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I recently got the new Pulp Alley solo deck. Eager to try it out, I set up a table in readiness for a game.

Having re-watched 'Spearhead from Space' recently, I decided to play a Dr Who themed game.  

The Table

Perilous areas were the farm (protected by the farmer), the pond, the old barn and the trees & tree stumps (trip hazards - this is Dr Who after all!). 

The Leagues

The Autons, led by the Terror Auton (in yellow at the front).

UNIT, led by the Doctor.


Turn 1

You must draw and immediately play one Solo card for each of the first three characters that activate each turn. First, you decide which side will activate first. I just used the initiative roll to determine who activated first. Then activate the first character on the chosen side. At that point, you draw and play a Solo card on that same character. You then do this for the next two characters to activate. Once done, you activate the remaining characters in the league. Then you activate the opposing league.

UNIT won the initiative. The Doctor, the Brigadier and Jo Grant were the first three characters to activate.


The rest of UNIT activated, with the troops splitting up in the direction of the plot points (avoiding the perilous areas).

The Autons activated and advanced. With UNIT just in range, the Autons tried their luck with some long range shooting. The UNIT return fire inflicted the only damage on the Terror Auton.



Turn 2

Retaining initiative, with the hope of attempting them next turn, UNIT sought to solidify their positions around the plot points. As a direct result, this led the Autons to adopt a more aggressive stance of outright attack.



 Casualties were suffered on both sides. The most notable casualty being that of the Brigadier, who was knocked out of the game.

Turn 3

Holding initiative, UNIT activated first. The Doctor was poised to attempt a plot point, however, the cards determined otherwise.

Amazingly, the Doctor failed the challenge and as a result had to rush the nearest enemy.


With a cry of 'Hai', the Doctor attacked the nearest Auton. Unfortunately, the Auton resisted the attack, inflicting an injury on the Doctor in reply.

The next UNIT character to activate was a trooper near to a plot point. The solo card played would effect both leagues this turn. 

The UNIT trooper successfully bypassed the plot point peril and gained one success at solving the challenge.

Limited by the lack of offensive options, the Autons simply re-positioned themselves to strike next turn.  

Turn 4

UNIT activated and this time, the solo cards were more favourable.

The Doctor was still tied up brawling the Autons. Another UNIT trooper attempted to complete a plot point with two Autons bearing down on him.

Elsewhere, Jo Grant finally got into the game (after her delayed start), helping UNIT to gain control of a plot point.


Now it was the time of the Autons. Having maneuvered the previous turn, they were to pounce. First up, the Terror Auton fired a burst at Jo Grant and the troopers flanking her.



 The other UNIT trooper found himself the centre of attention from the Autons. Amazingly he was able to fend off their blows.


Turn 5

After wining several fights in the previous turn, initiative now laid with the Autons.

Their first target was the newly placed plot point. With a favourable solo card, the Autons were able to eliminate the nearest UNIT trooper and take ownership of this plot point.


 This game would now be extended by a turn. Meanwhile, the Terror Auton continued with his tactic of firing a burst at the nearest UNIT members.


 At the end of the turn, Jo Grant and the UNIT trooper failed there respective recovery checks. The plot point was back in play! Elsewhere, Sgt Benton was knocked out of the game by an Auton.


Turn 6

The Autons were in the ascendancy, receiving beneficial solo cards - including one that extended the game by another turn. UNIT had been reduced to two figures left on the table. As a result, the Autons attempted and gained two plot points (including the one UNIT had lost).



 With ownership of at least two plot points, the Autons could now attempt the main plot point. An Auton entered the farm (perilous area) only to fall foul to the peril (the farmer).

 Elsewhere, the last UNIT trooper was defeated and the Doctor finally managed to beat an Auton in a brawl.



Turn 7

Activating first, the Autons targeted the Doctor, successfully knocking him out of the game.


 With UNIT out of the game, the Autons were free to attempt the main plot point and the last remaining minor plot point.


Turn 8

All that was left to do was for the Autons to gain the last minor plot point. They achieved this with the last throw of the dice in the game.



The Autons were worthy winners of the game, taking a clean sweep of plot points. UNIT despite starting strongly, finished with no one left on the table.


 Overall, I really like the solo deck. It's well thought out and has a very similar vibe to playing a human opponent. Highly recommended.