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~ Updates ~

Date: Friday 24 October 2008
Status: A new music video! This one is a multi-fandom one to "Holding Out for a Hero", and along with the Ninth Doctor (and Rose), it features clips from Robin Hood (S1), Batman Begins and The Mask of Zorro. You can find it HERE. Comments would be greatly appreciated.
In other news, the layout has been "tweaked" - it is now centred, with a lightly patterned background, and a few slight changes made to the navigation menu. I have added to the quote collection (rather extensively, and reformated it); updated links, the recommanded fanfiction list, the music video favourite playlist, and the site section; and joined more fanlistings. There are also two new affiliates.
I think that is everything. Hope you enjoy!
Read more & comment here.

Date: Monday 20 October 2008
Status: Tenth Doctor Graphics is updated! Firstly, there's a new layout (image, not colour scheme) of the Doctor, Jack and Martha running from "The Sound of Drums". I've called this layout "Because we love him too..." because I couldn't think of anything else, and because it is true.
Secondly, there are the graphics. The tally for banners stands thus: 6 of the Doctor and Rose from S2 (Rise of the Cybermen / Age of Steel / Doomsday); 9 from 'The Sound of Drums' (um, mostly of the Master), and 5 from 'Last of the Time Lords'; 4 of Donna and the Doctor from "Partners in Crime"; 10 from 'The Stolen Earth' and 14 from "Journey's End" of almost everyone, but mostly Ten, Ten II, and Rose. There are also new wallpapers - 2 from 'Blink', and 2 from 'Journey's End' (the Doctor & Rose, and 'Team Tardis'), and I moved the few S2 icons across to here.
I finally saw all of S4; my commentary on it can be found here! And I think this is all I have time for, tonight...
Read more & comment (on all recent updates) here.

Date: Monday 20 October 2008
Status: The avatars/icons have been updated, with exactly 100 new ones! I'm really pleased with this lot. There are icons from at least half of the episodes, and 8 new quote text-only icons. The icon pages have been reorganised, so now page 1 is of the oldest and page 6 has the most recent icons (previously it was the other way around), and I have added an icon list page, which sorts all the icons by episode/category.

Date: Sunday 19 October 2008
Status: Long time no see, er, I mean update. Hopefully I'm about to make up for my absence, as I have a lot of things to add!
To start with, there are 15 new banners (Rose, World War Three, The Long Game, The Empty Child, and The Doctor Dances). The desktop wallpapers has been rearranged so they are sorted by size, and I have remade/resized several old ones to 1024x768. As for new wallpapers, there are 9 of the Doctor and Rose from 'Father's Day', 'The Empty Child' and 'The Doctor Dances'. 3 of the 'Father's Day' wallpapers are in larger, wide-screen format as well.
Also, I added large screencaps (1024px wide) for The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get around to mentioning it here.
There are more graphics I'm in the process of uploading/adding (including a music video), and other things around the site which need attending to generally, so they should be up and dealt with within the next few days!

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