Northern Diamond Kennels

Alaskan Husky sled dogs and American Pit Bull Terriers

Winter 2012

2012 late winter training run. This picture was taken in March. We have quite a bit of daylight this late in winter. The sun is very bright this time of year with all the snow reflecting.

2012 winter run. One of my friends from Arizona comes to Alaska every winter and gets to run some of my dogs. This picture was taken mid-day in January. We do not get much light in the winter this far north.

Fall training 2011

6 dog team training pulling a non-running 4wheeler. My current fall training rig is an ATV without an engine or transmission, so 6 dogs can pull it quite easily. I can give them more of a workout as they get in shape by letting a little air out of the tires or taking a passenger.

Sprint race Feb 2008

Even though my dogs are not sprinters, I took 6 of them to a sprint race at Musher's Hall. My friend Tammi  also brought her dogs out. We all had a good time, and our young dogs got to be around other dogs and tons of people.


Goblin and Mira

Heading to the start line


Waiting for the countdown

Coming into the finish







8 dogs 12-05-06





My friend Tammi Rego

Tammi Rego, Rogue Summit Kennel, leaders are Dusk and Feather. We were taking a break on a fifty mile run, getting our headlamps on and giving the dogs a snack.

Tammi at the start of the Yukon Quest 300, Feb. 2007. Pictured are Dusk and Taurus, followed by China and Ahab, then Hopper and Anya, the rest of the team is behind race officials and handlers.