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Autumn Show 2013
Autumn Show 2009
Autumn Show 2008

NRC Autumn Show 2009



Temple Sowerby 11th   October 2009

Another great day out with 180 rollers on show; this "little" show is really taking off.  Best in Show was a fabulous young bronze badge hen from Jeff Davies.  Thanks to Jeff Davies for donating birds for the auction to help towards club funds.

Red & White Adult
1: John Flynn.        Nice spangle

2: John Harrison.   Another spangle in very good order

2: Trevor Mason

4: Trevor Mason

Red & White Young Cock
1: Trevor Mason.   Spangle in excellent condition

2: Jeff Davies.       Very good spangle, but down in body

3: Jeff Davies

4: John Flynn



 Best in Show, Best Bronze
2009 bred  Hen
Owner / Breeder : Jeff Davies






 Best Tortoiseshell : Trevor Mason

 Best Self : Jeff Davies

Best Blue Bar : John Flynn


Best Red : Trevor Mason 

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NRC Autumn Show 2008

Temple Sowerby 28th September 2008

Secretary’s report



We had 120 entries for our little show, now in its third year. Thanks to Andy Hopson and Paul Davies for their splendid judging efforts, ably supported by their stewards, Mrs Hopson and “The Doc”.


Suggestions have been made by members to increase the classes for next year, this will be taken on board


We will need to purchase some more show pens such is the rising popularity of the Temple Sowerby Show. Next years show will have to be in early October as I shall be cruising the Med in September (pays well this secretary lark)


The winner of Best Show Roller went to Henry and Sue Burke, Trevor Mason taking best opposite sex and young bird.  Jeff Davies won the best AOC trophy with a brown .


The winner of the flyers section was new boy Neil Grayson with an excellent ash red grizzle bar hen in cracking order.


Thanks to Robert Bennion and everyone who contributed to an enjoyable day.



John Weir  NRC Secretary

Andy & Jessica Hopson






Paul Davies with his steward Dr Rothney

Best in Show
Tortoiseshell Hen
Owned by Henry & Sue Burke



Andy Hopson's classes:

If you said to me this time last year I’d be Judging Rollers again I would have said “get yer bumps felt” or something like that. Anyway here I am living the dream again!

I would like to thank John Weir for asking me to Judge at this show, one I’ve been counting the days to do so. My wife, Jessica and myself had a pleasant journey up the A1 and A66 to Temple Sowerby and arrived 30 mins before Judging, so we had a little walk around the Village which we both fell in love with, what a place to retire to, birds singing their heads off, autumn leafs making their first appearance and….no pub, wait a minute no pub? Second thoughts maybe retiring here wouldn’t be a good idea!

On to business, not having any contact with Show Rollers this past 16 years I knew there would be a slight difference in the breed to what I kept before, but having 6 months with the breed again I knew what to expect. Heads and necks have improved well over the years and the beaks are spot on, gone are the course beaks which haunted the breed spoiling expression, size needs to be watched has some were slightly over sized to my liking, and feather quality lacked in one or two.

I set out to judge the birds I would love to take home, being an early show I knew most of the birds would not be finished off yet and this would be taking into consideration. 120 entries were placed for myself and co judge Paul Davies to go through. John Weir had the task to Judge the Flyers

Blue/Black/Tort Adult Cock
1st H & S Burke
2nd H & S Burke
3rd T Mason

Blue/Black/Tort Adult Hen

1st H & S Burke and BIS
2nd T McGowan
3rd T Mason
4th T Mason

Blue/Black/Tort Young Bird
1st J Davies
2nd T Mason
3rd J Davies
4th T Mason

Blue/Mealy Bar or Self Adult Cock
1st K Nicholl
2nd K Nicholl
3rd H & S Burke

Blue/Mealy Bar or Self Adult Hen
1st H & S Burke
2nd J Davies
3rd H & S Burke

Blue/Mealy Bar or Self Adult Young Bird
1st H & S Burke
2nd J Davies
3rd H & S Burke

My Best was a wonderful Tort Hen owned by Henry and Sue Burke, I would love this one in my loft, it handled like a dream, good feather quality and in excellent condition. All my first prize winners could have taken best, not much between them all.

Paul’s Best was a Bronze Cock owned by Trevor Mason, I would like to see this one in another month because this will take some beating, hope I breed something like this next year.

Once again thank you to John and the committee for asking to judge, it was good to catch up with old friends and to meet some new ones. I’m looking forward to showing along side you next year, the competition is good and the club is healthy in John’s hands.

Flying / Competition Roller






Best Flying Roller
Red Grizzle Hen
Owner / Breeder : Neil Grayson





John Weir's classes:


Adult cock

1         M Denney:  rec red
2         R Fearon:    black oddside
3         W Fowler,:  black bald
4      K Nichol :   rec red

Adult hen
1        N Grayson,: ash red grizzle
2        K Nichol
3        M Denney
4        P Mulholland

Young bird cock or hen
1        K Nichol:      black bar
2        N Grayson:  blue bar
3        W Fowler:    black w/f
4        P Mulholland: red cheq badge



Quite a few of the birds had feather lice, this is not acceptable when you show your birds, get the powder out for next time lads!




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