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         !Thee place Where 1st show Sphynx cat Champions, Grand Champions & Regional winners are born



                                 Female Hairless Bambino Sold, born May/2014

 Over 150 inquires on this 1 bambino girl, she is Adopted







 at Nikki's we love our adorably soft, wrinkled  sphynx cats, With my Sphynx cats you can expect Health first, next, High Socialization, after that, Heavy Play and lets not forget POINTS :)~  My Hairless cats are raised in a very active home, and are accustomed to other Sphynx Cats, Kids of all ages, Dogs , Birds & Fish. Nikki~Kitties consists of pointed & Bambino cats. Our Sphynx Cats have been Disease free from the beginning due to my strict closed door policy, meaning.. I do not do sphynx cat stud service of any kind for any occasion.. I do not buy, trade, or negotiate for Champions,Grands, or Regional  sphynx cat winners.
 I am blessed enough for my Top Quality sphynx cats to produce top quality Sphynx kittens ~ (bald, break in nose, great ear set, wonderful muzzles, dazzling ~ sociable~playful~personalities's, real Sphynx cat bellys ~ Nikki's Diva). All of my Sphynx cats are champions in my family's heart,  My line is truly incredible..   ~Nikki's Diva ~.

Sphynx cat pointed Sphynx catSphynx kitten for  pointed Sphynx kitten

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