Nebraska Dairy Goat Association 

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    Welcome to the Nebraska Dairy Goat Association! We are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the dairy goat industry in Nebraska, act as a communication center for its members, host workshops for its members and aspiring goat farmers, and to encourage youth to create a passion for dairy goats. The NDGA has along with a website, a members only Facebook page and a quarterly newsletter. After becoming a member of the NDGA, you may also be accepted as a member on our Facebook page. The NDGA hosts the a show at the Lancaster County Superfair every August. Membership dues are due April 1st of each year. Adult memberships are $12 a year; Youth memberships are $5 a year. The NDGA provides a newsletter that its members receive quarterly. NDGA members may purchase ads in the newsletter by sending their herd's business card to our newsletter editor, Wendy McKenzie. Fees for newsletter ads are $25 a year.  Click the "Become a Member" button below to fill an application! 

 Preferred tattoo letter for 2016 is H (Dairy Goats)

Preferred tattoo letter for 2016 is F (Boer Goats)