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Posted on this site 28th March 2007

A Baby Dies, Children Pray

The drummers got more intense. The dancers grew more wild, stomping crying, waving their arms dramatically in the air. We led the children in calling out for their generation to come to Christ. We began to pray for their gifts and callings to come forth through our dancing and drumming. The artists drew what they were seeing and feeling. You could tell we had stepped into true spiritual warfare.

A little girl, Taeler, with us from North Dakota began to cry and ran to my helper saying, "I feel like something bad is going to happen." I had begun to holler over the noise encouraging them to continue, "You don't know whose life you might be saving right now!" Another boy about ten or eleven, Jordan, felt he heard God tell him something was going to die.

After a few minutes a pastor who was attending the conference stepped onto the stage and approached me to tell me something. He said just as the children had begun beating on their drums earlier his cell phone went off. He had intended to just let the message go to voice mail, but he accidentally answered it. He said it was a former deacon of his who was calling from a hospital. The man's twelve-week-old niece was at that moment on the operating table. He had called his pastor for prayer.

While they were talking on the phone, hospital officials came to get him to join the other family members in the operating room because the baby had just died on the operating table. The pastor quick prayed with the man, and they hung up. The pastor went on to say just then the children went into the obvious spiritual warfare. As they did within moments the phone rang again, and it was the uncle with a new report. The baby's heart had begun beating again!

Later when the children were sharing what they had experienced that night, Jordan, still weeping, say, "Then when you said the baby had diedů" He became so overcome with emotion he could not continue. It was so real to him.

We never saw a death certificate. None of us talked to any doctor. We didn't talk with the father on the phone. The pastor who shared the story was known by several leaders in the room and was known to be a person of integrity. We had no reason to doubt his word.

But I am not going to try to convince anybody, twist anyone's arm, manipulate details to make us sound good. There's too much of that going on in the body of Christ. I have simply shared the events as we experienced them. You make up your own mind--did these kids bring this baby back to life again, or was it a coincidence? We believe we saw a miracle.

NOTE: Before I posted this article on the internet, I called this pastor (Pastor Lindy Carnett from St. Peters, MO) five days later to find out how the baby was doing. He was excited because it was a miracle in every way. The baby had been on a ventilator nine out of the twelve weeks of her life up to this point. But they completed the surgery after the baby came back to life and it was successful. At the moment we talked, the baby was still on the ventilator, but Pastor Carnett had been at the hospital the night before. He was thrilled because he could hear the baby snoring which meant she was breathing over the ventilator. They were assured that in just a few days she would be taken off and be breathing on her own! This pastor is calling this a miracle!

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