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Private Meditation (New!!)

  Meditation is simply quieting the mind and connecting to the heart.  Meditation is bringing one's awareness to the peace and tranquility that resides deep within all of us. It is being aware of our connection to all things while still being grounded and present. In the one on one meditation experience, I will work with one's natural innate ability to connect to this state of peace and union that resides within all people.  This practice will assist individuals in alleviating stress and letting go of unhealthy thought processes.  This ability exists for Everyone. 

For those who have never meditated or who feel that quieting "their" mind is next to impossible, the one on  one meditation will prove to be extremely beneficial.  With only the client and the instructor, it will be much easier to relax into this peaceful state because there will be no other distraction in the room.  Even in complete silence we know that we can feel emotion ( anxiety, uneasiness, frustration, etc.) from those around us which can often distract us from our own tranquility.

 This is a wonderful opportunity and so necessary today especially with all of the added stress people are feeling. In an unpredictable economy and in fact an unpredictable world, one's mental, physical, and emotional health are extremely important and directly related to one another. The real choices in this world are how we choose to relate to and perceive the situations at hand, not necessarily the situations themselves. 

Private Meditation sessions are incorporated into my Intuitive Counseling sessions.  This is so because although meditation is a wonderful practice; however, the ultimate goal is to walk through our active lives with the same awareness and peace that we experience during meditation. These combined sessions are very effective in realizing this. 

Please call with any questions, interest, or to set up a session.  Sessions will be held in Hockessin, Delaware.  An initial free 15 minute consult may be required first.  There is no obligation following this. This will usually be held at "The Studio" located above Stuart Kingston, on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Actual Session Scheduling will be flexible, including weekends if requested.

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