Nickel Mines Pool

        WOW!!!   HOW   DID   WE   GET   HERE???

We (The Kauffmans) are going on our 9th summer at the pool this year. In March of 2008 we heard (through neighbors) that the pool property was for sale. We met up with the owner and were told by her, we have 2 weeks to make up our minds if we want to buy the property before it goes up for auction. We decided to wait until the auction since that wasn't enough of time to make a huge decision for us. We bought the pool property the day of the public auction March 28, 2008. The people that we bought it from owned and operated the pool for 2 summers, under a different name.

Our purpose for purchasing the property was to build a barn for our wonderful horses. We were also interested in opening the pool again, but weren't sure yet. Then we met John Baughman at the auction, the day of the sale. John's family "The Baughmans" founded the pool in 1962 and his family operated it for 44 years. The Baughmans have been very supportive and they were happy that we were considering to keep the pool open. If we decided to open the pool that summer, would we have enough time (settlement wasn't till May) ?? There was a lot of work to be done!! We would need to schedule the right people, do lots & lots & lots of paperwork, empty the 237,000 gallon pools, fix anything that needed fixed, clean the pool, keep the grass mowed & taken care of, scrub the kitchen, bathrooms & everything else that needed scrubbed, stock the kitchen, and buy chemicals all in less than a month!!! WOW, Was it even possible?? We had about 40 days until the settlement date to decide the fate of the pool. Well, it only took me a few days to decide, being a very determined person and receiving so much support from the Baughmans and longtime customers that came to Nickel Mines to swim for years, I was ready to dive in.  I decided I was ready for a challenge in life! We had settlement May 8th, had our open house 3 weeks later, opened the pool gates June 7th, 2008. The weather was very very HOT (in the high 90s) that weekend and the water was in the 80s! We had a great first weekend. 


Our many wonderful customers have thanked us numerous times for keeping the pool open. We never realized how important it would be to so many people. We live in a very supportive community. A Big Thank you to all of our customers, staff, family, friends and the Baughmans.