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The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!



The Leagues



Dalek Faction led by the Supreme Dalek (Dark Grey). 

The Table


Turn 1

For this game of Pulp Alley, we decided to use the Trail of Clues scenario. In this scenario, only 2 minor plot points are revealed at the start - placed in opposing corners. The leagues are then deployed in the remaining corners. Also, 2 minor plot points had to be held in order to attempt the major plot point.

Craters and ruins were defined as perilous areas. Also, we had pockets of poison gas defined as a perilous area, with the poison gas moving a random distance and in a random direction at the end of the turn. Given the distance both leagues were from any plot points, Turn 1 was spent moving across the table. 


Turn 2

With SG-1 having initiative, the SG-1 player moved his entire league up to a minor plot point (a dead Jaffa).


Using Carter, SG-1 were able to defeat the peril and complete the challenge. First plot point had gone to SG-1. This led to another minor plot point being placed on the table.

Meanwhile, the Dalek league (led by me) had split their force into two groups. One group led by the Supreme Dalek moved to intercept SG-1. The other group moved to attempt a plot point (another dead Jaffa).


 Unfortunately, the Dalek failed the peril and then failed the subsequent health check.

Turn 3

Still having the initiative, SG-1 moved towards the other minor plot point. This time Col Jack O'Neil attempted the plot point. Jack successfully completed the peril and plot point. This led to main plot point to be revealed.


 Elsewhere, the Daleks attacked Carter in an attempt to steal her completed plot point. The Daleks managed to injure Carter.



Turn 4

SG-1 decided to split up. Teal'c and Daniel Jackson headed off towards the main plot point, managing to dodge the attacks from the Supreme Dalek.

The Daleks targeted Col O'Neil, knowing that he held a minor plot point. However, all the Dalek attacks missed!



Turn 5

Teal'c and Daniel Jackson arrived at the main plot point, where the latter attempted and completed the peril and challenge. SG-1 now had 3 plot points under their control.

Hiding in the ruins, Carter managed to avoid the attention of a nearby Dalek.



Turn 6

To buy time for Daniel Jackson to seek safety, Teal'c engaged a Dalek in a brawl.

Just when SG-1 thought they had their 3 plot points in the bag, the Daleks managed to knock Daniel Jackson out of the game. This meant SG-1 lost control of the main plot point.


 Meanwhile the Dalek still attempting the minor plot point, found itself in the path of the drifting poison gas. For once, the Dalek passed the subsequent perils.




Despite losing the main plot point, SG-1 still had 2 minor plot points in their possession at the end of the game.

Unfortunately for the Daleks, they didn't gain any plot points. The only thing the Daleks came away with was the dubious record of rolling 18 '1's during the course of the game!