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Northeast Kingdom Miniature Horses

Updated 5/30/2014


Northeast Kingdom Miniature Horses

AMHA/R registered miniature horses 




ERL BUCK N VELVET                                                WEEOKIES TREASURE LODE

AMHA/R/PQ 33.5"                                                                     AMHA/R 29.75"

Sire:  Little Kings Black Velvet                                                                    WeeOkie's IMA BTU Treasure of Turo

Dam: Lucky Four Apaches Kringle                                                             WeeOkie's Foxy Farris

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Nestled in the northeastern corner of Vermont, aptly referred to as the "Northeast Kingdom"  you'll find NORTHEAST KINGDOM MINIATURES (NEK) horses.  We are a small, family farm on the banks of the Lamoille River and only occasionally have stock available. Our small size allows us to spend oodles of time with our minis and they are all well adjusted, happy, productive members of the 'family.' 

For many years, I raised and showed Morgan horses.  At some point I decided big horses were just too much for me.  For a time I was horseless .. but that wasn't working for me either.  Then I stumbled upon these wonderful little horses and I was hooked!  My mares and stallions represent some of the best bloodlines the breed has to offer....Hemlock Brooks, Buckeroo, Orion, Bond, Komoko, Gold Melody Boy and Rowdy to name a few.  Pedigrees are listed throughout this website. 

The horses are out and about -  shown during the short summer season and enjoying the interaction with other horse folk in the area.  We're out driving 3 or 4 evenings a week, weather permitting, enjoying the quiet of back roads and trails and the beautiful scenery of the area.  They participate in local affairs such as parades and other events. Friends and neighbors stop frequently to watch the horses play and anxiously await the arrival of each new foal.  Visitors stop to admire and ask questions about these little horses and I love to talk to them about these little guys.  Sometimes they can be found cooling off at nearby Caspian Lake much to the delight of both children and adults. Now that they have mastered the art of driving, I are confident I'm moving in the right direction.  Comments about these beautiful little horses and this website are happily received. Look forward to seeing you in the show ring, on the trail, at the next parade...or in the lake!

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