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Posted on this site 30th March 2007


By  Catherine Brown

The child-prayer movement has not been strong enough to be released fully into the public domain until now, but in the next 12-24 months I [says the Lord] am going to cause child-champions of prayer and faith to rise up in their generation, and their words will be powerful and prophetically anointed.

They will need to be mentored in like manner as Eli mentored Samuel, in order that they can be trained to discern my voice for themselves and respond to me in obedience, for it is my desire that none of their words fall to the ground. There is a need for this generation to be nurtured and discipled. They are a hungry generation.

I am teaching children how to develop a personal relationship with me, and giving them an understanding of the need for quality time alone with me as well as time together with other children. I have placed an "all or nothing" desire in the hearts of these children. They cannot and will not settle for any kind of compromised Gospel message. They are hungry for spiritual truth. [1st Samuel 12:23]

The Samuel generation will posture themselves before the Lord in intercessory prayer for the nations. I have convened micro-level meetings across many nations, where handfuls of children have gathered to seek my face. I am releasing a fresh mantle upon the children of the nations to gather and for the power [dunamis] of my Holy Spirit to move powerfully upon them and through them. I will shake gatherings as I did in the first days of my church (Acts 2:3) as the prayers of thousands of children are lifted to my throne.

As the children call out for my mighty hand to move, I will hear and I will answer. The children will pray in simple words, but they will not lack radical or extreme love. The prayers of my children are relevant and cutting edge. I am raising up an army of 24-7 children who will have their hearts right before me. These children are sold out in intimacy for me and are prepared to die for love of God. They are martyrs of my mercy. Many children from persecuted nations will give their lives for my namesake, and will remain faithful to the end (Acts 7:59,60). For I will raise up a faithful generation for myself from amongst the children of the nations. They are a missionary generation with a vision for revival, to love their Lord, to love the lost, and to love the church. I am restoring the priesthood to be a worshipping, interceding, prophetic evangelistic people. The Samuel generation represent such a people and includes many children. The Samuel generation will be the church that acts! The Samuel generation is the paradigm. Radical holiness, purity, devotion, and availability are required from this generation. They are called out, set apart, and sanctified for me and by me.

I am rising up a Nazarite generation of little children whose posture before me will be to place their relationship with me as a priority. They will confront corruption in the purity of chastity. I will not treat their offerings to me with contempt, because they are offered from pure hearts. [1st Sam.2:35]

The Samuel generation will be a voice to the nations and a voice to the church, calling the lost into the kingdom and calling believers to devotion to Christ. They will speak forth revelation to the church about the kingship of Christ. This end-time generation of children will be prophetically accurate, and what they prophesy will come to pass. [See: 1st Sam. 7:3; 9:6; 3:19]

This generation of boys and girls will know the fear of the Lord, and they will know my favor and will be held in esteem by both God and men. The children will help to usher in my kingly anointing. The Samuel generation heralds a new season, whereby spiritual barrenness is broken and new birth will come forth in my church. For those who have labored in prayer as Hannah, and have loved in like manner to Hannah and Elkanah [the Lord says], the sorrow of your travail will now bear much abundant and beautiful fruit.

The birthing of the Samuel generation represents an increase in apostolic/prophetic authority in the church and speaks of a people willing to lovingly submit to Christ's governmental authority. This Samuel generation will have an impeccable character and be honest and virtuous and will be a testimony to God's righteousness (1st Samuel 12).

The Samuel generation will know an increase in anointing and will pour themselves out for love of others. Anointing will pour forth from the children just as it did from the horn of oil with which Samuel anointed King Saul and King David. Amen. [see also: 1st Samuel 2:26 and chapters 10&16]

Above was spoken by a prophetess named Catherine Brown who can be contacted at:

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Catherine Brown added this:

The Lord has been gathering an underground network of praying children and young people. They are not currently meeting in huge numbers. Thatís because if "we" (the church) "got our hands on it" too early, "we" would inadvertently mess it up!

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