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These Blades set on various themes and some are limited editions with collector boxes. Other collector type blades can be found on the other weapons links at left. Sales only to those 18 years and above. (see order page and sword page for info) For shipping and other information see "The Small Print" on the Order Info page.

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New - 2011 Blade Sword of Daywalker Sword set

Overall Length: 35-1/4". Blade Length: 26-3/4". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel double edged, not sharp (faux edge). Handle Material: Cast metal handle with hidden dagger. Leather covered Hard Scabbard with body harness and 8 chrome rings.

Our Price $74.99 +S&H ge

MACHETE Replica MOVIE -Full Tang

Almost Identical to the Machete used in the recent movie.

FULL TANG, Riveted Hardwood Handles. Overall Length: 23". Blade Length: 17". Blade Material: Stainless Steel, made in China. Handle Material: Hardwood with Stainless rivets. Sheath: Ballistic Black Nylon, Belt loop & Pistol Belt Clip.

Our Price $14.99 +S&H ge


Sucker Punch Sword - Babydoll's Katana

From the smash hit movie Sucker Punch comes this fantastic replica of the Babydoll sword. The Sucker Punch katana is fully licensed and an exact replica of its on screen counterpart. The Babydoll katana features a stainless steel blade engraved with the same symbology as the one from the movie. The handle is wrapped in leather and rayskin and the scabbard features snowflakes done in gold. This officially licensed replica of the Sucker Punch katana sword of Babydoll comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 2000 of these pieces will be produced worldwide. Get yours now! Features:

Stainless steel blade Unsharpened Blade is engraved with Babydoll's story Brass habaki Metal guard Brown leather and black rayskin wrapped handle Double pegged Brown scabbard with gold flower details Officially licensed - Each sword is serialized 0001-2000 Comes with certificate of authenticity Full color packaging An exact replica of Babydoll's sword from Sucker Punch.


Blade: 28"

Handle: 12"

Overall: 41"

Our Price $179.99 +S&H sm


Deluxe 44” Robin Hood Medieval Movie Sword & Plaque

Highly Detailed Celtic Double Edged Medieval Sword. Overall Length 44". Blade Length: 35". Blade Material: 2 Tone Stainless Steel, not sharp. Printed on blade: non nodis domine, non nodis sed, nomini tuo da glofiam. Handle Material: Faux leather wrapped with a gold finished chain. Celtic Cross cast in Pommel and Blade Guard. Plaque: Custom Hardwood Plaque included.

Our Price $94.99 +S&H ge

2011 Strider Sword

Strider Sword Features:

Stainless steel blade Unsharpened

 Steel guard and pommel

 Green leather wrapped handle

Green leather wrapped scabbard with belt

Great for Strider fans

This is the same type version as with the Hard matching scabbard, but WITHOUT the side dagger on scabbard.Blade: 35" Handle: 7" Overall: 46"

Our Price $89.99 +S&H sm

2011 Full Color Sword of the Immortals - Open Mouth Dragon

Open Mouth Dragon Sword of the Immortals. Overall Length: 42-1/2". Blade Length: 27-1/2". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Simulated Sculptured Colored Ivory with Gold Finished Metal Trim. Fantastic detail on both sides of the handle. Scabbard: Gloss Black Finish with Gold finished metal trim.

Our Price $37.99 +S&H ge


Outlander Viking Sword Replica

Viking Sword Features:

Stainless steel blade Sharpened

 Metal guard and pommel

 Suede wrapped handle

Suede wrapped wooden scabbard

Suspension points on scabbard

Measurements: Blade: 29" Handle: 4" Overall: 35"

Our Price $74.99 +S&H sm

Masked Viking Helmet

Made of metal

Gold toned portions on eyes and sides

Red leather mask and "tail"

Fully lined, fully wearable

Leather buckled chin strap

Comes with wooden display stand

Height: 14"

Width: 7"

Same style as worn by the Norse King in the 2008 Movie Outlander

Our Price $94.99 +S&H sm


Full Tang Economy Book of Eli Machete

Almost Identical to the Machete used in the recent movie.

FULL TANG Riveted Hardwood Handle. Overall Length: 21". Blade Length: 16" , Width 2-1/2", Thickness 5/32". Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel- made in China. Handle Material: Hardwood with Stainless rivets. Sheath: Ballistic Black Nylon, Zippered, Belt loop & harness.

Our Price $19.99 +S&H ge

Prince of Persia Sword Replica - Black Shamshir of Dastan
parts have been precisely cast from antique finished metal, with a hardwood grip, as seen in the film. The cast metal pommel features an intricately detailed pattern identical to the actual filming prop. The replica was created using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship available. Close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece. Each replica includes a custom wood wall plaque with a unique silk screen design, brass shield and a certificate of authenticity.

Our Price $154.99 +S&H ei

Prince of Persia Sword Replica - Sands of Time Dagger
The blade is cast from solid metal, adorned with runes and gold colored highlights to match the filming prop. The highly decorated hilt parts have been precisely cast of metal and plated with real 18K antique gold. Highlighting the handle is a translucent quartz-like grip that houses the "time-altering" sand, as seen in the film. The pommel features a ruby accented jewel. This replica was created using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship available. Close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece. Each replica includes a custom wood wall plaque with a unique silk screen design, a brass shield and a certificate of authenticity. Each replica includes a custom wood wall plaque with a unique silk screen design, a brass shield and a certificate of authenticity.

Our Price $149.99 +S&H ei

New 2011 William Wallace Sword Set Deal
While his life was short lived in the thirteenth century, the legend of William Wallace continues to spark interest throughout the world. As a tribute to this legendary hero, we are proud to offer a replica weapon modeled from the sword he wielded in battle. Two-hand styling with a 25 1/2" stainless steel blade, featuring a leather covered grip stretching to the leather covered ricasso, originally designed for close quarter combat protection. The cross hilt and pommel are constructed from stainless steel. The top one is 52” long and the hilt and pommel are made out of antique gold color metal. The other is

49" long and the hilt and pommel are made out silver color metal. Both come with rough leather custom sheaths that include a strap to fit on your back. Can be sold as a set or separately!

Our Price $109.99/set +S&H ei OR$61.99/each +S&H

New 2010 Harry Potter Sword w/Scabbard & Shoulder Strap.

Overall Length: 41". Blade Length: 33". Double Edged, not sharp. Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Cast Metal- Silver Finish, Jeweled Hardware. Leather Scabbard with shoulder strap! Great price and just in time for the big finish. Godric Gryffendor etched on the blade.

Our Price $54.99 +S&H ge

New Economy 36” Blade Sword Dagger & Stand

Overall Length: 36-1/2". Blade Length: 28-1/4". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel, double edged. Handle Material: Cast Metal with Hidden 6" dagger. Hardwood Stand included. **While Supplies Last!**

Our Price $24.99 +S&H ge


Clash Titans Perseus Sword
The guard and pommel are made of aluminum, the handle is wrapped in brown cotton for a very comfortable grip. Overall Length: 26.25 Inches. Blade: Grecian-Style, Double Edge, Stainless Steel. Handle: Brown, Cotton Wrapped. Guard: Aluminum, Antiqued, Snakes Design. Includes: Leather Sheath.

Our Price $49.99 +S&H si

Robin Hood Legend- Movie Sword
The 44 inch sword has a full length blade that is 5mm thick high performance stainless steel. The blade finish is antiqued for accurate appearance. The accurate guard is solid casting with the cross icon and has a matching antiqued finish. The handle has leather wrapped finish and wound in chain with the iconic symbol of Robin Hood. The solid cast weighted pommel is antiqued and authentic with the cross icon in the center. Overall Length: 44 Inches. Blade: Double Edge, Antiqued, Stainless Steel. Handle: Leather, Authentic Replication. Features: 100% Detailing. Includes: Wooden Wall Plaque.

Our Price $77.99 +S&H si

Replica Resident Evil Zombie Slayer Knife Set

Set of Two Knives!

Alice, the main character in Resident Evil worked for the Umbrella Corporation. During a catastrophic failure to steal military technology, Alice was infected with a man-made virus. After she was captured and recovered by the Corporation, she was modified and became a super human. Wielding these knives, she is the heroin of the catastrophe.

We now offer these knives as a set to you. Each has a stainless steel blade, uniquely shaped for Alice's style of combat. Each knife is about 15 Inches long and comes with a holster that can be strapped onto the back. These are stainless steel, so they require little maintenance and will not rust. Note: Not meant for use in real combat.

Our Price $34.99 +S&H ks

The Book Of Eli Sword And Sheath

The Book of Eli sword is different from the design of most swords. The blade has a wide point that curves out and back in towards the handle. The five holes incorporated into the blade can create a very unique sound when the blade is swung in the air. The handle of the sword is wrapped in leather for a firm grip. The pommel is slightly larger and round. We will include a leather sheath with every order of this Book of Eli sword. Once you have experienced this sword in person, you will love it.

Our Price $31.99 +S&H ks


Orc Slayer

Orc Slayer Fantasy Bowie Features:

Huge 440 stainless steel blade, Sharpened

 Full tang

 Double riveted wooden handle

Sheath with carry strap and zipper closure

Measurements: Blade: 17 1/2"- Handle: 6 3/4"- Overall: 24 1/4"

Our Price $37.99 +S&H sm

Aragorn “Rings Movie” replica sword.

This sword is a famous sword which can be seen in many medieval type movies. It is a very good replica of Aragorn’s sword. This sword features a solid 440 stainless steel double blade with a beautiful fuller on both sides running into a single central ridge line. The solidly built Rain guard holds the blade in place while the steel cross guard helps with an easy balancing for the sword user. The Hilt consists of the Pommel which is all metal and it’s an oval shape followed by the black handle with a ring in the middle. This sword has a unique looking Tanto style knife. This knife has been crafted with a stainless steel blade following a brass fittings and wooden handle. The scabbard is a beautifully crafted piece which features a metal Locket and Chape. The black wrap scabbard houses the small knife dagger sheath as well. This scabbard can be hung from your waist with an adjustable strap. This is a great collector’s piece for any sword enthusiast. Specifications: Overall Length: 40“.

Our Price $94.99 +S&H ks

New 2010 Eragon Sword of Durza
Shades are some of the most feared beings in all of Alagaesia. Durza the Shade is not only skilled in fighting with the sword but also with magic. The Urgals were under the command of the Empire, enslaved by a spell Durza created. 41.5" overall Stainless steel blade Solid metal guard and pommel. Custom wood plaque. Leather wrapped scabbard. Includes certificate of authenticity.
Our Price $124.99 +S&H ei *While supplies last!*

New 2010 Eragon Sword of Brom
Brom is a former Dragon Rider and a senior member of the Varden. He was first introduced as a wizened old storyteller. brom educates Eragon in the art of swordsmanship and the utilization of magical powers bestowed upon a Dragon Rider. Brom uses this sword during the first part of the movie. Later, when he and Eragon are on the run, he gives this sword to Eragon to use and he himself uses Zar'roc, once he is mortally wounded he takes his sword back and gives Eragon Zar'roc. 41.5" overall Stainless steel blade Solid metal guard and pommel. Custom wood plaque. Leather wrapped scabbard. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Our Price $124.99 +S&H ei *While supplies last!*

New 2010 Eragon Dagger of Arya
Based on the best selling novel (61 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller List) by Christopher Paolini, this epic fantasy adventure presented by Twentieth Century Fox Film corporation is the first chapter of the Inheritance Trilogy. The movie acclaimed international cast includes Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons, Academy Award Nominee John Malkovich, hot rising stars Ed Speleers and SeinnaGuillory. When a young farm boy named Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forest, he thinks it is the lucky discovery that will perhaps help buy his family food for the winter. But when the stone brings a dragon hatchling, Eragon realizes he has stumbled upon a legacy older than the kingdom itself: the legacy of the Dragon Riders. Overnight, Eragon's simple life is shattered, and he is thrust into a dangerous new world. With only an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller for guidance, Eragon and the young dragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and dark enemies of a land ruled by a king whose evil knows no bounds. This knife belongs to the beautiful and powerful Arya, an elf chosen by the Varden to safeguard their stolen dragon egg - their last hope to confront and overthrow King Galbatorix.

Comes with certificate of authenticity. 17"" overall Stainless steel blade Includes leather scabbard.

Our Price $69.99 +S&H ei *While supplies last!*

Conan Atlantean Antiquated Sword

This is the sword of Conan's father, a master black smith. Although, Conan has had many swords this was the sword that began it all. The sword is very well made with extreme details, down to the grain of antlers and texture of the Elk Skull. This is an essential piece to add to any fantasy collection. The sword includes as black end cap and Wooden Wall Mount Plaque. This sword's blade, manufactured from 440 carbon steel, is finished with a very even and attractive antiquated satin finish. Specifications: 40 Inches overall length.

Our Price $114.99 +S&H ks

Jason & the Argonauts Sword
1st quality - Nice leather sheath - overall length 36" - Excellent detail at the pummel - & handle. - Great Price!! Nice quality sword for outfitting a costume or just for show!

Our Price $24.99 +S&H mi

Gondorian Helmet

This helmet looks likes something out of your favorite hobbit movie series. The stainless steel details of the feathers around the facemask are amazing. Offers a scroll worked nose guard and the stainless steel wings surround almost the entire face.

Our Price $129.99 +S&H md

25” Mummy Sword.

Overall Length: 25". Blade Length: 18-1/2". Blade- HEAVY weight Polished Stainless Steel, Curved, Sharp. Handle- Red Faux Marble. Sheath: Leather, Custom Made.

Our Price $37.99 +S&H ge



MacLeod Clan Broad Dagger

This is the dagger replica of the sword Connor originally had before meeting Ramirez and realizing he was immortal. He left this sword behind in the highlands of Scotland as a grave marker for his beloved wife Heather when she died. At this point he took up Ramirez's katana. Overall length: 14 Inches. Our Price $17.99 +S&H ks

2010 Deluxe Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Sword Replica

Starting with the flawless handle, the hilt is made from pure metal and shapes like the Lion which is followed by the grip. The grip is all natural rosewood made with a waved crown around it. The cross guard is from satin finish stainless steel followed by the blade (which is breath taking). The blade from top to bottom has been acid engraved with the ancient wordings as can be seen on the sword. The blade was also mirror polish to perfection. Along the blade is also the blood grove. Along this beauty is its unique wooden plaque. The plaque is made to look like the shield with the lion and vines painted on it. Overall 45 inches.

Our Price $104.99 +S&H ks


Zar'roc, The Sword of Eragon – Miniature Replica with Stand

As seen in the motion picture Eragon, presented by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., these authentically hand created replicas have been expertly and accurately reproduced to reflect every detail of the original film props. Master Cutlery, Inc. has meticulously recreated these replicas with the highest quality craftsmanship and finest grade material available to give collectors accurate, licensed, and authenticated products. 15” High.

Our Price $44.99 +S&H tc

2010 Forged Highlander Connor MacLeod Katana Sword.
The handle is the classic Highlander scene with the open dragon mouth Kashira. A bamboo pin secures the full tang into the handle and is covered with red gems, and allows the sword to be taken apart. The handle is made of resin. The Tsuba is cast iron with a circular design Tsuba from the Highlander series. The Saya has been constructed from wood with a black high gloss finish. A black and gold cord Sage-o is tied around the wooden Kurigata. The Koi-Guchi has been hardened. The blade of the sword has been handmade with through hardened Carbon Steel. An Aesthetic Hamon has been added down the edge of the blade. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to even out the weight and gives audible feedback. It has the inscription of “HIGHLADER” on the blade. Overall 43”. Comes in Silver and Black scabbard (as shown) OR Gold with Dark Blue scabbard.

Our Price $64.99 +S&H/each si

2010 Highlander Duncan MacLeod Handmade Dragon Katana Sword.
The blade of the sword also has been hand made with High Carbon Steel. The Carbon has been hammered out through the blade so that it has a universal hardness throughout the entire blade. An Aesthetic Hamon has been added down the edge of the blade. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to even out the weight and gives audible feedback. The sword comes full tang with an Chu-Kissake. The blade also has the inscription of “HIGHLANDER“. The Saya has been constructed from wood with a blue high gloss lacquered finish. A matching gold and blue cord Sage-o is tied around the wooden Kurigata. The Koi-Guchi is constructed from bullhorn. It is also adorned with metal design caps. This sword is a Full Tang (Double Pegged). The guard is and of the fittings on this sword is gold color cast metal. Overall Length: 43”. Comes in Gold with Dark Blue scabbard (as shown) OR Silver with Black scabbard.

Our Price $64.99 +S&H/each si

Last Samurai Musashi Hand Honed Katana
This is the Last Samurai Hand Made Full Tang Katana with Free Gift Box with Beautiful Silk inlay. The blade has been hand crafted and is fully functional. Overall Length: 41”. Blade Length: 28”. Handle Length: 11”. Scabbard Material: Wood, Blade Material: 1060 Carbon Steel. Item Includes: Free Gift Box with Yellow Silk Inlay and Free Sword Stand.

Our Price $94.99 +S&H si


Official Highlander Kurgan Sword

This amazing Kurgan sword comes to us from the hit movie Highlander. This exact Kurgan sword replica is made of beautifully polished massive 420 stainless steel and terminates in a point as wicked as the Kurgan himself. The metal guard is mirror polished and has push button activated "flip out" spikes just like the original. The handle is wrapped in black leather and the pommel matches the guard. Each Kurgan sword is serialized for total collectibility and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Highlander Kurgan Sword features:

420 Stainless steel blade with great polish

 Serialized blade

 Metal guard with push button to activate guard spikes

 Leather wrapped handle

 Mirror polished pommel

 Comes with certificate of authenticity

Our Price $199.99 +S&H sm *Ask for more pics, if needed*

Storm Shadow Ninja Katana

Presented here is the Katana sword featured in the movie, GI Joe, where Storm Shadow is a white beauty measuring 40.5 inches long, sporting a blade that is 27 inches long. This sword is made up of 440 stainless steel and feature a factory sharpen edged blade with etched GI Joe emblems. This Storm Shadow’s sword shows a white handle that’s covered with white nylon cord and imitation ray-skin wrapped grip. This sword is precisely replicated from the props used in the movie. The guard and hilt are made from blackened steel. The scabbard sports a white design with a traditional bull horn nylon cord bow and blackened steel fitting. This genuine buy of yours will make you a ninja mercenary in no time!
Overall Length: 40.5 inch
Blade Length: 27 inch
Handle Length: 11 inch
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Scabbard Material: Wood with White Lacquer Finish

Our Price $59.99 +S&H ss

Hand Forged Highlander Sword

Hand Forged Highlander Sword Features:

Hand forged carbon steel blade Fully sharpened. Brass toned dragon guard and fittings. Faux ivory handle with intricate design. Black lacquered wood scabbard. Handle is pegged with single mekugi. Comes with black sword bag. Great for Highlander fans.


Blade: 27"
Handle: 12 1/2"
Overall: 40 1/2"Comes in Black (as shown) OR Red matching scabbard.

Our Price $67.99 +S&H sm


Kill Bill Replica by Musashi - Full Tang DEMON Handmade Sword.
This sword comes complete with the Demon Emblem engraved on one side of the carbon steel blade and 3 leaf guard (Tsuba) design. A sycamore leaf emblem is engraved on the wooden scabbard (Saya) and hand painted gold. 40" Overall Length, 27.5" Blade Length, Cotton cord wrapped hardwood handle, High carbon steel blade w/ hand honed edge, Full tang battle ready sword, Hardwood scabbard (Saya) w/ glossy lacquered finish, Dual bamboo peg construction. This sword can be dismantled for care or display. Our Price $94.99 +S&H ei


The Last Samurai 5pc. Mini Sword Set.
1st quality - well packed - each sword has a symbolic meaning - nice stand - length of swords is 17" - diamond etched 440 s.s. blade - Great for table centerpiece or the center of your collection! Great Price!!! Our Price $51.99 +S&H mi

2009 LOTR Aragorn Replica Fantasy Sword & Scabbard. Beautiful Fantasy Sword & Sheath with Nice finish and detail. Overall Length: 42". Blade Length: 28-1/2". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel, not sharp. Handle Material: Cast Metal with Black Nylon. Hard Scabbard With Silver finished metal trim & belt. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ge

2009 LOTR Gandolf Replica Fantasy Sword & Scabbard. Beautiful Fantasy Sword & Sheath with Nice finish and detail. Overall Length: 41". Blade Length: 28-1/2". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel, not sharp. Handle Material: Cast Metal with Black Nylon. Hard Scabbard With Silver finished metal trim & belt. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ge

2009 LOTR Darkrider Replica Fantasy Sword & Scabbard. Beautiful Fantasy Sword & Sheath with Nice finish and detail. Overall Length: 40". Blade Length: 28-1/2". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel, not sharp. Handle Material: Cast Metal with Black Nylon. Hard Scabbard With Silver finished metal trim & belt. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ge


Sun Quan Red Cliff Movie Sword

Red Cliff, also known as The Battle of Red Cliff, is a Chinese epic war film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and events during the end of the Han Dynasty and immediately prior to the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. This sword is a fully licensed version of the sword used by Sun Quan in the movie Red Cliff. The Sun Quan sword features a sharpened carbon steel blade, black cord wrapped handle and a magnificent scabbard with red scrollwork.Sun Quan Red Cliff Movie Sword Features:

Double edged carbon steel blade

 Sharpened Black and gold scrollwork on blade

 Intricate steel guard

 Black cord wrapped handle

 Dragon head pommel

 Lacquered red and black scabbard with scroll design and metal accents

 Officially licensed sword from Red Cliff movie


Blade: 21 1/2"
Handle: 5"
Overall: 30 1/4"Our Price $79.99 +S&H sm

2009 William Wallace Sword
The blade is a polished stainless steel and it is double edged. The hilt and pommel are made out of Antique Gold Color. Comes with Genuine Black Leather Sheath. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ei

2009 William Wallace Dagger.
22" Overall William Wallace Dagger. With Brass and Leather Wrap Handle with Leather Sheath. Comes in Burgundy (as shown), Black OR Brown. Our Price $24.99/each +S&H ei

Predator Style Machete. Heavy Duty FULL Tang Machete Like Predator. Heavy weight 440 Stainless Steel Blade, SHARP Overall Length: 19-3/4". Blade Length: 18". Handle Stainless Steel and Black. Awesome weapon, collector item or a great heavy duty Machete. Sheath: Custom fitted Ballistic Nylon. Our Price $34.99 +S&H ge

Phoenix Knife

This futuristic design is recognizable by devoted sci-fi fans everywhere. Measuring 12 5/8" overall, it offers a 7 1/2" blade of 420 stainless steel constructed with unique retractable 2" side blade guards. This knife also features an impact resistant ABS handle with sure, no-slip grip. Includes genuine leather sheath. Very similar to the Klingon Blade. Our Price $54.99 +S&H md

Snake Eyes Sword

Snake Eyes Sword Features:

440 stainless steel blade with partial serration and ninja emblem. Unsharpened Cast metal guard. Full tang with poly grip handle. Speckled finish scabbard with metal accent. Great for fans of Snake Eyes.


Blade: 27"
Handle: 10"
Overall: 38"Our Price $59.99 +S&H sm

Predator Blade Weapon


6 Stainless steel blades. Resin disc handle. Alien face in gold toned relief. Comes with black wood stand. Great weapon for any predator collection.


Width: 14 1/2"
Height: 9 1/2"
Height on stand: 9"Our Price $37.99 +S&H sm

Scorpion King Scimitar Comes with the Stand. 30” Overall. Comes with the Stand. Featuring Scorpion designed handle. Great weight and details. Comes in Gold (as shown) OR Silver. Our Price $37.99 +S&H si

BIG Sweeney Todd Type Straight Razor. We had these shipped by Air so the price is higher. BIG, heavy duty, all metal straight Razor, High Quality. Similar to one used in movie. All Metal cast aluminum handles with fine detailing on both sides. Blade: 1045 Surgical Stainless Steel. Closed Length:7-3/8". Open length:11-1/2". Our Price $17.99 +S&H ge-ei

Jason Sword. 25" Overall length, stainless steel black blade. Top of blade is serrated. Comes with sheath. Nice quality. Our Price $29.99 +S&H ei

43" Overall Huge and Heavy Battleth Series II. This is the version II of the Battleth. This Sword has a very scimitar curve with four handholds which is wrapped in genuine leather to give you a strong hold. On two of the blade is a Celtic engravings. This sword is built to last for a long time with its full 440 stainless steel construction. The Battleth Series II has four blades which can even be sharpen more. Overall Length: 43”. Our Price $69.99 +S&H si

Shield of Achilles Features:

Made of wood and covered in top-quality tooled leather

Brass toned accents

This is a full sized replica of an Achilles shield

Handle and adjustable strap for use

Comes with hanging hardware for display in your armory


Height: 36"
Width: 28 1/2"
Weight: 8 Lbs!

Our Price $104.99 +S&H sm

Beowulf Sword. 33.5" Overall length, stainless steel blade. Comes with wood plaque. Great detail and sturdy. Our Price $74.99 +S&H ei

Predator Mask. New Predator Mask, resin made, with spikes on head. Velcro strip to hold mask on face. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei

DARK WIZARD STAFF. 69 1/2" tall stainless steel- 2 pc. Our Price $47.99 +S&H ws

WHITE WIZARD STAFF. 68.5" overall length. Steel tubing, zinc top. Our Price $49.99 +S&H ws

Sword of the Bat Avenger - 50 inches
50" overall with 32 1/4" blade. Contour molded handle, detail on the pommel guard, and blade accents, includes wood display plaque.

Very nice accurate sword. Nice design.

Our Price $99.99 +S&H tc

21" NEW Ranger Sword Knife W/ Scabbard and carry strap. 21" Overall in length with 6 1/2" Handle. Fantasy Ranger Sword comes with the matching hard scabbard. Our Price $34.99 +S&H si

X Men Claw. X Men Claw- Overall Length: 12-1/2". Width 5". Complete with hardwood wall plaque. Our Price $29.99 +S&H ge

Licensed Underworld Sword of Viktor

Viktor's Sword Features:

Fully licensed sword from Underworld

Unsharpened, polished 440 stainless steel blade

Cast guard and pommel display scribed markings and Viktor's crest

Leather Wrapped handle

Comes with full color packaging with underworld pictures


Blade: 27.5 inches
Overall: 38 inches

Our Price $124.99 +S&H sm

Light up Thundercats sword. 48" long. Sheath and wall plaque comes with sword. Nice detailing. Great price $97.99 +S&H sm


New Robin Hood Sword. This Stainless Steel sword is a beautiful piece ! Intricately detailed hilt and crossguard ~ Cross with jewel end pommel ~ Decorated blade ~ complete with leather sheath. Overall Length - 42". Our Price $49.99 +S&H ei

ELF FIGHTING KNIFES. Two 24" Elf Fighting Knives, with 17" stainless steel blades, wood handle, with leather sheaths. Our Price $57.99/pair +S&H ws

Elf Warrior Dual Swords. 1st quality, Full tang 18.75" s.s. acid etched wrapped handle, cast aluminum, gld. color plated Blades. - w/ plaque & Nice nylon Sheath. Want Elven fantasy Décor, YOU GOT IT!!! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

New Excalibur sword from movie King Arthur. Great Look-a-Like sword that is 42+” long with matching leather sheath and wrapped handle. Great look-a-like for King Arthur fans. Our Price $54.99 +S&H gs

Immortal Sword Replica From Movie 300. This is the 300 Immortal Sword is well build and is made from 440 Stainless Steel and wood scabbard. Overall length 31". Our Price $39.99 +S&H si

Ghost Rider Flaming Skull Wall Display Plaque with Chain. Ghost Rider comes the Ghost Rider Flaming Skull Display Plaque. The Ghost Rider Plaque has a flaming skull sitting on a wooden plaque. On both sides of the plaque has a holder for the 90" steel chain. The flaming skull is made from Resin. Our Price $64.99 +S&H si

Captain Davie Jones Pirates of the Caribbean Wall Plaque With Daggers. This wall display dagger and plaque is made to look like the face of Captain Davie Jones aboard the Flying Dutchman. It comes with two daggers measuring an overall length of 19". Our Price $64.99 +S&H si

Replica of Viktor's Sword from Underworld. Although not licensed, it is still a fine piece that captures the look of the sword carried by Viktor in the hit Vampire vs. Lycan movie.

Viktor's Sword Features:

440 stainless steel blade

Leather wrapped grip

Very detailed etching on pommel and guard

Comes complete with wall plaque and hanging hardware


Blade: 27"
Overall: 37 1/2"

Our Price $79.99 +S&H sm

New 300 Spear. Heavy Weight Spear Screws Apart in the middle. Overall Length: 82". Spear point Length: 10", Sharp. Handle: Metal with Flat Black Finish, Leather wrapped Very Nice. Heavy Weight Spear. Our Price $69.99 +S&H ge

24" Fantasy Elven Sword & Scabbard. Overall Length: 24". Blade Length: 17". Blade Material: Stainless Steel Curved- Etched. Handle Material: Hardwood- Gold Finished Metal Trim. Leather Custom Fitted Scabbard. Our Price $31.99 +S&H ge

Oriental Katana Pirate Collectible Sword. This Dao (Chinese for sword) measures 35” overall with 27 ¾” 440 stainless steel blade. Featuring an iron tsuba depicting the angry sea symbolizing Sao's pirating ways. The handle is wrapped in beeswax treated cord and capped with a lotus hilt. The wooden scabbard is finely crafted with leather wrapping and ringlets for mounting. Our Price $64.99 +S&H si-ge

Staright Pirate Sword. This blade measuring 36” in length features a very sharp carbon steel blade and beeswax treated cord wrapped handle. The leather scabbard has twin ringlets for easy attachment to any belt or costume. Our Price $59.99 +S&H si-ge

Economy Hessian Sword

Sword of the Hessian Features:

  • Mirror polished stainless steel blade
  • Resin handle with intricate snakeskin texture
  • Hessian snake pommel with red eyes
  • Comes with display plaque


Blade: 27"
Handle: 11"
Overall: 39"

Our Price $59.99 +S&H sm

300 Look-a-Like Spear. Overall Length: 70" Spear point Length: 5-1/4" Handle: Solid 1 piece Metal with Gloss Black Finish, Leather wrapped hand grip and below tip, rubber tip on end Due to length shipping weight is higher. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge

NEW King 300 Look-a-Like Movie Sword. Spartan Replica of the sword used in the movie 300. Overall length is 25 inches, Blade length is 18 inches, Blade made from 420 stainless steel, This is a full tang sword! There are wood spacers attached to the sides of the handle for added grip support. Handle is wrapped in real brown leather! Includes FREE custom nylon sheath with zipper latch and shoulder strap. Our Price $47.99 +S&H si

Potter Wizard sword. Detail  sword.. Total length 36 1/2". Blade length 28 1/2". Blade made of 440 s s. Metal handle comes with wall plaque and black leather sheath. Our Price $49.99 +S&H gs

Daywalker Sword and Scabbard. Daywalker Sword AND Scabbard. 35" Overall Sword Length, 440 Stainless Steel Blade, Hidden Dagger included in the handle of the Sword. Includes Black Wooden Stand. Scabbard overall length 28", Black composite construction with imitation leather covering, metal fittings, adjustable nylon straps. Our Price $104.99 +S&H ei

Leo Katana Sword with Matching Eye Guard. His katana is blue handle wrap with high gloss black scabbard and 440 stainless steel blade. Item include Blue eye wrap. Overall length 40". Our Price $47.99 +S&H si-ge

Don's Look-a-Like Staff & Mask. Heavy duty hardwood staff 1-1/4" Diameter. Overall Length:71", Screw together Sections Center Section- is wrapped with nylon cord. Mask included. Comee packed in a full color box. Our Price $29.99 +S&H ge

300 X Fantasy Look-a-Like Movie Sword & Plaque. Very Good Quality and appearance Heavy weight sword & Full Length Hardwood Plaque Overall Length: 34-1/4" Blade Length: 26" Blade Material: Cast Steel 14" thick to 1/2" thick at center rib Handle Material: Cast Metal Wrapped with Brown. Our Price $67.99 +S&H ge

300 X Fantasy Look-a-Like Movie Sword & Plaque. Very Good Quality and appearance Heavy weight sword & Full Length Hardwood Plaque Overall Length: 34-1/4" Blade Length: 26" Blade Material: Cast Steel 14" thick to 1/2" thick at center rib Handle Material: Cast Metal Wrapped with Brown. Our Price $67.99 +S&H ge

SPARTA SWORD. 23" 440 stainless steel blade, 29.75" overall length, comes with leather sheath as shown above. Our Price $124.99 +S&H ws-sm

300 Movie Sword

From Frank Miller's Epic new film, "300" we present the Official Spartan Sword prop replica. Intricately detailed by NECA Collectibles, in collaboration with Frank Miller & licensed by Warner Bros. Pictures.
This simply awesome replica was inspired from Frank Miller's epic film adapted from his graphic novel about the historic Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC during the Greco~Persian war. An alliance of 300 Spartan led warriors stood their ground for three days at the Pass of Thermopylae against the massive invading Persian Army. Their heroic sacrifice gave decisive time for the Athenians to prepare & defeat the great Persian Armada at the Naval Batttle of Salamis. With much of their fleet in ruins, Xerxes I had no choice but to retreat to Asia.
This Authentic Full Length Sword is hand forged in Iron with a distressed finish on the hilt & handle & a highly polished blade, accurately recreating the sword as seen in the film. The measurements of the sword are 31.5"L X 4.5"W & weights 5lbs.
It also comes complete with a detailed textured leather sheath & certificate of authenticity.
This Sword is not a Toy & is extremely Sharp with a needle Point. Our Price $249.99 +S&H sm *Comes in it’s own case*

300 Immortals Mask

From the epic battle of the Spartan War, this movie replica was worn by the Persian army while fighting the Spartans. This exact replica is a limited edition piece. This is an excellent movie prop for costume or just for display in your home or office. Get yours today! Our Price $139.99 +S&H sm

300 Immortals Sword set

This is an authentic sword replica from the movie 300. This replica sword set includes 2 full length swords and is hand crafted from solid iron. This movie replica is a limited edition piece for any collector. Act Now! This Immortal sword from the film 300 will not last long. Our Price $289.99 +S&H sm

Ergon: The Sword of Galbatorix. 50” Overall Stainless steel blade. Solid antique gold metal dragon guard. Hard wood handle with metal reinforcement links. Leather wrapped scabbard. Antique gold metal scabbard throat and tip. Includes custom wood display plaque and certificate of authenticity. Our Price $189.99 +S&H ei

Sting Sword FX Glowing Collectible w/Display Stand. An electronic replica of Frodo's Sting sword the LOTR movie sword replica emits an eerie bluish glow whenever Orcs are nearby. This authentic Sting sword replica was cast from molds used to create the original movie prop used in Lord of the Rings trilogy. Frodo's Sting sword is replicated in the exact 'Hobbit' proportions as the original prop. Approximate replica dimensions are: 27" long x 5.5" wide x 1.5" thick. The Sting sword runs for several hours on a fresh pair of two '123' 3 volt lithium batteries (not included). Our Price $69.99 +S&H ei

Robin Hood Sword & Plaque. Overall Length: 46". Blade Length: 35". Double Edged. Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Cast Metal Gold Finish. Hardwood Wall Plaque. Our Price $74.99 +S&H ge

Eragon: The Sword of Zar'roc. 51" Overall Blade Material: Wine red stainless steel blade Handle Solid metal dragon guard with simulated blue sapphire gem pommel Includes: Leather wrapped scabbard, custom wood display plaque and certificate of authenticity. Our Price $219.99 +S&H ei

Eragon: The Sword of Arya. 34"Overall Size: Blade Material: Stainless steel blade. Handle: Simulated leather wrapped bone handle. Includes: Custom display and certificate of authenticity. Our Price $149.99 +S&H ei

Eragon: The Sword of Durza. 31"Overall Size Blade Material: Stainless steel blade Handle: Twisted solid metal guard design, Simulated bone handle Scabbard: Leather wrapped scabbard, adjustable leather straps allow proper height and angle when worn Include: Custom wood display plaque and certificate of authenticity. Our Price $169.99 +S&H ei

Sword Of Vampire Lord. Detail Information 50” Overall. 31” Blade. All Metal Cast Handle W/6 Spikes Attached To The Main Blade. Includes Wood Display Plaque. Our Price $59.99 +S&H gs

King's Look-a-Like sword. This is a REAL sword made of 440 Stainless Steel. This is a great piece for the collection. Overall Length: 45 1/2". Blade length : 331/2". Blade made of 440 s s- Leather handle. Comes with hard scabbard. Our Price $54.99 +S&H gs

Alexander the Great Look-a-Like Sword from movie. Detail Information- Total length: 29 1/2". Blade length: 21 3/4". Blade made of 440 s s. Handle made of wood- comes with full length wall plaque. Our Price $49.99 +S&H gs

Nightwing Look-a-like sword from movie batman. Detail Information 50” Overall. 32” Blade. Contour Molded Handle. Detail On The Pommel Guard And Blade. Includes Wood Display Plaque. Our Price $69.99 +S&H gs

Barbarian man Look-a-Like sword. SWORD SPECIFICS: Total length 48". Blade length 38". Blade made of 440 s s. Metal handle. Comes with wall plaque. Our Price $59.99 +S&H gs

Skeleton man Look-a-Like sword. Great piece for your collection. SWORD SPECIFICS: Overall Length: 42 1/2". Blade length : 28". Blade made of 440 s s. Metal handle. Comes with wall plaque. Our Price $54.99 +S&H gs

21” Potter Wizard Look-a-like Dagger. We are honored to present an authentic recreation of the sword used. The intricate form of the wave-shaped double-edged blade gives an exotic aspect to this fine piece. Length of dagger: 21”
The metal cast handle is brass plated with a hand guard bended to different directions. Its terminal point is a gorgeous jeweled pommel.
The fantasy sword is followed by a fabric lined display plague; thanks to which, you can display it in your collection right away! Our Price $34.99 +S&H sm

Gogo Chain Mace w/ 7.5 ft. chain. Here is a weapon designed to inspire awe! It is a unique type of Eastern weapon and it is prone to kill with only one hit. It is most fine replica of Gogo weapon used. The mace reflects the ferocious nature.
The Gogo Chain Mace is made of top quality stainless steel and weights around 3.0 lb. Its component parts are: chain, ball and handle. The chain features 7.5 ft long, it links the ball and the handle. The ball is surrounded by a spike belt. The handle has a cylindrical hollow shape. Its light weight allows better grip and handling.
Despite its relatively light weight it is a durable weapon. The item represents a unique piece of its kind and a wonderful addition to any collection. Our Price $74.99 +S&H sm

Bad Boy Look-a-like Sword & Badboy Plaque. TWO-ENDED sword with blade stainless blade. Overall Length: 30"./ Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Hardwood. BAD BOY Plaque incuded. Our Price $39.99 +S&H mi-ge



This amazing piece features razor-sharp accuracy and a nearly obsessive attention to detail and is recreation of the epic Father's Sword in a stunning portrait of steel. Breath for breath, each telltale symbol from the elk skull hilt to the antler guillons has been hand-finished to match the film original.

As well, the extraordinary double-edged blade features hand-etching that reads "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom." A gorgeous weapon teeming with the ancient aura of the mighty barbarian.

Other features include:
*Blade Specifications: 440 Steel, hand finished, deep etching.
*Cross and Pommel: Silver finished, made from metals alloy
*Grip: Metal mix foundry ZMAK with hand tied leather rope.
*Laser engraved cross and pommel
*Complete with an elegant wooden plaque

Our Price $74.99 +S&H si-mi 

48" Star Barbarian Large Look-a-like Batleth. Overall Length: 48". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Leather Wrapped & Padded. Our Price $69.99 +S&H  ge

48" Star Barbarian Long Look-a-like Batleth. Overall Length: 48". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Leather Wrapped & Padded. Our Price $69.99 +S&H  ge

60" Star Barbarian Look-a-like Batleth. Overall Length: 60"- a full 5 feet long. Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Cast Metal. Real sharp Item!!! Our Price $99.99 +S&H ge

This Herugrim -Look-a-like Sword is a great collectors item. The overall size is 37½' with a blade size of 29'. This blade is constructed of stainless steel with a LEATHER Cloth Wrapped handle and Cast Metal guard. Type of scabbard: Leather. Our Price $44.99 mb


35 1/2'' Daywalker Look-a-like sword, 28'' stainless steel blade, steel handle & Wooden Stand. Nice looking and simple Blade sword display. Our Price $37.99 +S&H ws

36" Sword of the Daywalker. Double edged blade. Black cast handle has a hidden dagger on the end and leather back harness. Our Price $49.99 +S&H   ge

42"Horse Woman  (LOTR-look-a-like) w/leather wrapped handle and sheath. Our Price $49.99 +S&H **Very Limited** mi 

44" Horse Man sword (LOTR-look-a-like) Nice heavy weight and design w/leather sheath. Our Price $49.99 +S&H  **Very Limited**   mi

37" Elven Woman Look-a-like sword w/leather sheath. Great quality and elven lettering on blade. Our Price $59.99 +S&H  ws-bw-mi 

43" Elven Warrior sword w/leather sheath. Great Piece. Our Price $54.99 +S&H**Very Limited**   mi-ws

Wizard  Sword. Great sword! Solid! 47" Comes with leather sheath!  **Very Limited**
OUR PRICE $59.99 + S&H  ge-ws 

King Economy Sword  look-a-like 52" w/leather sheath. OUR PRICE $59.99 + S&H cj-ws 

Ranger  LOTR look-a-like sword 46" w/leather sheath. OUR PRICE $59.99 +S&H cj-ws-mi  

LOTR Small Warrior  Look-a-like-w/hard scabbard look-a-like 22" OUR PRICE $37.99 + S&H   ws 

54" Witch Rider  look-a-like. Heavy duty w/leather sheath. OUR PRICE $59.99 +S&H  **Very Limited**    ws  

36" Warrior Princess Look-a-like sword w/leather sheath.
OUR PRICE $37.99 +S&H   ws

44" Excaliber sword w/hardwoodplaque. Our Price $59.99 +S&H

53" William Wallace look-a-like w/full suade leather sheath and Silver hilt and Pommel. Leather wrapped handle and blade. Our Price $59.99 +S&H   Comes in natural suede (as shown) OR Black suede.   mi-ge-ei  


Young Potter Wizard  look-a-like 38" w/dual etched blade and leather sheath. OUR PRICE $34.99 + S&H   ge

42" Vampire woman Look-a-like Sword With Stand. This katana measures 42" with a blade thickness of 0.75cm. This sword is made up of hand polished 1060 High Carbon Steel which makes both edge of the blade razor sharp. Also, the front of sword is razor sharp and is full tang. It comes with a Wooden handle that Tightly wrapped around 100% leather chord. The Ultraviolet Sword also comes with a decorative stand that can be used on a table top or hung on the wall and a protective vinyl blade to go on your back. Our Price $54.99 +S&H si

Heaven Look-a-like Sword is a great collectors item. The overall size is 40" with a blade size of 34". This blade is constructed of stainless steel with a Leather Wrapped handle and Cast Metal guard. Type of scabbard: Leather. Our Price $49.99 +S&H mb

43" PETERS SWORD.  Sword of High King Peter. This sword is 43" & made up of stainless steel. Etched on the blade. Comes with a genuine leather sheath. Our Price $57.99 +S&H si  **Special Order**

Highlander clan sword. Beautiful! 50". Leather and wire wrap handle and suede leather sheath. Great piece for the Highlander fan. OUR PRICE $54.99 + S&H   cj


37" Troy  Look-a-like Sword & Plaque. Overall Length: 37". Blade Length: 29 1/2" Double Edged Broad Sword. Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Antique Silver Finish Cast Metal with Jewels. Hardwood Plaque OR custom leather sheath. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge-si-ws



Now, you can bring home a stake of your own, as Factory X’s Slayer’s Stake is currently in stock. A striking prop replica that pays tribute to the Slayers who’ve kept the world safe from evil all through the millennia, Factory X’s Slayer’s Stake is made of actual, hand-carved wood. The piece itself comes in a handsome satin-lined, black wooden box, adorned with an attractive brass plaque, and the inside of the lid features the now-famous words, “Into every generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a chosen one...” Our Price $89.99 +S&H   vc

30" CARIBBEAN PIRATE CUTLASS SWORD. You can't sail the high seas without this pirate blade! This is a high quality piece with a custom made scabbard is sure to turn heads. With a highly detailed engraving on the unique basket shell guard this sword is truly one of a kind. It measures 30" in overall length with a 22" blade. Our Price $39.99 +S&H    si-mi

Presenting Factory X's newest replica from Tim Burton’s creepy, gothic film Sleepy Hollow – The Sword of the Headless Horseman. Using the prop from the film as reference, Factory X has created a frighteningly accurate replica of the Headless Horseman’s classic weapon – from the top of the serpentine hilt, to the tip of the blade. Measuring over three and a half feet long, the Sword of the Headless Horseman is made of the highest quality stainless steel and other materials, and comes packaged with a ready-to-mount graphic wall plaque. Our Price $179.99 +S&H **Very Limited**   vc

Factory X is proud to present the Sword of Angelus prop replica. This elegant sword is over three feet long and features a gold plated pommel and guard and a deep auburgine hilt. The blade is stainless steel and comes with a sophisticated black on black hanging plaque with the necessary hanging materials. Our Price $179.99 +S&H **Limited**   vc

DRAGON SAMURAI  Look-a-like SWORD SET W/STAND. GREAT QUALITY. TWO COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM RED or BLUE. Our Price $59.99 +S&H/each  **Limited**   si-ws


Open Mouth Dragon Samauri sword from above is available separately. (in Black or Blue) Our Price $29.99 +S&H/each  ws-mi

1st Generation Dragon Katana. 1st quality - Overall length 45" - Great blade - Excellent sheath - Beautiful handle. - intricate detail on the handle. 3 colors too choose from - Black, Blue Or Red. Great Price!!! Our Price $29.99 +S&H/each mi

47" Ranger LOTR Look-a-like sword w/wrapped hard scabbard and dagger on scabbard. UPRATED VERSION. Great sword. Our Price $89.99 +S&H   ge

50" Fancy Robin Hood sword w/hardwood plaque. Very decorative with gold trim. Our Price $59.99 +S&H  **Very Limited**   mi

50" NEW King LOTR Look-a-like version w/full leather custom sheath. Elvish lettering etched down both sides. Our Price $59.99 +S&H **Very Limited**   mi-ws

High Quality 53" NEW King Look-a-like sword with etched lettering on center blade and deluxe hardwood plaque.Two-tone metal handle and hilt!  **Special Edition sword**. The overall size is 53½" with a blade size of 42". This blade is constructed of stainless steel with a Metal handle and S. Steel guard. Type of scabbard: Leather. Type of stand: Full Wall. Our Price $84.99 +S&H   ge-mb

36" "Daywalker"  look-a-like sword w/hard scabbard. OUR PRICE $64.99 +S&H   ge