who you truly are and what you are truly capable of doing, being, and manifesting. Meditate, Children. Open your minds. Receive all that I have for you. It is time to come up to a higher level in every area of your life. Meditate and make it so.

"I Love You,"

The Father

Sixth letter as received August 6, 2001 6-A

"Children, the time has come to find who and what you are. It is time to take your place. I am calling you, one by one, to come up to the next level of consciousness. I am removing the veils of humanity and revealing more each day. Open your eyes. Open your hearts. Open you minds. Receive My Spirit as I pour it out onto, into, and through you. Allow My Spirit to bring all things to your remembrance. You are each a necessary part of the body of Christ. No one is to be left out. Each cell and every fiber must come together to make up the whole being. Every child of mine has been given their own gift of an anointed talent and a place set forth for each one's ability. Seek me, and My Holy Spirit within you will guide you to where you fit jointly with your brothers and sisters. You will know that you have been brought here for such a time as this. Your path was pre-set before time. We planned it together, you and I. It is all written upon your heart. The more that you purpose to walk in My Spirit, the more you will discern and rediscover of your predestined role. Search out My Words concerning you. The deeper you look, the more you will see yourself written therein.

I am laying all things plainly before those who choose to believe; those who can see themselves as I see them. I do not see you as born to be weak and then to die. I see you as born to be strong in every area; and to live; and to bring life to the others. You are My Chosen Children. I chose to re-create you fully into My Image. I have given you life, authority, dominion, power, and more. My will has been written out that all may read it. I have given my Spirit to reveal and teach you all things. I have re-created your spirit so that My ways may become your ways also; and My thoughts, your thoughts.

It is time to start looking at all the situations and circumstances in your walk in a different way. No longer looking with your sense mind and its parts. Begin looking with you spirit and its parts. In doing so, you will see yourself able to lay the mountains low that were once obstacles to you. Learn My will, and use your authority to bring it to pass. You are not subject to "fate"; your fate is subject to you. It is your right and your responsibility to take control of every area of your life; to bring it in line with the Word of Truth. No one else will do it for you. You must do it. You must believe that the sacrifice of Jesus has been accepted. It is time for you to fully receive it as so. Say for yourself that it is finished. Say for yourself that ALL that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provided belongs to you. You must choose to believe it for your self, and for your sake. You have been given the right to be partakers in the covenant made with Jesus; in His Name and in His Blood. It is up to you now to seek and search out My Word to find what that covenant consists of and what it means to you.

Find out who you are; find your calling: in doing so, you will find your true self and you will find me."

"I Love You,"

The Father

Seventh letter as received August 27, 2001 7-A

"My Sons and Daughters, what have YOU learned today? Which direction did YOU travel? Did YOU grow or did YOU regress? Was ground taken or did YOU sound a retreat? Every step, every choice, every word, either lifts up or compromises My Word. From these seeds changes come. Changes are inevitable. However, the changes that take place are ultimately Your choice. No one or anything can force a certain way or direction upon YOU. YOU have the choice to receive or refuse every word spoken to YOU; whether by man or by My Holy Spirit. YOU have the choice to receive or refuse each and every stimulation to Your senses: be it the senses of Your spirit, Your soul, or Your body. YOU have a new opportunity each day to renew Yourself, spirit-soul-body, through My Word of Truth. All that My Word holds is available to YOU should YOU choose it.

Become more aware of the signs of times and seasons in Your life. Are YOU walking in Eternal Life or are YOU heading toward death? YOU are the only one who can decide it. Do YOU have true joy in Your life? YOU have been given fulness of joy for Yourself and to give to others. Joy strengthens all who claim it. If YOU do not have joy, check Your inner garden. Does Your garden consist of trees bearing the Fruit of the Spirit or of the flesh? YOU are in charge of choosing which trees to perpetuate and which to pluck up and cast out. I have given YOU the anointing that strengthens YOU to do all things. Seek out those fruits of the flesh and put them far from YOU.

YOU must purpose to grow in the Fruits of the Spirit. As YOU grow in the Fruits, YOU will begin to recognize the Gifts of the Spirit. It is time to put away childish things. It is time to learn according to My Words, My Ways, My thoughts and deeds. It is a time of accountability. YOU are no longer babes: stop acting like it. YOU will always be my "Children," but I expect YOU to grow into maturity.

YOU must learn to take all I have given and stand on Your own two feet. YOU must begin to press forward with Your light to dispel the darkness from Your life. All authority has been given for YOU to use. My Spirit is within YOU to bring My Words that YOU speak to pass. Clean out and prune Your garden regularly. Make wise choices that bring changes from the flesh nature to the spirit. It is time to stand up and claim who YOU are and what YOU are to do. It is time to say and do all that Jesus said and did; and says and does still. YOU are not on your own. My Holy Spirit is within YOU. Jesus is within YOU. I am within YOU.

As YOU allow your spirit to manifest, YOU will begin to see the miracles, signs, and wonders come to pass. Allow your spirit to guide YOU to those in need of life before it is too late for them. Too many of My Chosen Ones have been led to the grave by doctrines of man. It is time for those who have ears, to hear. It is time for those to whom I have given a voice, to speak. It is time to take Your rightful place. Your brothers and sisters are waiting, and I am waiting."



Eighth letter as received September 24, 2001 8-A

"My Sons and Daughters, do not be afraid. Refuse the spirit of fear; for it is not of Me. I have said that I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you always. Put your trust in what you believe, and not in what is going on around you. Be still and know that I have all things in hand. Know that the Covenant, of which you are a partaker, includes all things that pertain to life and godliness. Protection for your physical body has been provided. It is up to you to do the receiving and speaking of it. It is up to you to cast down all of the imaginations contrary to the Word of Truth and the Covenant that we share.

Exalt and meditate on My Thoughts, My Word, and My Ways of doing and being; instead of that of the world. Turn from the world and get into My Word. Pray from Faith according to the Word and then stand. Minister Faith to your Brothers and Sisters. Comfort one another daily with the Truth and Love. Be aware of who may be in danger of receiving fear; lift them up in prayer and supplication. You have within you the power to change the world around you: use it. Remember who you are and walk accordingly to bring Life and Light to the world. Those manifestations of My Sons and Daughters are for such a time as this: to give beauty for ashes; joy for mourning; the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; to be the Trees of Righteousness, My planting, that I may be glorified."

"I Love You,"

The Father


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