One with God, as part of him.

Our bodies are a temporary state existance under the mercy of the law that effecting everyone and everything else wherever we/they are. We are always in continous change from one state to another. Once we die we don't know what it will become. Aristotle put it as in motion, the building state, or the actuality. For an example rocks are potentially buildable into bridges or houses, but once it became a house it's potential had come to an end. For us human it is different, we don't arrive into built state while we are still alive, but we are always in the state of building until the last breath or untill her given power - which is a unique unlike others in identifying self - depart.

God was, God is, and God always will be. Nothing exist except him, the timeless eternal. In english this is what it called pantheism, in islam it is known as Wahdat al Wujud (wahdatul wujuud), or one face, but it is regarded by some muslims as heretic ideology.

We are the conscious being which is regarded as independent at the present state only. Once an individual dies the soul will than mixed with other souls except the martyrs. This is where the difficulties with the residing God if we believe that god is sovereign. The sovereign god need a place to reside. This prophet Muhammad's statement which says: "whosoever knows his/herself knows his/her lord" will be difficult to fit in with the sovereign God ideology, although "the sovereign God" undestanding is clearly exist in general islamic theology.

God is the king so we heard that phrase many times. We know well that King is not a King without subjects under his dominion. If his subjects are bound to perish therefore there will be time when he has no subject at all, therefore the kingship itself also come to an end. If his subjects in his dominion are not eternal - neither is He. Also if he is king residing somewhere in this vast space than he must to be look like us as a creature. That is by connecting with this famous statement: "God creates man in his image". Our minds are experts in assigning a picture for the above statement - with hands and feet for him.

Yet the Qur'an seem to tell us complete different picture that what we love him to be:

He is the First and the Last, and the Outward and the Inward; and He is Knower of all things. (57:3)

If I were to translate the word outward and the inward, I will put it as the visible and the invisible. They are whatever things that we see with our own eyes and whatever things that we have no ability to see. Whatever we can hear with our ears and whatever that we can not hear.

Using this simple explanation I am using here therefore it is dangerous for us to ignore in believing that our daily life as the only life, as nothing exist except Allah himself. Beside, what is life anyway. And here we have the chance in this limited life, in this compressed time to keep on going into better being. Ignoring this will land us in hell. But what is hell?

Hell is a state of not accepting the existing law of nature, ie God's law, or God's nature. The present law that we know is the 2nd law of thermodynamic that will annihilate anything mercilessly. We must accept this law with open arm, rejecting it and we will be forced to endure the pain of rejection, the rejection of the truth.

God is the truth, everything other than him are false, and this is what we have to accept with humble hart. Denying what is real is just simply disconnecting the self with reality where we supposed to merge with others as one. One with he, in him - the everlasting.
We need to annihilate our destructive individual state of I ness into We
The self annihilation is the only way to avoid it. Keep the "I am" and we are doom, and
a descend into a lonely state, in this world and the next rejected by the system known as Allah.

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