Nickel Mines Pool

                                                                         Want to Become a Sponsor for Nickel Mines Pool ?

Nickel Mines Pool is reaching out to our community with an opportunity to participate in keeping NM Pool open for many years and provide a way for surrounding Businesses to Advertise there products/services. If you would like to purchase a Business Sign to hang on the pool fence for the summer of 2015 or you would like to make a Donation to our "Fun Fund", Click on for a price sheet/ Form. 


We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers, area Businesses, and friends for there unconditional love and support to Nickel Mines Pool! We greatly appreciate all of the letters and words of encouragement that we have received through the years at the pool. Nickel Mines is a very deep routed place. It has been making memories for many years. Our goal for Nickel Mines pool is to make many many more years of memories for your family and ours.



Nickel Mines Pool would love to offer more to our community. 2014, with the help of our customers (booking parties & Car Show Event participants & customers & a few business signs purchased) we built a pool slide!

A few other improvements on our wish list; equipment for the pool, a few more picnic tables, paint & materials for various things, landscaping, a Nickel Mines Pool sign, a pavilion, an awning for shade, a swing set, but most of all, etc.  We realize these things will take time and may never be able to have all of these things, but we are willing to work very hard so that Nickel Mines customers can someday enjoy at least some of them. 


Thanks again for your support!!      Sincerely,                                                                                                                                  

                                                          The Kauffmans


For more information on sponsoring Nickel Mines pool call 717-468-9200 

                                               or mail to: 11 Forever lane, Paradise, Pa. 17562