New Haven Chapter of the Connecticut Music Teachers Association

Choosing a qualified music teacher is important. The table below shows the complete list of our teachers, their contact numbers, field of concentration, etc. Please contact individual teachers for more information and specific details.

*-State Certified, **-Nationally Certified, P-Piano, TH-Theory, Ens-Ensemble, OR-Organ, TR-Trumpet, Cho-Choral Music, MuEd-Music Education, VO-Voice, G-Guitar, ChM-Chamber Music, V-Violin, VA-Viola, F-Flute, Comp - Composition, Acc - Accompanying

Our Teachers and Officers

President: Yelena Gerovich - (203) 389-5356

Vice President: Linda Franklin-Biggs - (203) 481-5970

Recording Secretary: Adele Huffman – (203) 453-6903

Corresponding Secretary: Harriet Seder - (203) 248-5078

Treasurer / Membership:  Sabina Khaykin – (203) 481-7617

Program Coordinator: Linda Franklin-Biggs - (203) 481-5970

Historian: Nancy Schmidt


Program Chairpersons:

MAP & Masterclass Programs- Linda Franklin-Biggs - (203) 481-5970

Student Recital -  Nancy Schmidt - (203) 248-2497

Ensemble Festival- Adele Huffman – (203) 453-6903

Student Recorded Competition Auditions- Yelena Gerovich - (203) 389-5356

Membership - Sabina Khaykin – (203) 481-7617

**Aiardo, Doreen Gaetano Orange P, TH, Ens.  203-795-5132
 Alfano, Donald Hamden P 203-230-9405
Allen, Thomas New Haven P, TH 505-917-1722
Bissell, Patricia New Haven P, OR, TH 203-389-4492
Chambless, Sylvia Guilford P 203-689-5929
Carrol, Constance Naugatuck P 203-714-6386
Chen, Tienni Greenwich P 917-533-8682
Ellis, Dianne Greenwich P, Cho  203-532-1789
Famina, Asmik     Prospect   P, TH, Accomp.    512-897-9708
Franklin-Biggs, Linda Branford P, TH, VO, G 203-481-5970
Gerovich, Yelena Woodbridge P, TH 203-389-5356
Hanselman, Jane Guilford P 203-640-8398
Huffman, Adele Guilford P, TH 203-453-6903
Humphrey, Linda Northford P, MuEd 203-484-4512
Ivakhiv, Solomiya     Mansfield   V, Viola, Chamber   267-918-1011
Khaykin, Sabina Branford P, TH 203-481-7617
Lauria, Oxana Clinton P, TH 860-669-6234
**Lee, Roxane New Milford P, TH 203-482-9132
Lindsay, Jay New Haven  P, Organ, Comp. 203-809-8771
Markiw, Victor Orange P, TH, Pedag. 203-927-6927
Melillo, George New Haven P, Banjo, Guitar 203-495-8240
Neblett, Beate Middlebury neblettpianostudio@gmail.con P, Recorder, TH 203-598-0854
Park, Eun-Hee Hamden P, Accompon. 850-212-2428
Patella, Chris West Haven P, Gen Music, M.Educat 203-804-5343
Peach, Ralph Clinton P, T 860-552-4405
Pentz, Vanessa Clinton P, O, Comp 203-645-7777
Raffaelli, Rebecca New Haven P, TH, ChM 203-397-2709
Randy, Judy Orange P 203-641-6421
Reeve, Victoria Guilford P, TH, Accompon. 203-533-5443
Renouf, Dorothy Guilford P, TH 203-453-5411
Richling, Laura Hamden  P, TH 203-675-2930
Rose, Benita     Avon   P, OR, Chamber   860-428-7988
Rowitsch, Jody West Haven VA, V, ChM, TH 203-933-5531
Roy, Andrea Northford P 475-221-8199
**Schmidt, Nancy Hamden P, TH, OR 203-248-2497
Seder, Harriet North Haven P, TH 203-248-5078
Sive, Ekaterina Woodbridge P, VO 203-988-7503
Wen, Luxuan New Haven P 215-356-4335
** Wysocki, Gail NCTM Northford P, VO, TH Cho, MuEd, F 203-641-8586
Yu, Kyung Hak     North Haven   Violin   610-888-2655
Zhang, Felicia Feng Greenwich P, TH, P-PED 203-558-1928