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Gothic Horror using Frostgrave

Posted on August 5, 2016 at 6:10 AM

This was a game inspired by watching Hotel Transylvania. I dug out some BTD figures of Count Dracula & Frankenstein (they're part of the BTD Dr Who range), added a werewolf and some GW zombies to form a warband. What to use for the oppostion? Luckily, I had a set of Westwind figures that represent the typical mob you see in Hammer horror films - pitchforks and torches. There was also a figure that resembled the Hugh Jackman version of Van Helsing from the film of the same name. SO I had two warbands, which rules to use? Take out the spell casting from Frostgrave and you are left with a great & lethal skirmish mechanic, which is simple to play.

Find out more here.

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