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Itar's Workshop - Dungeon Terrain and Accessories

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st year I backed this" target="_blank">kickstarter. Well I got my kickstarter pledge delivered and I thought I'd share some pictures.

The Sound of Fear

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Another Dr Who story created using the Dr Who Solitaire Story Game.

I present the The Sound of Fear starring the 2nd Doctor.

New 5150 QRS for Judge Dredd

Posted on March 12, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (3)

I have updated the QRS that allows you to play Mega-City One Judges using 5150 rules. Updated how Standard, Heatseeker and Ricochet bullets now work.

Update here.

Find of the day at Cavalier 2012

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (5)

Whilst at Cavalier 2012, I came across a company called MJ Figures. I'd not come across them before and decided to have a browse. I'm so glad I did. because I discovered that they produce a number of 28mm figures who could quite easily be used as proxy Jaffa from the Stargate franchise.

They do three different types and come in a pack of three for £2.50!!! Yes, that's £2.50 for three figures. Exceptionally good value when a lot of other companies will quite happily charge £2.50 for one figure.

Having some of my spending budget left, I took the plunge and bought 4 packs of the Gorgon Guards.

Here's the three figures that you get in a pack - they're just based and not painted at this stage.

Here we have close up pictures of the individual figures.

Some size comparison pictures. First up next to a TAG US Marine which I will using for my proxy SG teams.

Next up, guarding a Dalek from Micro Universe range from Character Options.

I've watched Stargate, but wouldn't call myself a fan - I know who the main characters are, but couldn't give you detailed episode descriptions. I'll probably use these for Dr Who, as they'd make good guards for the Osirians.