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polls What is your #1 Dean-moment from season 2?
Dean singing REO in Simon Said
The mowing scene from WIANWNB
Dean “talking” to John at the grave ^^^
Making a “deal” for Sam – from AHBL
The many, many eating scenes
What is Myspace? – From Crossroad Blues
Dean vs. the Impala from ELAC
Dean’s deep talk with Sam in CSPWDT

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::…!Welcome Everyone!...::


This world (or our site), per say – Was inspired by the TV shows Supernatural, and Smallville. Anything and everything that you find on this site is property of the WB/CW. We don’t own anything! Also, and more unfortunately…we don’t get paid for it.


 Midnight’s Life is for the sole enjoyment of writing about our favorite Winchester brothers (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), and our young superhero (played by Tom Welling). We’ve also ventured out of the writing realm into music-vidding the shows, and using the brilliant Photoshop on them!


 We’d also like to take note that this is an incest/slash free zone! God comes first and foremost in our lives no matter what. Besides, Jensen doesn’t seem to appreciate it all that much 




 For comments, questions, and criticism – please e-mail Andrea at cocoanutallie@aim.com

 For more info on the site, check our Updates section!!!





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