Sierra Espuņa A Beautiful Protected Natural Area

Directions to El Berro

Driving to El Berro from Alhama de Murcia or Mula takes around 25 minutes.

NOTE: The nearest petrol stations to El Berro are at Alhama de Murcia and Mula so if youīre running low donīt take a chance, stop off there to fill up.

To get to El Berro from the south and coastal areas come via Alhama de Murcia. (Donīt be tempted to come via Totana unless you want to get lost in the mountains). Get to the centre of Alhama and keep a lookout for signs to these places - Camping Sierra Espuņa, El Berro, Gebas, Pliego and Mula and the C3315 towards Mula. (Although you wonīt be going as far as Pliego or Mula). You can also look for signs to the Ayuntamiento, as itīs the road that passes the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall - big dark red building with flags set back from the road) on your right as you drive out of Alhama towards the mountains of Sierra Espuņa.

As you drive out of Alhama into the hills, there is a kind of fork which says El Berro straight on and Sierra Espuņa to the left. Make sure you stay on the road to El Berro and donīt go down that small left hand road to Sierra Espuņa. It is signposted all the way to El Berro.

At one point about 10 mins further on into the hills, you have a choice of two signs .. the signpost says BOTH left AND straight on to El Berro. You can go either way as they both lead you to El Berro. Go straight on (via Gebas) if you prefer an easier drive, or turn left instead if you like amazing aerial views and narrow U-bends!

If you choose to go straight on at that point  youīll drive by Gebas before seeing the road become very straight where thereīs then a small signpost on the left, saying turn left to El Berro (donīt shoot past!).. Itīs 5 mins from there.

If you choose to go left at that point where you can choose either left or straight on, then youīll see amazing aerial views and go into El Berro via mountain roads. You will eventually see a fairly obvious sign saying go right for El Berro and that will lead you, windingly, right into El Berro to the front of the campsite and car park where many of the walks meet.

Just keep following the signs though, to El Berro and Camping Sierra Espuņa. Itīs easy!

To get to El Berro From Inland - come Via Mula  Take the C3315 road signposted to Pliego and Alhama de Murcia - drive through Pliego on that road, towards Alhama de Murcia, (itīs just one long straight/winding road), but turn off at a small sign for El Berro on the right - before you get to Gebas. If you reach Gebas youīve gone just a bit too far. Once youīve turned at that signpost itīs only 5 mins to El Berro. Follow signs to Camping Sierra Espuņa.


Start Time 10:00 am for this walk as itīs a longer walk. All on the flat, but at appx 12.5kms, it IS a long walk - to keep you fit and earn you a lovely meal at the end! Bring water, sun protection and binoculars/cameras!

From Murcia head towards San Javier Airport on C3319 when you reach AP7 head north to San Pedro and Alicante. On AP7 motorway leave at junction 774 off which you will find a roundabout with a Fishing Boat on it.

Exit this roundabout towards Lo Pagan and the Mar Menor (straight through i.e. going south). You will pass a petrol station on your left, down to the next roundabout about 1 km.

At this roundabout go straight through you will have a Garden Centre (Euro Garden) over on your left. After another 1km you will come to a second roundabout with a metal Flamigo statue, turn left (3rd exit) to Al Puerto.

You now drive through Salinas (part of walk) after 1.5 km the road turns sharp right, on another ū km turn left into a parque regional car park (covered parking and information centre). This is the start of the walk.

From C3319 side of Murcia it will take approximately 45 minutes to get to start point car park.

Directions to ALEDO/La Santa for some walk starts

If you come on the main road from Alhama towards Totana, before you get to Totana, just on the outskirts, there is a relatively new roundabout, which has a sign saying take a right for Aledo. Follow that sign and keep following the signs to Aledo. You will find eventually find yourself on a winding hilly road which climbs and will eventually get to Aledo - it isnīt far, about 10 minutes at most by car from the round about. The same road also passes by La Santa monastery on the right hand side, where we also sometimes meet for walks. It is a huge pink building and you go past it to get to the entrance to its carpark. Just past the monastery there is a tiny roundabout and you turn immediately right off that into the La Santa car park, for any walks starting there.