The Northern Roller Club

Affiliated to the NPA

Egremont Championship Show

25th October 2008


Show Rollers


John Weir’s classes


Tort/blue griz adult cock


1                    K Nicholl, powerful, well feathered, touch long

2                    J Davies, Nice type, struggled in hand


Tort/blue griz adult hen


1                    H & S Burke, powerful hen in good order, stock material

2                    J Davies, nice expression

3                    T Mason, sweet but a little long

4                    T McGowan, very good condition


Tort/blue griz young cock


1                    T Mason, nice, bit long

2                    J Davies, nice bird, not finished

3                    J Davies

4                    T Mason


Tort/blue griz young hen


1                            J Davies, sweet as a nut, down in body today but still good enough for NPA and best opp sex

2                           P Sandy, good expression

3                          T Mason

4                          H & S Burke



Bronze adult cock


1                        T Mason, excellent bird, best roller

2                        T Mason, another good bird

3                        J Davies, excellent condition

4                        H & S Burke


Bronze adult hen


1                     J Davies, sweet little hen

2                     T Mason

3                     T McGowan, nice bird in hand, vicious in the pen (ASBO)

4                     T McGowan

Bronze young cock


1                     J Davies, nice little cock needs more power

2                     T Mason

3                     J Davies


Bronze young hen


1                    J Davies, sweet hen

2                    P Sandy,

3                    J Davies

4                    T Mason, too cocky



AOC new colours


Only 3 birds in the 4 classes. I’ll give you my verdict across the 3


1                    J Davies, typey adult brown tort cock

2                    J Davies, sweet brown griz adult hen

3                    J Davies, young rec red dominant opal hen, well off the pace



Thanks to Martin Adair and his helpers for another well organised show. Food was very nice.


Thanks also to my steward, “the Doc” and Smiler for the lone of his pen.

Best Show Roller: Trevor Mason Bronze Badge Adult Cock



Best Opposite Sex: Jeff Davies Tortoiseshell Young Hen





Adult cock:     1, D Murphy, 2, T Williams, 3, K Nichol, 4, B Orr.

Adult Hen:      1, T McGowan, (Best Opp Age) 2, D Murphy, 3, M Denney, 4, B Orr.

Young cock:   1, M Denney (Best Flier), 2, K Nichol, 3, M Denney, 4, S Parkinson.

Young Hen:    1, R Simm (Best opp sex), 2, K Nichol, 3, W Fowler, 4, S Parkinson.

Bull or odd-eyed adult cock or hen:   1, B Orr, 2, W Fowler, 3, M Denney, 4, D Murphy.


Best Flying Roller:  Michael Denney Black Self Young  Bird