Northern Diamond Kennels

Alaskan Husky sled dogs and American Pit Bull Terriers


Rena, 13 year old spayed female leader. She is a really good girl, though she can a brat. She is now retired and likes to lay around soaking up the sunshine and sometimes chase the cats.

Drusilla (Dru)


Dru is a great leader, not a very friendly dog, she is shy with strangers. Although if you have her harness in your hand then she is your best friend. A no nonsense girl, she takes commands instantly and will single lead if need be. This girl is like having power steering and has been teaching my up and coming leader Stella the ropes.  Born in 2005.



Lasher is is a great leader. He is not part Doberman as some people think. He gets his color/markings from Saluki in his background, he also has Pointer, Greyhound and Husky in the mix. He is super fast and very friendly.


Hopper is a really good team dog, fast with a lot of endurance, and has great feet. I usually run her with her sister Anya. In the photos below she is alongside her nephew Recluse.


Hopper and Recluse.


Mira, pictured with her brother goblin . She is a great team dog, fast, and strong. Mira is super friendly and loves all people and animals. She stays in the house if it is colder than -20 outside due to her short coat.


Goblin, brother to Lasher, Quinn and Mira. He is a good team/wheel dog. He has a lot of endurance, though he is not as fast as his brothers and sister.


Recluse was born in 2005. He is a great sled dog, almost the best I have ever ran. He is a wierd dog though, not friendly at all, shy and reclusive. He was not abused ever in his life, though the person I got him from never really handled him as a pup. It is so important to handle pups so they can learn to trust humans. This dog lives to run and he is darn good at it.


Bear is new to the team. He is about 4 years old. He is very enthusiastic and has a really smooth gait both at a trot and canter.

Maya and Stella

Maya and Stella are new to the team. They are sisters and Bear is their half brother. All three of these dogs are very friendly and have really smooth gaits. Stella is turning out to be a good little leader.

Phoenix and Handsome

Phoenix and Handsome are brothers, born July 2011. They are Siberian Huskies, a bit different than my Alaskan huskies. These guys are slower than the Alaskans but have good endurance. I use them in the team I let unexperienced or new mushers run. They are pretty mellow and will follow the direstions of strangers. My Alaskans are a bit more high strung and ignore new people when they try to tell them what to do.

Anya (RIP)



Anya is Hopper's sister, though their bloodlines are unknown, they are good workers and Anya will lead. Anya passed away in 2010 of an acute auto immune disorder. It was very sad for all of us, but especially hard on her sister Hopper.

Foxtail (RIP)


Foxtail is by far the best dog I have ever ran, he is strong, fast, never stops pulling and does not get injured easily. He was bred by Erharts. He is the father to Lasher, Quinn, Goblin and Mira.


Foxtail passed away 2012 at the age of 13 years. I miss the old man dearly.

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