The Northern Roller Club

Affiliated to the NPA



 Best Young Bird:-   Thomas McGowans's Show Roller cock

Best Show Roller:-   H&S Burke with a red and white hen.

Best Flying Roller:-  K Nichol.


Scottish Flying Breed Club Stirling Nov 2008


John Weirs classes


Show Rollers


A great show, well run by Kenny Nicoll and his many friends. Nice venue and friendly people. The turnip soup was very tasty and the resulting turbo effect got me home quicker


Red and white adult cock (3)


1                    Burke, red bald, good frontal nice type

2                    Burke, red badge, good frontal

3                    McGowan, red w/f, bit big, lacks facial width


 Adult hen (3)


1                    Burke, red bald , lovely type, plenty back skull, NPA, best roller

2                    Burke, red bald, typey and very good condition

3                    Nicoll, bald,good condition, lacks frontal


 2008 (1)


1                    Nicoll, red white tail, fit, narrow face



Blue/black and white adult cock (2)


1                    Nicoll, cheq badge, good head but big bird

2                    Burke, cheq w/f,  fit, too big


Adult hen (1)


1                    Nicholl, good condition, narrow face


2008 (4)


1                    McGowan, dark cheq w/f cock, handsome bird, NPA  best young roller

2                    Jennings, w/f hen, sweet but fine

3                    Black, badge cock,narrow face


Bronze and white adult cock (3)


1                    Nicoll, badge,nice type and expression NPA

2                    Burke, badge, good neck,long

3                    Black, bald, typey, needs more back skull


Adult hen (5)


1                    McGowan, bald, powerful

2                    Nicoll, nice type

3                    McGowan, bald, lovely body and feather


2008 (2)


1                    Black, bronze badge, typey

2                    2    Nicoll, w/f


Bar Adult Cock (2)


1                    Burke, blue bar bald, nice bird

2                    Nicoll, white flight


Adult hen (4)


1                    Burke, blue bald, good head and expression, NPA

2                    McGowan, mealy badge, nice type hen

3                    Burke, very powerful, stock type


2008 (2)


1                    Burke, blue badge cock, nice type

2                    Nicoll, white flight, very fit



Self Adult Cock (2)


1                    Nicoll, red cheq

2                    McGowan, red cheq, good head but long


2008 (1)


1                    Nicoll, red, nice size, needs more head NPA


A.O.C. Adult (1)


1                    Burke, Yellow, nice condition, NPA


2008 (1)


1                    Nicoll, yellow cheq, big


Tort Adult Cock (3)



1                    Burke, dark tort, powerful but big, NPA

2                    Burke, light tort, again too big

3                    Nicoll, nice size but lacks head and beak setting


Adult Hen (3)


1                    Burke, very good feather and neck, lacks expression NPA

2                    McGowan, bald, good neck and feather, again lacks expression

3                    McGowan, bald, fit with good feather


2008 (2)


1                    Black,

2                    Burke



Flying Rollers odd eye classes


Adult (5)


1                    Carrie, blue bellneck, very fit nice hard body

2                    Carrie, mealy bellneck, slightly long but fit

3                    McCool, griz pied, nice size, soiled


2008 (7)


1                    Fowler, dark blue cheq badge, perfect size, nice and small

2                    Muir, blue badge, good condition but big

3                    Muir, red cheq badge


Almost all the flyers where in very good condition         




Henry & Sue Burke


Thomas McGowan