The Northern Roller Club

Affiliated to the NPA

Newcastle Columbarian Society Championship Show

Nov 22nd 2008



Show Birmingham Rollers


John Weir’s classes


Red and white adult cock (7)


1                    Stu Harford, red badge cock, very good type and expression, NPA cert

2                    Harford, red badge, father of above.

3                    Henry & Sue Burke, powerful bird

4                    Trevor Mason, nice type bird, in excellent condition


Adult hen (9)

     1                    Mason, red spange, sweet and in good order

2                    Burke, red bald, lovely bird just pipped on the day

3                    Burke, another nice sized sweet bird

4                    Ritchie Simpson, nice expression, slightly long


Young cock (6)


1                    Jeff Davies, spangle, lovely head and neck, touch long

2                    T Muir, nice, needs bit more lift on frontal

3                    Davies, Ash red grizzle, very powerful good stock bird

4                    Mason, typey


Young hen (1)


1                    Mason, lovely sweet spangle


Blue/black and white adult cock (4)


1                    Harford, blue cheq badge, nice expression cock

2                    Simpson, bald nice head and neck

3                    Mason, bald, typey

4                    Burke, big


All these birds were somewhat long cast


Adult hen (3)


1                    Simpson, blue cheq badge, very good sweet expression, NPA cert

2                    Simpson,another nice bird, not finished moult

3                    Mason, nice bird in great condition


Young cock (2)


1                    Mason, blue cheq bald, nice type, again in great condition

2                    Peter Sandy, blue cheq w/f


Young hen (3)


1                    Harford, blue cheq w/f, fantastic bird, great example of expression. Best roller in my classes but for faulted primaries. This bird will take some beating when its finished its moult

2                    Davies, dark cheq bald, nice hen

3                    Mason, bald another good bird.


The standard of birds was very good in my classes, many uncarded birds were good examples of rollers. We need to watch the size, as the search for head and feather qualities is tending to produce a bigger type of bird which is not what I desire

George Watt's Classes

Self ad cock : no entries

Self Ad Hen :  1. J Davies - white - NPA
Self Young Cock :  no entries
Self Young Hen : 1. J Davies - white

AC Bar Ad Cock
1.  S Harford
2.  H&S Burke
3.  S Harford

AC Bar Ad Hen
1.  H&S Burke - NPA
2.  J Davies
3.  H&S Burke

AC Bar Young Cock
1.  H&S Burke
2.  S Harford
3.  J Davies

AC Bar Young Hen
1.  J Davies
2.  H&S Burke
3.  T Muir

AOC Ad Cock
1. R Simpson rec yellow NPA

AOC Ad Hen
1. H&S Burke yellow badge

AOC Young Cock: no entries

AOC Young Hen: no entries



 Best Roller Bronze Cock Richard Simpson


Tortoiseshell Hen Richard Simpson