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Alaskan Husky sled dogs and American Pit Bull Terriers

My little Chevy

This is my car, I was tired of having piece of crap cheap cars, so I went out and bought a brand new one, with a warranty, and roadside assistance and all that jazz.

Camping near the Canadian border in May 2007. It was a nice drive, sunny and warm, and pretty scenery.

After 3 years, she is still going strong, though needs new shocks, and is very dirty.

A little car with a big heart

Here is Little Blue this past summer with a big canoe on top, and a kayak in the hatch. There were also 2 dogs, camping gear, life jackets, paddles and a blow up raft inside, along with 2 people. It may be a little car, but I treat it like a truck. I haul water, dogfood, straw, hay, grain, dogs and goats in it too.  She has held up well to the abuse, and I am very happy with her. 3 years I have owned this car, and that it is still running says alot, as I am kinda rough on cars.