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Updated 3-18-2014

This site will keep tabs on my ABJDs and the contents of their closets.

Please visit Diurnalis for more of my dolls!

I made a separate site to keep track of my doll stuff, yikes.



4-19-2014: Iplehouse, why must you make such gorgeous dolls that I love?  I caved in and purchased my very first male EID.  A Normal Skin Leonard will take over as a shell for Aska, most likely, in a bizarre twist of fate -- or not, because Iplehouse just makes amazingly gorgeous sculpts all the time.  I still love Dover (and especially his face-up), but he'll be relegated to a different, yet-to-be-known character.  I think the next doll I buy will be a Peach Gold Doria to be Caile's shell.

3-18-2014: Whoa, why did I try to type 1994 instead of 2014 just now?  I'm sleep-deprived, apparently!  Why is that, you might ask?  I was up for most of last night photographing my dolls!  Aska and Riya's heads both arrived yesterday with face-ups by Shallow Sleep (Hana)!!  I was so excited, I had to rejoin them with their bodies and take photos.  I forgot Aska's Idealian body hadn't been fitted with hands and feet yet, so I had to put those on, too.  It's so funny using the Idealian brain to hold the back of the skull on, too, I get a laugh every time I take the faceplate off.  I'm so happy with the face-ups Hana gave my dolls, and I look forward to commissioning her in the future, too!! :D  I had also commissioned Karen (DoA: Ryishe/Ebay: FocalPointFashion) to make several dresses for my EID girls, so they're rolling in gorgeous medieval-style dresses now.  I'm so happy!!!  I can't wait for the weather to improve and for the world to become green again so I can take photographs!

2-7-2014: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!  Neighhh!  It's the Year of the Horse.  I know quite a few horses, my husband, Coonbee, and father included. Vashti finally arrived today and I am not disappointed!  Her face-up isn't quite right, but I can always have a face-up artist redo her for me. The Monique Gold wig that I got for her is fantastic!  It's a little tight and flies off, but a wig cap will help with that.  She's strung really loosely, so I'll have to restring her, but she's wonderful.  Her outfit is really gorgeous, too!  I received an update from Hana and Aska and Riya look stunning thus far!  I can't wait to see how they turn out once I reunite them with their bodies.  Ahhhhh, I'm so excited!  They're nearly done!

1-11-2014: HAPPY AMERICAN NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a great holiday and a fun New Year celebration!  I'm still waiting for Vashti to arrive from Iplehouse!  She should be shipping any day now!!  It's been ten weeks, and I'm dying to see her!  I had Iplehouse do a custom face-up, so I'm wondering how that looks, too.  Aska and Riya are still with Hana getting their faces done, and I'm so excited to see some progress pictures.  To bide my time, I've been keeping myself occupied with cleaning and taking a few doll portraits.  

11-12-13: Brrrr, it's getting chilly!! I updated both this site and Diurnalis with lots of info!  I moved a couple of the pages around until I was satisfied with the groupings.  Nocturnalis has the Ta'anari Clan and Diurnalis has unassociated dolls.  I also removed the Closet section of my page to its own site to make more space on this one, due to Freewebs only allowing ten pages for free sites. Ahem. Last night, I also received a PM from Shallow Sleep (Hana) regarding face-ups!!  I'm so excited!!!!  There is a limit of 2 heads per person, so I'll be sending Riya and Aska in to be done!  I'm absolutely thrilled that she's accepted my commissions!! She does such incredible work and I can't wait to finally have faces for them! I have to wait until December, but I can be patient...More than likely, I'll be incredibly busy with family stuff, anyway.

11-7-13: I ordered Vashti from Iplehouse!!  Violet is almost perfect for Vashti!!  Riordan will be so happy to finally have his girlfriend! ^_^

8-28-13: Briana, Lottie, and the two Goons arrived!!  I love Briana so much, she's so wonderful!  I love the little Goons, but I gave one to my mom and one to my friend :)  My friend's daughter stares at her in the cabinet when she passes it, so I may buy a doll for her daughter in the future, too. :)  

7-11-13: I ordered my first Peaks Woods dolls!  I couldn't wait any longer and dove in headfirst!  I bought my long-awaited Briana and decided to get her a sister, Lottie, along with two tinies: Cheshire Goon in female.  I bought one for my friend, who has always wanted a BJD, but couldn't justify spending so much.  She's a master felter and makes the most incredible creations, so I know she'll be able to create some remarkable doll clothes for her doll. The other Goon will be mine, or I might give it to my mother, depending on whether or not I really bond with her.  

3-14-13: Aourenne (Carina) arrived!!!  She's even more beautiful than I imagined!! She's one of my main characters and a grail doll, so I'm thrilled with her!  She looks so gorgeous in a fluffy mohair wig, which is totally out-of-character for her, but it's just so cute... 

1-3-13: I ordered my Iplehouse WS Carina with a custom face-up with a bunch of clothes and other exciting things.  I can't wait for her to arrive!

7-3-12: My Fairyland's LittleFee Chloe arrived today!! Her outfit is really cute, and her face-up is pretty adorable, too!  She's in my display case now standing next to Maddy!  They look really precious together, I'm glad that Maddy isn't all by herself anymore.

4-25-12: I ordered my first FairyLand doll, a LittleFee Chloe, limited edition of 100 dolls.  They only began selling LF Chloe on the 19th, and by the 23rd, she was completely sold out!  I'm so glad I put my order in on the 21st!  I paid for her on the 23rd, so I'll be expecting her to ship around June 12th.  She's SO incredibly sweet looking, even my husband agreed that she was super cute!  Now Maddy has a friend!  I just have to think of a new name now.  I updated the Diurnalis site with LF Chloe's information and added Riya to this site.

1-31-12: Whoops, I've been so busy with the holidays and life that I haven't updated in quite a while!  Since I last checked in, I received my dashingly handsome Phonolus and a stunning, sweet Alex from Soom and absolutely gorgeous Lahela from Iplehouse (1-27-12).  I hope to complete face-ups so I can take photographs of everyone, but there's a new complication to my plans that's preventing me from working on things.  I haven't purchased any dolls since Lahela, but we'll see what the future brings!  I'm still searching for a shell for Aou'me, but none of the current dolls I've seen have struck me as her yet.  The search continues!

11-16-11: My Obsidiuses arrived from Soom in an ENORMOUS box!  I posted a couple comparison photos, but an Unboxing series is still being edited...

11-8-11: Bibiane arrived, along with her heel feet and a pair of eyes already installed!   She has a more olive skin tone than I expected, but once I get a face on her, she'll be absolutely gorgeous!  I don't think I'm going to sand her seams, I really don't want to ruin her resin.  I can't wait to do her face-up and get her a dark wig.

10-24-11: Devi arrived along with her sleeping head, a wig, eyes already installed,  and extra string.  I can't wait to do her face-up, but I want to wait until after NaNoWriMo passes so I'm not totally stressed out.  After having so many dolls with pale skin, I'm not sure how I feel about her normal skin yet.  She looks so much darker compared to them! I'm just glad she's home, yay!!!

9-28-11: Clover arrived along with the other Leeke World goodies I ordered!  She's so cute, but I dislike her face-up.  Kakashi sensei helped with the unboxing and there was much happiness!  I can't wait for Aska, D, and Devi to arrive!  It shouldn't be too much longer!

9-16-11: I broke down and bought Bibiane, she's just too pretty to pass up...! Between Soom and Iplehouse, I may break my bank account...

9-14-11: I'm getting anxious!  Clover, Chloe, and Obsidius should be shipping soon!  I can barely stand the waiting! I also ordered two pairs of the BJD hands for the boys while they were still available.

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